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Astrological Energies November 14 to 20, 2011

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: A giant wall of plasma towered over the sun's southeastern horizon on November 11 (photo by Alan Friedman)

JUST FOUR DAYS until my teleclass on the Astrological Influences of 2012! If you haven't yet signed up, here's a quick link to the registration page for this Thursday's class: I worked on the PowerPoint all day yesterday, and am working on my class notes today -- so please forgive the brevity of today's Journal, as I'm eager to get back to my preparations... Lots of interesting things happening astrologically in 2012!

THE MAIN ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCE currently working with us doesn't show up on the "Highlighted Aspects" list, since it takes place time-wise next week. But, the energy is building in effect this week, so will be important for us to consider as we move into the days ahead.

We are now entering the "Eclipse Zone" -- that time twice a year when the energies of change are amplified. There are two eclipses occurring in the next four weeks: a Partial Solar Eclipse on November 24 or 25 (depending on your time zone) and a Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10.

ECLIPSES are important not only because they're an interesting phenomenon physically -- they also represent special opportunities to reorient ourselves by addressing and releasing certain karmic patterns and situations.

These Sun-Moon alignments also tend to have a "wild card" effect energetically. It's difficult to predict their impact, but we can almost be assured that something will occur that moves humanity and individuals forward on their evolutionary path.

This is because eclipses manifest when lunations (New Moons and Full Moons) occur close to the zodiac positions of the North and South Nodes -- and the Nodes represent both the patterns/karma we are leaving behind (South Node) and the path of our accelerated growth (North Node).

I will begin this Thursday's teleclass with more information about the two eclipses that wrap up 2011 (and, of course, discuss the eclipses in 2012) -- and I'll spend more time on the November Solar Eclipse in next week's Journal.

SUBTLE INFLUENCES this week include the alignment on Monday between Mercury and the North Node. This is an opportunity to align our thoughts with beliefs that will support our forward movement, and to release the thinking patterns that keep us going around the same hamster-wheel.

Jupiter forms a trine aspect with Mars on Wednesday, another aspect of opportunity. This one has the potential for helping us accomplish a great deal in practical reality. Remember to take your time, however -- the caution with any Jupiter aspect is to watch the tendency to overdo or to leap before looking, especially with financial investments.

And, with Jupiter also making challenging aspects to Venus and Mercury on Wednesday/Thursday, this need for caution is underscored.

NEXT SUNDAY, Neptune squares the Sun, bringing in the fog and softening the intensity of that Scorpio Sun. This aspect represents a challenge to our ego's need to being in control.

Scorpio has great ability to bring out the truth, whether or not that truth is attractive. But, Scorpio can also get attached to the drama surrounding the process of truth-seeking, and lose sight of the ultimate goal, which moves beyond the need to know motivations and moves into acceptance.

As Neptune in Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio, it becomes less easy to focus on who did what and why. It is the challenge of knowing when it is time to let go, no longer needing to delve further.

I'M EXCITED about this Thursday's teleclass! Thank you to everyone who has already registered -- and if you're still considering attending, please read the announcement below. Remember -- even if you can't attend "live," your registration means you will receive an email after the class that contains a link to download the recording of the class and a copy of the PowerPoint slides.
Talk to you all on Thursday!


"2012: Claiming Our Wisdom, Reclaiming Our Power"
Thursday, November 17
4 to 5:30 pm Pacific Time (7 to 8:30 pm Eastern Time)
Cost: $28
The class will be recorded for download and replay
To register, visit:

WITH THE MAYAN CALENDAR ending in 2012, we've been putting a lot of pressure on the coming year to be spectacular. The forecasts range from dire cataclysm to full enlightenment ... and we can get whiplash trying to decide which end of the spectrum to believe. But what does Western Astrology have to say on the subject? And, especially, what does an astrologer with Sun and Mercury in practical, down-to-earth Taurus have to say about the year 2012? Will this really be THE year we always remember?

During this class, you will learn about planetary influences in effect during 2012, including:
  • The energetic gateway created by the Solar Eclipse on November 25 (just a week after the class date!) and the Lunar Eclipse on December 10 -- the gateway that prepares us for changes in the first six months of 2012
  • The purposes of the Solar Eclipse on May 20 and the Lunar Eclipse on June 6
  • The meaning of Venus' occlusion of the Sun -- the sister event to the occlusion on June 4, 2004, and an event that will not occur again until December 11, 2117
  • The impact of the Pluto-Uranus squares in June and September
  • The shift into Scorpio themes with Saturn's entry in October and the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November 13
  • And, of course, what Western Astrology can tell us about the energies in December 2012... and more!
You may attend this class either online or by phone. If you register and are not able to listen to the class at the time it is broadcast, you'll still receive the recording and can request a pdf of the slideshow shown during the class. We hope you can join us! To register, please visit: Or, feel free to email Pam with any questions about the teleclass.


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