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Planetary Energies for April 23 to 29, 2012

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Earth Day graphic from NOAA website

HAPPY EARTH DAY! The weather in the Pacific Northwest has decided to celebrate the day with sunny skies and temperatures around 70 -- a wonderful opportunity to avail ourselves of the nurturing effects of being outdoors.

Not all are as fortunate with today's weather, I realize. But I hope, whatever you are experiencing, you are able to find restoration through reconnecting in some way with nature this weekend -- even if it is in appreciating the power behind wind and rain, or in honoring the Earth's amazing ability to regenerate after wounding.

THE SUN is in Taurus now, and supports us in slowing our pace so that we can appreciate the simpler things in our daily lives. Taurus enjoys all things that delight the five physical senses -- lovely vistas, inspiring music, comforting aromas, delicious flavors, a gentle touch ...

The month of Taurus, which this year runs from April 19 to May 20 (due to it being a leap year), provides the energy for us to ground ourselves, and offers the flowers of spring to entice us to move outdoors and into the Sun's light. This grounding and centering is especially important this year, given the intensity of the planetary energies we're working with.

THE GOOD NEWS is that most of the planetary aspects for the week ahead should assist in that grounding and centering process. The Sun interacts in mutually supportive ways with Mars on Monday, Ceres on Thursday, Chiron on Saturday, and Pluto on Sunday.

In non-astrology terms, these aspects help us:

  • Courageously move forward with concrete plans, as we finally feel solid enough to trust the ground beneath our feet (Sun trine Mars on Monday)
  • Nurture ourselves and others through supporting each person's self-worth and self-acceptance (Sun conjunct Ceres on Thursday)
  • Heal the lack of trust that has inhibited our feeling safe and secure (Sun sextile Chiron on Saturday)
  • Take charge of our lives from a place of greater personal power, releasing the fear that we are not enough and moving beyond a need to disempower others in our efforts to feel stronger (Sun trine Pluto on Sunday)

THE MAIN OBSTACLE to our peaceful coexistence comes on Wednesday, with a sticky square aspect between Pluto and Mercury. This is NOT the day to schedule a meeting or other interactions where there are already fireworks brewing. Pluto tends to ignite power struggles, and Mercury brings those conflicts into our communications, which can make even healthy relationships contentious.

The aspect is exact at 7:48am PDT Wednesday morning, which means we may also feel its influence as it builds on Tuesday.

Of course, there are always benefits to any planetary influence, even those that at first appear troublesome. The positive effect of this Pluto-Mercury square is that it can bring into the open issues that have been brewing, that need to exposed so that a resolution can be worked out.

IF ISSUES are raised on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, remember that the Sun-Ceres alignment on Thursday provides the opportunity to start anew. Given the time to digest events and by expanding our awareness to see the higher perspective, we begin to realize that beneath most power struggles is not a desire to hurt another, but an instinctive need to protect ourselves.

The Sun-Ceres alignment also brings forward the themes of death and rebirth, the realization that as we let go of what has been, we allow the new to be born.

In these times of incredible change, each of us is letting go of some aspect of who we have been up to this point. This inner transformation is being reflected in our external lives, through changes to those areas of our lives that are reflections of our old way of being.

SAVE THE DATE: I've just set up a date for my next teleclass. It will be on Thursday, June 14. We'll talk about the ongoing effects of the eclipses and Venus-Sun occlusion, and then focus on the upcoming Pluto-Uranus squares and other astrological events during the summer and in the last six months of 2012 -- a lot to cover! A more official announcement will be coming soon...



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