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Planetary Energies for July 23 to 29, 2012

Astrology Journal
by Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras in Chisasibi, Quebec, Canada, on July 19 (photo by Michel Tournay).

IMPORTANT: If you have an astrology session scheduled between July 27-August 25, and have not yet done so, please email me with your birth information. My recent computer meltdown took with it my chart database, all emails and email addresses. I've heard from most of you, but there are a couple of people whose information I'm still missing. Thank you!

LAST WEEK'S "violent storm" manifested in ways we could not have imagined and would not want to have predicted. Thankfully, in comparison to the T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Mars that we've just experienced, this week's planetary aspects look much calmer. Energetically, we can consider it to be along the lines of a hurricane becoming a tropical storm -- we're still dealing with powerful effects, but in somewhat less direct and (hopefully) less intense form.

Mercury appears several times on our "highlighted aspects" list, indicating that we'll be doing a lot of thinking and conscious processing about recent events, especially mid-week. Remember that Mercury is currently retrograde, so there is a greater tendency for our minds to dwell on what has been, rather than looking to the future.

We will benefit from doing extra clearing of our mental fields this week. This energetic grid, which easily hooks into mass consciousness, can quickly become strewn with random fear-thoughts during times like these -- especially when so many people are thinking about recent events, the events themselves seem so unpredictable and without provocation, and the media newstream is continuous. 

AS WE WANDER through the confusion of these times, there are also opportunities to connect more fully with the light through planetary interactions such as the Uranus-Mercury trine on Wednesday. This aspect provides the opportunity to strengthen the connection between our rational minds and Universal Consciousness.

This link, once established, can provide the information and insights we need to process fear-based thought patterns. It can also be the conduit for the new ideas that will become solutions to many existing dysfunctions.

THERE MAY BE a bit of a rollercoaster ride this week, due to Mercury's interactions with both Pluto and Uranus. First, as mentioned, on Wednesday we have a high point when the Uranus-Mercury trine opens the door for connection with the Higher Mind and accelerates our enlightenment.

On Thursday, the track does a loop-de-loop when Pluto forms a quincunx aspect with Mercury. We may have reactions of frustration, irritation, or even fear as we adapt to new thought forms and adjust (or purge) old thinking patterns. Humans are, after all, creatures of habit, especially when it comes to how we think and process information.

On Saturday, retrograde Mercury then aligns with the Sun, to bring the light more fully into our conscious minds, and to help us integrate the shifts we experienced during the week.

AS WITH ALL conjunctions, the Sun-Mercury alignment on Saturday also represents an opportunity for a new beginning -- but, because Mercury is retrograde, this is actually Step 2 in a three-step process.

The Sun and Mercury first aligned in Gemini on May 27, while Mercury was still direct, marking Step 1. If we can remember back that far (our memories are such an unreliable commodity these days!), we might be able to confirm an idea or plan that was hatched around that time. But, because Gemini is an air sign, our idea may have remained in thought-form, not yet grounded into reality. 

With Mercury now retrograde, we have the second alignment on July 28. This time, the Sun and Mercury are in Leo, which means we are being asked to engage our creativity and to consider how to incorporate more joy and personal fulfillment into whatever we've been planning. And, because Mercury is retrograde, this is the perfect time to "go back to the drawing board" to reimagine the possibilities. 

The final step in the process is the third alignment on September 10, when the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo. This is the manifestation phase, since Virgo is an earth sign and has the discipline and practicality needed to bring an idea into form.

LAST WEEK, we mentioned that because Mars intersected the path of the Pluto-Uranus square on the day of the New Moon, the energies of that T-square will be woven into the fabric of this entire lunar cycle. Certainly, we will be dealing in varying degrees with the emotional, mental and physical aftermaths of last week's events for these next few weeks, through the Full Moon on August 1 and wrapping up with the next New Moon on August 17.

There may also be social issues (such as gun control) raised now, as a direct result of recent events -- issues that will take months or years to find resolution. We are, after all, seeing manifestations of the Pluto-Uranus square, which requires us to make deep changes in our laws, collective values, and social structures. 

This Pluto-Uranus square has been building in effect this year, and will be with us through 2015. These years are our golden opportunity to recognize what changes need to be made, and to have the courage and integrity to make them -- both in the larger society and in our personal lives. 



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