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Astrological Energies January 9 to 15, 2012

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Moon halo on January 6 (photo by Dan Bush of Albany, Missouri)

IT HAS BEEN an emotional few days leading up to tonight's Full Moon in Cancer. The Capricorn New Moon two weeks ago planted the seeds for new goals and seemed to promise that we could reach those goals by being self-reliant and strong. But the Cancer Full Moon reminds us of our vulnerabilities and fears, and how much we truly need the support of other beings as we make this earthly journey.

With rare exceptions, lunar cycles include lunations (new moons and full moons) that are in opposite signs of the zodiac. Because of this, each month we are being reminded of the need to balance our lives between the very different motivations and characteristics represented by the two opposing signs.

This current lunar cycle began with the Capricorn New Moon on December 24. This sign's positive traits include responsibility, self-discipline, self-reliance, practicality, goal-orientation and dependability. These, of course, are all admirable traits -- but if we were to focus only on building these qualities, we would be ignoring the need to integrate equally valuable, but in many ways, opposite qualities.

ENTER THE FULL MOON in Cancer, Capricorn's polar opposite. This Full Moon is designed to show us that merely living according to Capricorn's view of reality would both make our lives out of balance and cause us to miss important aspects of our life experience.

Cancer's positive traits include sensitivity, sympathy, nurturing, emotional expressiveness and a focus on home, family and security. Again, valuable qualities -- but so very different from Capricorn.

In essence, Capricorn represents the quintessential father, while Cancer expresses the energies of the quintessential mother. We all need both qualities within us to create a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

SO, IF YOU have been playing the Capricorn card and asserting that you can "do it all by yourself," this Full Moon may be bringing up the negative traits of Cancer to get your attention and to show you where things are out of balance. Those negatives include moodiness, living in the past, fearfulness and defensiveness, over-sensitivity and possessiveness. It can also be trying to get your attention through exaggerated or unhealthy attempts at self-care, such as overindulgence (overeating, overspending, etc.) or depression.

To find the medicine for this emotional rmalaise, we can again explore the positives of the Cancer experience. We may need to let go of the Capricorn hermit persona and allow ourselves to be a little less self-reliant, letting others know that we're feeling vulnerable and afraid, and asking for their help. We may want to look for healthy ways to nurture ourselves, with positive, self-supportive, calming activities or non-activities (such as taking a warm bath, lighting candles, sipping hot cocoa or tea by the fire).

CANCER SUPPORTS US in letting a few items on the "to-do" list sit a while longer, if what we're really needing is some quiet time to take care of ourselves. Remember, this Full Moon represents the energy of the "perfect mother." If you were your own perfect mother, how would you be caring for yourself right now?

Of course, we must also remember that at a Full Moon, both polarities are represented -- so, while the Moon sits in Cancer during tonight's lunation, the Sun is holding the Capricorn energy. This means that the issue is about balance, not swinging too far in the direction of independence and practical perspectives, but also not remaining dependent and over-dwelling on emotional issues.

We must use the information given to us emotionally (Cancer) and from there take action to make improvement (Capricorn). Luckily, we don't have to have it all figured out today, but we can use this Full Moon to help us see what rebalancing is needed.

AS IF GIVING US time to incorporate the energy of the Full Moon, the first few days of the coming week are relatively quiet astrologically. But then, making up for lost time, there is a flurry of planetary activity on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

For the most part, the planets are in mutually-helpful relationships: Mars trines the Sun on Thursday to provide the courage and incentive to help us take action on the goals we have set. Saturn trines Venus on Friday to smooth the way for us to work well with others, and helping us look at relationship issues from a very practical perspective. On Saturday, Jupiter sextiles Venus, providing a relaxed, laid-back energy for weekend activities.

TWO CONJUNCTIONS (when planets are at exactly the same sign and degree) occur on Friday, with very different effects -- but with the potential for working together to great benefit.

The Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn powerfully focuses our attention and intentions on whatever plans or ideas we are working to manifest. This can be a very productive combination, as long as we remember that it is easy to be tactless, and our words may have extra impact now. Hurtful words can sometimes masquerade as a truth that "must" be told. We might also be tempted to coerce others into our way of thinking, so will need to be extra vigilant about our own motivations.

At virtually the same time (two hours later), Neptune aligns with Venus in Aquarius, bringing very different energies into play. This is a compassionate, understanding, unselfish planetary combination, which softens our hearts and makes it easier for us to see issues from another's perspective. In the negative, we may not see reality as clearly (wearing rose-colored glasses with regards to another person), or we may too easily fall into self-sacrifice or martyrdom.

All in all, we can use the best of both of these alignments -- the focus and intensity of Pluto-Mercury and the open-heartedness of Neptune-Venus -- to set intentions to be both more passionate and more compassionate in the coming year. What can be better than living a life that is uncompromisingly Truthful, and that, at the same time, is guided by Love?



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