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Planetary Energies for March 12 to 18, 2012

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras over Iceland on March 8 (photo by Jónína Óskarsdóttir of Faskrudsfjordur, Iceland)

THE PLANETARY ENERGIES are working with us in earnest now. Some powerful alignments are on the calendar for this week, right on the heels of several strong solar flares last week, and the corresponding shifts in Earth's electromagnetic field. All seems to be cosmically aligned to help us take that next step in our expansion into higher consciousness.

I appreciate very much that we have both the science that can monitor real-time activity on the Sun and the aesthetic ability to appreciate the awesome beauty of the aurora borealis. Together, these provide confirmation of the effects of that solar activity on our energy fields here on Earth. A nice mix of right brain-left brain activity!

FIRST ON THE AGENDA this week is Mercury's station early tomorrow morning (Monday, March 12 at 12:45am PDT). Beginning at that time, Mercury will be retrograde, appearing (from Earth's perspective) to move backward over zodiac territory recently covered.

Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year, for about 24 days each time. During this phase in Mercury's cycle, we are encouraged to spend more time on inner pursuits, and less time on external activities. This is why things in the outer world can tend to go a bit haywire when Mercury is retrograde. It is our reminder to hold the reins on this reality a little less tightly, and to move into a more intuitive way of approaching our lives.

ONE OF THE BEST TOOLS to have handy while Mercury is retrograde is a good sense of humor, the ability to laugh at our need to have everything go according to the plans of our logical minds. It's also helpful to think about actual events that occur as if we had dreamed them -- if they had been part of a dream sequence, how might we interpret them symbolically?

Since Mars is also retrograde right now, this directive to seek answers internally and to approach life from the inside out is even more emphasized than during a "normal" Mercury retrograde.

At times during the next three weeks, we may feel like Alice in her topsy-turvy Wonderland world. Things may not quite make logical sense -- but they may make a lot of intuitive sense if we allow ourselves to observe life less literally and more figuratively.

IN CONTRAST to the effects of retrograde Mercury and Mars, a Grand Earth Trine forms this week, designed to help us make steady progress toward our goals. A grand trine is defined by three (or more) planets spaced evenly around the zodiac wheel, so that drawing a line from each one to the next creates a giant triangle.

This particular grand trine occurs with planets in the three earth signs. The planets involved are Pluto (at 9 degrees of Capricorn), Jupiter and Venus (at 9 degrees of Taurus), and Mars (at 9 degrees of Virgo).

Trine aspects indicate that the planets involved have compatible goals and perspectives and are able to support each other. We can think of this group of planets as members of a committee all agreeing on a common purpose and being able to work together to move toward achieving that purpose.

EARTH SIGNS are dedicated to helping us manifest in the physical world. They assist us in creating an environment that is supportive of our physical needs, and can also help provide a sense of stability and comfort. Earth signs are typically persistent and practical, with a strong capacity for doing the work that needs to be done.

If we look at the individual planets and signs involved in this Grand Earth Trine, we see that Pluto in Capricorn is the chair of the committee. And, even though Capricorn is typically conservative and stable, Pluto is known to be an agent of change. In Capricorn, Pluto's agenda is to make changes in the social and governmental structures that will eventually result in a more stable and empowering environment for all.

NEXT ON THE COMMITTEE are Jupiter and Venus in Taurus. This twosome just wants everyone to be secure and feel at peace, and to have beauty and comfort in their lives. Since Pluto's agenda involves a fair amount of tearing down and rebuilding, it is very helpful to know that Jupiter and Venus are adding their voices and opinions to the process.

Mars holds the third position on the committee. From Virgo, Mars offers tools and techniques that we can use to improve circumstances -- but, since Mars is retrograde, these solutions may actually be based in revisiting or revising past methods. It is helpful to have the trine between Pluto and retrograde Mars, since Pluto can tend to "throw the baby out with the bathwater." Retrograde Mars will remind the committee that there is value is what has come before, even if it needs to be revised to be most effective.

NEXT WEEKEND, we will have the second of three Uranus-Mercury alignments. This energy has been with us throughout the past week, and has corresponded with a fair amount of fluctuating energies and mental states (and some spectacular auroras).

This alignment, while it may involve some disruptions in our mental processes (especially since Mercury will be retrograde), provides the openings for us to further expand our awareness, to embrace more of the messages that reach us from the cosmos. Hopefully, the Grand Earth Trine will help us remain grounded and present, so that we can absorb the information and insights and put them to practical use.



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