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Numerology for June 2012

Numerology – The Silver Key, by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

2012 will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is to use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is,” an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now,” as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole

June 2012 (29/[11]) ends this quarter of harvesting with the energies of the Spiritual Light Messenger who is also a Spiritual teacher who has come to assist in the evolution of humankind. It is necessary to maintain your inner balance so that you are constantly connected to your Higher Guidance for direction which you will receive through insights, revelations and visions. This vibration will assist you to understand that True Mastery involves leadership of yourself in order to serve others. Your goal for this month is to be the enlightened mediator who understands duality in the necessity of details while balancing that duality and ultimately rising above it.

JUNE 1 to JUNE 2, 2012 (52/7)
You begin this month with a two day period of energies that may feel like an internal earthquake. You may meet challenges which will force you to revise your position and adjust to major changes in your environment. These changes bring new opportunities and new experiences so tune in to your Higher Guidance and stay balanced so that you can clarify and confirm your true purpose. You begin with a day of the energies of celebration and creation so rely on your Inner Guidance to give you direction at this time. After the inner upheavals you are presented with a day of Master energies as the Master Builder on the physical plane presents itself to bring you success and attainment on a large scale so stay centered and guard against extremes as you meet any sense of restrictions so that you can build a firm foundation for your future. Your goal for this two day period is to move from the loner and revise your position while adjusting to new circumstances that assist you to live YOUR life and allow others to live theirs and accept these new opportunities.

JUNE 3 to JUNE 9, 2012 (20/2)
You now have a week of seeking balance between Spirit and physical. The experiences this week will bring you new plans, new purposes and new ambitions as revelation and illumination come to you. This will be about seeing the alternatives in all situations and acting decisively. Accept the need for change, be patient and allow your visions and revelations to guide you. 

You begin the week with a reminder of the year’s energy of adventure and change so that you can confirm you understand that the security necessary for this process comes from within. You then have a day of the underlying Master energies of the Master Builder while your sensitivity to your inner foundation is increased in order for you to fully experience and understand that in order to achieve fulfillment and completion on any scale it is necessary for you to be centered and understand the value of system and order to build successfully. 

This is followed by a day to withdraw and be reflective in order to reassess through your strong intuitive energies how far you have come so keep the visualization of what you desire before you and reconstruct your mental energies, if necessary, into a positive force for your own evolution which will require flexibility, resourcefulness, self-honesty and adaptability to make the necessary adjustments to demonstrate your truth. Use the next day’s energy of manifestation and abundance to integrate your acceptance of your responsibility for your affluence and growth. 

This is followed by a day in which you reap the rewards of your past achievements while evaluating which ones will be useful in your further adventures so maintain harmony and peace within and work for harmony and peace in all your inter-actions. This is supported by a day for you to crystallize your desires using the power of imagination in the evaluation of what you have discovered the previous day to begin the next step in your development so remember self-honesty is very necessary to be successful in this process. 

You end this week with an emphasis on the Master vibration of the month so this day will be filled with inspiration, revelation and confirmation through messages, often spontaneously occurring, to help you bring balance between your Spirit and physical as well as within your physical experiences. Your goal for this week is to find that “sweet spot” between Spirit and physical so that you can become the mediator and go-between who keeps peace and harmony within two differing situations.

JUNE 10 to JUNE 16, 2012 (24/6)
This will be a week for you to find that deep sense of order within so be aware of not only what is occurring in your physical life, but also what is occurring in your dreams. Your sensitivity to your foundation, your beliefs and principles, is increased so that you can receive inspiration and put things, including yourself, into harmony. At this time you have a great opportunity to get “into the flow” in order to respond to unexpected events and opportunities which will be presented for you to connect with your Inner Knowing and find your truth. 

You begin this week with the same energies as you began the month, the energies of celebration and creation so allow yourself the feelings of joy, harmony and peace that come to you at this time; however, pay attention to your intuition and Inner Guidance for direction. 

This is followed by what may be an intense day because the Master Messenger energies of the month come to the surface and are amplified by the day’s matching vibration which brings news of the new way so you will have a lot of intuitive experiences which will present challenges to the “old way” as you bring forth the forces hidden in your mind. Now you have a reminder of the vibration of the year, adventure and change, so allow yourself to explore new ideas, experiences, new hobbies and things. 

This is followed by a day of increased sensitivity to your foundation so stay centered because as you gain command of your Inner World you will find you bring order to your outer world. A day of loving and benevolent energies presents itself for you to use the Master energies of Christed consciousness to manifest whatever you desire as long as you realize responsibility needs to be accepted with courage and faith in the Higher Forces so give love and compassion to yourself and others while you examine details of your material affairs which will occur spontaneously. 

You end the week reaping your rewards which are in direct relationship to what you have previously earned so enjoy your accomplishments and share them through your relationships which will bring you deeper understanding. Your goal for this week is to develop a sense of order within with the assistance of information acquired in your dreams so that you remain connected to your Inner Knowing which always leads to the Truth.

JUNE 17 to JUNE 23, 2012 (28/10/1)
This week is devoted to leadership, independence and initiative in order to ensure perfected justice for all. The Law of Justice brings success when you accept the responsibility of leadership, pioneering, originality and initiative. Because this is the vibration of both the seed and the harvest it brings a great ability to crystallize and clarify your desires and then mold them into actual substance. The week begins with an intensification of this vibration so that you can experience the Law of Justice which is “As you sow, so shall you reap.” 

You move to a day which intensifies the vibration of the month in order to give you opportunities to emphasize Spirit in your life experiences, to take “the high road.” An abundant day of celebrating what you have created brings happiness and fulfillment as long as you not only rely on your intuition, but also integrate and act upon it. 

This is followed by a day which brings news of the new way of doing things so remain aware and realize if you sense any “challenges”, they will be presentations of the old way so get creative. A day of restless energy comes to assist you in recognizing your own approach; however, this energy can be restless so you must command it and use it constructively with patience, persistence and determination. Your sensitivity is increased and intensified as the Master Builder energies underlie the day to assist you in expanding your thinking in order to benefit all of humankind so open yourself to inspiration and tune in to your Higher Guidance and you will find the middle road between the extremes which brings a sense of fulfillment and completion. 

You end the week with a day of reflection so that you can reach your hidden power that exists in your strong intuitive energies, accept them and use them to move forward. Your goal for this week is to take the initiative to play your role in this new beginning for humankind.

JUNE 24 to JUNE 30, 2012 (23/5)
You end the month with an entire week reminding you what the year is about: building your inner foundation to support you as you freely move through the inevitable changes. This week will bring you a strong vitality force and quick perceptions so that you can move and enjoy your freedom in the changes. Hopefully, by now you have found your inner balance between adventure and change and the desire for security. This brings you the courage to act upon your ideas and concepts in the material plane. 

You begin the week with benevolent energies which are full of cooperation and compatibility so if anything arises spontaneously in your material affairs, examine and investigate all the details and take any necessary action to reap the harvest under this influence. 

That harvest appears the next day and you may reap it while preparing for new adventures so enjoy your relationships which can bloom and bring a new depth of understanding. The twofold activity continues as you are presented with a day of both seed and harvest; however, this day is supported by the Higher Master Vibration of the Master Architect which will open your awareness to that beyond the material world which assists in putting everything in perspective and brings the understanding that the answer can only be found within yourself. The Master Messenger energies of the month come to the surface again for you to insure that your plans are balanced between Spirit and physical. 

Then there is a day to celebrate your progress and accept the abundance you have created which brings great joy, harmony and peace so accept that as your creation. Now you have the day of the Master Messenger energies assisting you to design and, if necessary, redesign your system and organization in order to strengthen your foundation. 

You end the month with a higher level of understanding of the vibration of the year which may feel somewhat restless; however, it brings you a higher perspective of the concepts of freedom and change which will assist you, if used constructively, to begin to understand freedom at Spirit’s level. Your goal for this week is to have a deeper understanding of the entirety of you and both the aspects of your Spirit and of the physical projection you have chosen.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at Rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

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