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November 2011: Organizing and Preparing for 2012

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

The year, 2011 ([22][11]), is a year of Mastery and Master Building on the Material Plane. You will be given four times the strength, courage, and responsibility to bring Spirit into the material plane and actually put it into form. Everything will be directed to being the master builder and teacher who can help build, in cooperation with others, a better foundation for an enlightened society that cares for the people, uses the resources for the good of all with practical husbandry and values each individual, and therefore the group, for who they are. It is a world where survival needs are met for all in order for each to develop their potential as the complete human and then use that for the furtherance of humankind. Your experiences will show you the larger picture and your vision will be toward the completed project. In short, this is God energy put into structure and tangible form. The success of this process for the group will depend on the use made of power or the abuse of it, the new way of power with or the old way of power over. It still is, and always will be, your choice.

November 2011, (24/6), gives you the vibration to further develop your inner sense of order. This will bring you messages and inspiration, especially in your dreams. Follow your deep inner knowing and use the energy of your deep emotions to power and manifest your visions for the future. The goal is to use your heightened intuitive abilities, your inner sense of order and the content of your dreams to serve humankind.

NOVEMBER 1 to NOVEMBER 5, 2011 (135/18/9)

This period is all about regeneration through the Highest God Energy in order to bring Universal love for ALL humanity. It will assist you to walk the Holy Mountain of Truth so you can stand on your own convictions and principles enabling you to be called the Highest God Source of service to others. It is time to use your energies for the good of ALL humankind. You begin by joining your physical self and your Spirit so that you have all your knowledge available so use that knowledge to visualize what you want and remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make the adjustments to manifest what you desire. This manifestation follows the soul-searching so examine any details that arise in any of your material affairs and discern what actions to take in order to reap the harvest of this vibration. You have another day of reaping the rewards of past achievements while preparing for new adventures so share your new understandings while maintaining harmony and peace within and in all your interactions. Your efforts bring forth new ideas about how to manifest the balance required to bring your desires into manifestation so remember to rely on your “heart” for Wisdom combined with your mind and your sense of justice as you begin to move forward into the new world. You end this period with the Master Messenger energies as you are given opportunities to emphasize your Spirit self as spiritual messages abound and will bring balance into your affairs. Your goal for this week is to be Universal Love unfolding in Brotherhood as you assist in bringing freedom and change to all humankind.

NOVEMBER 6 to NOVEMBER 12, 2011 (24/6)

This week brings a deep sense of order and balance within that is to be manifested in your life. You may find that the inherent love within this vibration will attract people to you. Send this vibration will increase your sensitivity to what is beneath the surface you must remain centered within yourself so that your outer world will achieve the order you know within. Use this opportunity to get into the “flow” of life which is easily achieved when you are centered within. You begin the week with the vibration of celebration and creative expression of the real you so rely on your intuition for direction in these restless energies which will allow your situations to blossom and bring happiness and fulfillment. As you move forward, you move into energies that bring you news of your new creation and also bring forth the hidden forces in your mind which will enable you to successfully meet the challenges which arise to the old way of doing things. You then move to a day where you will be challenged to understand once you have achieved security within you can accept the adventures and change which will bring your evolution and move forward in the joy of the adventure. You then have a day which intensifies your ability to see beneath the surface, to go even deeper, and insure that you have command of ALL you are so that you can integrate that into your life. Then you move to a day where you understand that moving through change in a balanced fashion enables you to access all that you are and blend the physical and spirit to manifest all you can be. A day of easy-flowing energies in your surroundings is presented to you with underlying intensity because they Master Messenger and the Master Healer and Teacher energies are available to you to give you directions and inspiration and assist you to achieve the understanding available regarding the necessity to give love and compassion to others without becoming a martyr. You end the week with a day to reap your rewards and prepare for new adventures so remember to maintain inner harmony and peace so that your choices for action will move you forward. Your goal for this week is to be conscious of your dreams and the information you are receiving from invisible forces so that you can use the inspiration to achieve the security of a deep sense of order within.

NOVEMBER 13 to NOVEMBER 19, 2011 (28/10/1)

This week is for you to fully understand and integrate the idea of justice. The Law of Justice when fully exercised brings the opportunity to reap the rewards of life. The law states, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Rely on your intuitive wisdom as you are presented with opportunities to take the lead in your own life and manifest your inner balance between Spiritual and physical. The week begins with an intensification of this vibration to remind you, you are master of the physical and you totally know the consequences of your choices so rely on both your physical knowledge and your intuition in balance before you start this new project. You then move to a Master day of the Master Messenger vibration so messages will be everywhere and use your Higher Guidance for direction as you progress. A day of celebration and multiple opportunities to fully express whom you truly are comes to you so discern your choices and choose the ones that bring you joy, harmony and peace. This brings you to an awareness of what better conditions can occur as long as you are willing to take responsibility and recognize the value of system and organization to any creation of the new way of you. Opportunities to balance that system and organization in creation of your own foundation come to you in a day that will present you with unexpected opportunities which will require you to remain in your balanced center and keep your inner world in order to go with the flow of these events. This centeredness takes you to the end of the week which is a day of reflection so that you can check your progress, reassess and, if necessary, reconstruct your mental energies so that you can move forward in a positive way. Your goal for the week is to understand you are at the Leader in your life and, therefore, you are to live your life with originality and justice for all.

NOVEMBER 20 to NOVEMBER 26, 2011 (23/5)

The energies this week bring a strong sense of adventure and change and also enhance your Spiritual abilities. It brings you the courage to bring your ideas and concepts into the material plane. In order to do this you will find yourself demanding your freedom of choice and also allowing that same freedom to others. This in turn may increase your sense of responsibility so you need to learn to handle it all constructively. You begin the week with a day of easy flowing energies that show you that you can create abundance so examine any details brought to your attention in your life to insure your choice of activity will reap the greatest harvest. You continue to reap the harvest the next day as you prepare for new adventures so make sure you maintain inner harmony and peace as you experience your relationships and bring deeper understanding to them. Now you may have an intense day of multiple vibrations as you are reminded of the Law of Justice while the Master Builder pushes you to integrate justice into your life and the Master Architect pushes you to balance the broader vision of Spirit with the material world. Another Master energy day comes to you in messages that require you to be receptive in order to keep your physical, emotional and mental bodies in balance. A day of joy and celebration brings you rewards in abundance; however, you must remain in balance in order to move through these restless energies. Examples and experiences of the new order of you bring forth the forces hidden in your mind which may bring challenges to your forward progress so do not lose sight of the fact it is permissible to draw boundaries. You end the week with the evaluation of your concept of freedom in somewhat restless energies to help you experience the pleasures earned by living your own unusual life. Your goal for the week is to understand the abundance of life possible with the acceptance of freedom and change for yourself and others.

NOVEMBER 27 to NOVEMBER 30, 2011 (111/12/3)

You end this month of organization and preparation for the future with the beginnings of experiencing an even higher level of Mastery. This is a high-intensity energy which is here to be the driving force to create something new. You have connected to your Higher Self and your creativity and now it is time to plan what you will create. You begin this process with the Master vibration of Christed Consciousness so that you can begin experiencing opportunities to properly alleviate others challenges by giving assistance without enabling at this time. This is followed by a day with experiences to assist you in getting comfortable in your center between Spirit and physical so use this day to reflect and reassess where you are in your process. Another day of easy-flowing energies comes to you to decrease distractions so that you may listen to your Higher Guidance and emphasize Spirit in your life. You end of the month with the energies of reaping you reports while preparing for the new adventures of a new world and a new you. The goal is to be balanced in your power, creative and expansive in your growth.

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