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Astrological Energies December 19 to 25, 2011

Astrology Journal 
Written by Pam Younghans 
Photo: "Christmas tree" aurora borealis display over Tromsø, Norway (photo by Ole Christian Salomonsen) 

SOLSTICE WEEK already. And we are just a short two weeks before the end of 2011. Incredible how, in retrospect, this year has flown by. Of course, individual days along the way may have felt interminable. But even many of those seem now a long time ago.

THE CAPRICORN SOLSTICE -- the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere -- occurs on the day that the Sun exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. This is rather an abrupt shift for many, given the optimistic, adventurous mindset supported by Sagittarius and the realistic, disciplined traits of Capricorn. 

 The timing of this change of signs is always interesting to consider, especially as it relates to Western cultures. It occurs as we close in on the holidays, and is reflected in general attitude changes. Where once shopping for presents and spending money may have been entertaining (Sag), suddenly it HAS to be done and there's a deadline, and perhaps a stricter budget than when we first started (Cap). And, for most people, social life becomes less about fun, friends and playtime (Sag) and more about families and responsibilities (Cap) as the actual holy-day gets closer. 

ASPECTS that occur in the chart drawn for the exact time of the Solstice are said to give important clues to our experience for the next three months. In the chart for this week's Solstice, the most noticeable aspect is a strong square between Uranus and the Sun. 

 A square indicates a challenge to life-as-usual, while Uranus invites change and inspires rebellion. This Uranus-Sun square tells us that change will continue to be our companion over the coming season, and that we will need to be flexible and willing to step outside of old definitions of self (Sun) to make best use of this time. 

URANUS IS KNOWN for bringing breakthroughs -- and, where we are unwilling to alter patterns or let go of attachments, break downs. As we cross the threshhold of this week's Solstice, we will be getting plenty of insights into how Uranus will be working with each of us individually, and with all of us globally, over the next several weeks. 

 Events on Wednesday and Thursday of this week may also provide the groundwork for changes that will occur under the influence of the Pluto-Uranus squares, which will be exact in June and September 2012. It will be interesting to look back at December 2011 when we are in the middle of the summer of 2012, and see how the two timeframes relate to each other. 

OTHER ASPECTS this week will be supporting us both now and throughout the next three months: 

Saturn sextiles the Sun on Monday (and in the Solstice chart), providing us with the resources and discipline we need to stay in balance and to build or maintain supportive relationships in the midst of change. 

 Jupiter trines the Sun on Thursday (and in the Solstice chart), helping us stay true to our values and maintain a positive attitude as we set new goals and then strive to achieve them. 

 Neptune trines Saturn in the Solstice chart, continuing to support us in bringing our ideals into form, helping us ground our spiritual energy into our physical bodies, and assisting us in manifesting our creative dreams. 

 The Sun sextiles both Neptune and Chiron in the Solstice chart (and on Tuesday and Friday, respectively), providing opportunities for us to heal our faith in the Cosmos, and urging us to dissolve old patterns of victimization, martyrdom and self-sacrifice. 

Uranus trines the Moon on Thursday (and in the Solstice chart), advancing our expansion of consciousness and psychic development, and helping us integrate a greater emotional wisdom into our actions as we go forward. 

Uranus sextiles Venus on Tuesday (and in the Solstice chart), providing opportunities to create new, more equal relationships based on a clearer understanding of who we are as individuals and allowing greater freedom for that individuality. 

 Maybe "change" isn't such a bad word after all, eh? 

JUPITER STATIONS DIRECT next Sunday, which means the planet is done with its retrograde (backward) phase and is ready to gradually begin moving forward again. Jupiter went retrograde in Taurus at the end of August, which means we've had almost four months to deepen our understanding of our spiritual beliefs and to gain insights into what is of greatest value in our lives. 

 As Jupiter picks up speed over the weeks to come, there is greater support for physically manifesting what has value and meaning in our lives. This is a nice partner energy to the ongoing Neptune-Saturn trine, as both will help us be productive in ways that are in keeping with our spiritual truth, higher standards and personal integrity. 

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 Blessings and Happy Solstice Week, 


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