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Planetary Energies for October 8 to 14, 2012

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By Pam Younghans
Photo: Aurora borealis over Lang Lake in Upsala, Ontario, Canada (photo by Paul Beebe)

IN KEEPING with the analogy I often share with clients who are experiencing a Saturn transit, I spent this morning pruning trees in my yard. Because of the way my astrological chart is configured, I've actually been working with Saturn transits for about a year -- and yet, now that Saturn is directly opposing my Taurus Sun, it is especially appropriate for me to be pruning out what is dead, stagnant, or no longer enhances my life experience.

If you have planets or points in early degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo, you may closely relate to the need for symbolic or literal tree-pruning right now. But even if you are not working with direct transits, now that Saturn is in Scorpio, each of us is being instructed to clean up, clear out, and get rid of the dross in some area of our lives.

SCORPIO is an enigmatic sign in many ways. It is known for its directness and intensity, but also can be secretive and be driven by unconscious motivations. It has the capacity to go through transformational experiences and emerge anew on the other side, much as the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes. But it is also a fixed sign, and is at times overly tenacious and controlling, holding on to what no longer has value or is no longer working, simply out of habit or possessiveness.

Simply put, Scorpio is complex. It acts instinctively, abhors the superficial, and swims in deep emotional waters. In the zodiac, it opposes simplicity-loving Taurus, squares playful Leo, and also squares intellectual Aquarius.

THE GOOD NEWS is that with Saturn now in Scorpio, we may be able to bring a new objectivity to complicated emotional issues. Saturn assists us in being more mature, disciplined, and responsible, and a certain level of detachment usually accompanies those traits.

The downfall of Saturn in Scorpio is taking that detachment to an extreme. We can become ruthless in our pruning, throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Or, we can use Saturn's detachment to avoid looking at the deeper issues that need our attention.

AS ALWAYS with Saturn, if we want results, we can't just sit on the couch and let wishful thinking or avoidance be our only activity. We have to overcome our resistance to change, get up off the couch, and do the work that needs doing. After all, it is through personal effort that we earn Saturn's ultimate gifts of self-respect and achievement.

While Saturn travels through Scorpio for the next two-plus years, our personal work is as complicated as Scorpio itself. It includes becoming our own psychotherapist (or engaging a good therapist for help) so that we more fully understand for our own motivations and unconscious desires.

AT THE SAME TIME, Saturn-in-Scorpio requires that we be willing to cut out the "dead wood" in our lives. That dead wood may be external situations or relationships, but some may find the work to be mostly internal. We will see more clearly the emotional issues, resentments, and power struggles that we've been holding onto, that have actually been holding us hostage and sapping our energy.

Our rewards, as we release these old, now-stagnant emotions, are a renewed passion for life, a clearer knowing of our life purpose, and an increased ability to heal and rejuvenate.

THE EXTRA-GOOD NEWS is that a Saturn-Neptune trine is our main planetary event this coming week. A trine is formed when two planets are exactly 120 degrees apart. It indicates an opportunity to work easily with the positive energies of both planets.

One of the benefits of this trine is to help all those Saturn-in-Scorpio tasks flow more easily this week. This is an opportune time to do release work of all descriptions (and to prune the trees in your yard, if that is needed).

SATURN AND NEPTUNE are usually described in nearly opposite terms. Saturn is practical, Neptune is imaginative. Saturn is restrictive, Neptune is flowing. Saturn works with physical reality and concrete manifestation, Neptune reigns over our spiritual connection and attunement with other dimensions. Saturn helps us take charge of our lives, Neptune softens our need to be in control, thereby allowing the Universe to assist in all possible ways.

After reading this comparison, you might think any combination of these two planets would be like trying to mix oil and water. And yet, when Saturn and Neptune are working in harmony, as they are this week, the best of both are available to us:
It may be easier now to take steps to manifest (Saturn) our dreams and ideals (Neptune).
We are more able to observe our own and others' motivations (Saturn in Scorpio) and let go of power struggles, due to a heightened compassion and ability to forgive (Neptune in Pisces).
We can find the discipline needed to recommit (Saturn) to a spiritual path or practice (Neptune).
We can more easily release (Neptune) the internal and external barriers (Saturn) to our progress in many areas.
All in all, some nice possibilities here. May we all enjoy the ability to take advantage of these potentials this week!



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