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Numerology for October 2011

October 2011, (23/5), marks the beginning of the last quarter of 2011 where you begin, from this new point of clarity about you, to visualize and crystallize what you wish to manifest in the transition year of 2012. This is the vibration of adventure and change from your point of security along with heightened intuitive abilities. The goal is to embrace adventure, change and spontaneity by using your quick perceptions and “higher” connection to create your world your way.

OCTOBER 1, 2011 (24/6 [22])

You begin this first month of the period of creation for 2012 with a day that pushes you to make sure you have an underlying, organized foundation within. To assist you in this inner inventory, you have the energies that will increase your sensitivity to what lies within as well as the Master energies of the Spiritual Builder on the Physical Plane. Be aware of your dreams because you will be able to gain much information from them as well as your intuition. Be prepared to take responsibility to bring things into harmony within because when your inner world is in balance, your outer world will be the same. Your goal for today is to be sure that you are standing on a firm, organized inner foundation before you move forward to create what you wish to manifest in 2012.

OCTOBER 2 to OCTOBER 8, 2011 (25/7)

Now that you have checked your foundation, it is time to spend a week in reflection. This vibration is the combination of Spirit and physical so this week is about finding where both of those connect for you. These energies may make you somewhat impulsive so make sure to connect to your higher knowing in order to move wisely. To make the necessary adjustments, if any, you have to remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable.

The goal for this week is to be in your center between Spirit and physical so that every interaction that you have is based in the truth. You start the week with an intensification of the week’s energies so be aware of you so you can make necessary adjustments to demonstrate the truth and bring light and reality to the situation. You move to a day of free-flowing energies which will bring many spontaneous situations so it examined and investigate the details from those situations in order to move through your wisdom and create cooperation and compatibility in your world. Your successful endeavors bring you to a place of both reaping the rewards of your past efforts as well as preparing for new adventures so stay connected and maintain harmony and peace and you will move forward gracefully. Then your intuitive wisdom is heightened and combined with a strong sense of justice to enable you to crystallize your desires and use the power of your imagination to actually mold substance into form.

If you have a day of intensified Master energies that are going to require you to take responsibility for your choices which may seem to require more effort; however, it promises great rewards so tune into your higher guidance and be sensitive to the insights and revelations that will be brought to you about your direction and creation of your life. Then you have a day of celebration of the creative expression of you so rely on your intuition and do not get carried away by these restless energies which bring great joy, harmony and peace. You end this week with insights and information about the new you and your new world so if you find your experiencing challenges remember those are for the old way and you get to choose the new. The goal for this week is to find your independence in silence and accept that nonconformity, doing it your way, is acceptable.

OCTOBER 9 to OCTOBER 15, 2011 (20/2)

This week is about accepting your deep Inner Knowing so that you can adapt and renew which is the process that creates awakened Spiritual awareness and illumination. You will be expanding your own awareness so that you can see the alternatives in all situations and act decisively. This is the energy of balanced physical and Spirit so you need to weigh and measure the physical facts and details which will bring you to a new awareness that will overcome the difficulties in your life and bring your life into balance. You begin with a day that brings a strong sense of adventure and change so check your foundation and accept the fact that security comes from within. You then have an intensification of the month’s energies so you will have expanded sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface in order to take the responsibility to bring yourself into ever increasing levels of harmony and peace.

From this point you will have underlying Master vibrations of the Master Messenger as you are pushed and shown how to bring your intuitive energies in balance in all your bodies; mental, emotional and physical, so remain adaptable and make any necessary adjustments so that your mental energies, remember thought creates, are a positive force for your group. This is followed by another day of intensity which will require courage and faith that all he is in its right order so use these energies to it examined any details in your material affairs which appear to you spontaneously and then consider your actions in order to reap the harvest which comes under this influence. You now come to a day of endings and beginnings so maintain inner harmony and peace in all your interactions which will allow you relationships to bloom and bring deeper understanding. A day of both seed and harvest comes to help you understand that in perfected justice the adage, “As you sow, so shall you reap” is the Universal Law of justice.

You end the week with the Master Messenger energies that require you to be aware and receptive so that the messages will bring balance into your affairs. Your goal for this week is to be both Spirit and physical by being attentive to physical details as well as Spiritual insights and bring them into balance.

OCTOBER 16 to OCTOBER 22, 2011 (24/6)

You now have an entire week of the increased sensitivity shown in the first day of this month and in preparation for your experiences in November. It gives you opportunities to attract relationships which are based in love. This influence can be quite inspirational as long as you stay tuned into your inner awareness and thereby gain command of your inner workings which manifest in your physical life.

You begin the week with the energies of celebration and the urge to creatively express who you are so stay connected to your intuition and its physical manifestations and you will find you relationships blossoming and bringing happiness and fulfillment. You then have a highly intuitive day which brings news of the new order of things as it brings forth your hidden mental force so use that to create better conditions for all by realizing the necessity of system and organization to bring about those changes. A day of what can be restless energy which must be used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination comes to you to assist you in doing things in your own unusual or unconventional manner. Your sensitivity and awareness are increased again, remember you are unlimited so there is no end to the potential increase, so become centered and use these energies to get into the flow so that you can respond rather than react. From this place and being centered in the flow you are again given the energies to strengthen your connection between Spirit and physical so visualize what you desire and allow the flow to take you there.

A day of easy-flowing energies of cooperation and compatibility is presented now that you are in the flow so take responsibility for the ease and affluence you have created under this influence. Master Spiritual Builder energies underlie the energies of endings and beginnings presented to you so allow yourself to think in large sweeping terms while guarding against going to extremes and then evaluate exactly what needs to be completed for your forward movement. The goal for this week is to accept that you quote “know” and that you have an honor your emotions so that you can find that deep sense of order within.

OCTOBER 23 to OCTOBER 29, 2011 (27/9)

Your last full week of this month of planning for the future brings in experiences to assist you in understanding the inclusivity of Unconditional Love and Brotherhood. It brings you the opportunity to use your experiences to lift everything and everyone to their highest knowing. Your sense of peace and balance enables you to bring a perfected justice to all those with whom you interact. Be prepared for others to come to you for your unique approach and your inner harmony and peace.

You begin with the underlying Higher Master energies of the spiritual architect which supports the vibration of seed and harvest giving you access to your intuitive Wisdom and increases your awareness that there is more beyond the material world so that your perspective can broaden and you can accept that “the answer” can only be found within you.

Another day of Master energies, the Master Messenger, comes to you to give you the inspiration and revelations about assisting everyone to achieve balance within so make sure to tune into your Higher Guidance and remain sensitive to the revelations it shows you. A day of celebration comes to you to remind you to build joy into your plans in a balanced way so that everyone can find happiness and fulfillment. News and awareness of the new order of you come so that you can examine whether all you do is you are way or the old way. An abundance of restless energy comes to you to be used constructively and in an organized fashion which assists you to be who you are and use your individual approach to any task.

You then have a day of the energies of the Master Healer, also known as Christed Consciousness, so that you can bring yourself into balance and accept the responsibility to treat others with compassion which may take courage and faith in the Higher Forces in order to give love and compassion to others without being a martyr. You end the week with a combination of Master Messenger energies and the physical/mystical energies of whom you are as Spirit in a bodysuit to assist you in being flexible, resourceful and adaptable in making adjustments within to demonstrate the truth. Your goal for this week is to unite and balance your Spirit which is Universal Love and your physical which is benevolent and compassionate.

OCTOBER 30 to OCTOBER 31, 2011 (53/8)

You end the month with what may be intense energies as you are given the opportunity to put physical things on our higher and better plane. It is time to learn to be a search if while keeping things at once which will assist you to deal wisely with whatever you encounter. Make sure your Spiritual Guidance is part of all that you do so that you do balance the Spiritual energies on the material plane. You begin this two-day period with easy-flowing energies in the environment so that you can examine whatever presents itself, often spontaneously, to ensure your actions honor you and others. You end the month appropriately with the energies of endings and beginnings so that you can experience maintaining harmony and peace as you change your world.

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