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Astrological Energies September 26 to October 2, 2011

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Aurora borealis on September 10 over Kuusamo, Finland, just south of the Arctic Circle (photo by Asle Hjellbrekke)

RIP Skeezix 9-24-11

THE SUN IS NOW IN LIBRA, and yet we may find ourselves not quite able to create the harmony, balance and peace that this sign is usually known for. The discomfort associated with last week's quincunx aspects has been nibbling away at the edges of our peace of mind, making it difficult to relax into that inner space that knows All Really Is Well.

Not only is the Sun in Libra, but three other planets and an asteroid are in the seventh sign as well -- Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Juno. Added to that lineup will be the Moon when it enters Libra late on Monday (early Tuesday in some time zones), preparing for the New Moon that occurs at 4:10am PDT on Tuesday.

With all these planets in Libra, it may be that while our desire for harmony and peace is increased, so is our awareness of ways in which we have not yet attained those qualities. This is part of the effect of the quincunx aspects, which can help us see where we need an attitude adjustment.

QUINCUNX ASPECTS are tricky, because they may not manifest as tangible, external obstacles. Instead, they often show us where we are holding discordant beliefs or disallowing attitudes, and reveal how those are affecting our ability to move forward or to gain the Libran balance we long for.

This week, the quincunx aspects are strongest on Monday (Chiron quincunx Mercury, Pluto quincunx Mars) and Friday/Saturday (Jupiter quincunx Mercury and the Sun). In his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, astrologer Bil Tierney writes that a quincunx:

"...urges us to undergo major and minor adjustments, usually through the process of alteration or elimination. The quincunx seems to require that we observe our usage of energies in a careful, methodical way so that we can learn how to become more selective, discriminating, organized, and efficient. Until then, the quincunx pinpoints how and where we tend to drain forces in a haphazard, non-productive fashion. Its basic role is that of breaking down and removing those non-effectual attitudes that interfere with our ongoing growth."

THE THEME OF ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT supplies the backdrop this week for other planetary interactions that are a bit more obvious in their effects. Of special note are the Uranus-Mercury opposition on Monday, the New Moon on Tuesday, the Pluto-Sun/Pluto-Mercury squares on Wednesday, and the Saturn-Venus alignment on Thursday. This makes for a very busy week energetically!

Three cardinal signs (Libra, Aries and Capricorn) are emphasized with these interactions, which may restimulate some of the issues and themes that were brought into being in early July, at the time of the Solar Eclipse/Cardinal Grand Cross.

URANUS HOLDS REIGN FIRST, opposing the Sun today (Sunday the 25th) and then opposing Mercury on Monday. These aspects correspond with restlessness and feeling tired of living according to the rules. Uranus in Aries is pushing and prodding us to break free from limitations and to take charge of our lives in new ways.

Rebelliousness is one of Uranus' tools of choice. With this planet in opposition to the Sun and Mercury, which are both in conciliatory Libra, we will be working with inner and outer conflicts between self and other, and between autonomy and cooperation. Since Uranus is the slowest-moving of the three planets (in astrological terms), its agenda is likely to be the winner in the tug-of-war.

Which means we should not expect communications or schedules (Mercury) to necessarily go according to plan on Monday, especially if we have been saying "yes" when we really wanted to say "no," or if we have been ignoring the inner voice that has our best interests in mind.

On the other hand, we can use the energies on Monday to break out of old ruts and old ways of thinking. If we are willing to roll with the unexpected, and to think outside of the box, there can be great benefit in this Uranus-Mercury opposition.

THE NEW MOON on Tuesday emphasizes these Uranian themes. It also brings in the energies of the Pluto-Sun/Mercury squares, which are exact on Wednesday.

Pluto, like Uranus, brings about change, but often on deeper psychological/emotional levels or through issues that feel more intense in nature. Pluto transits usually corresponds with opportunities to purge, to release, and to transform.

PLUTO IS CURRENTLY in Capricorn, so this transformative influence is focused on the social, governmental and physical structures that have outlived their usefulness. The process of dismantling these structures is not always comfortable, because we as humans are used to relying on sameness for comfort -- even if that "sameness" is not based in positive energy.

Pluto's square aspects, and Uranus' opposition, to this New Moon indicate that over the next two weeks, as the lunar cycle builds to the Full Moon on October 11, we are likely to experience some profound changes and have important opportunities to release the past. We should get some preliminary insights into these effects during the New Moon on Tuesday and the Pluto squares on Wednesday.

October 11 is also the beginning of the Seventh (and final) Day of the Mayan Calendar, according to the calculations of Carl Calleman. This puts even greater emphasis on these next two weeks as instrumental in clearing the way for our next evolutionary shift.

TUESDAY'S NEW MOON occurs with the Sun and the Moon at exactly 4 degrees of Libra. The Sabian symbol associated with this New Moon reads:

"Around a campfire, a group of young people sit in spiritual communion: The necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values."

A few words stand out to me in this symbolic picture: "unbeaten paths" and "still-insecure light" -- an apt description for this new energetic terrain we find ourselves navigating! It is also clear that we will benefit from using the Libran desire to cultivate relationships now, not only for our personal satisfaction, but for the spiritual support of joining with those who share our values and perspectives.

ALONG THOSE LINES, the alignment of Saturn and Venus on Thursday may help us more clearly define whom we call "friend" or "partner." This alignment, as with all aspects that involve Saturn, is on the more serious side.

Saturn is known for being practical and objective, perhaps even cold, so this is not a great day for socializing. Rather, it is geared toward working in partnership toward an important goal. It may also help us clarify what we really value, what are the basics we need, and where we can cut back or more practically manage our expenditures.

TO HELP US move forward as needed, Mars steps in on Thursday to supply the right mix of courage and creative insight, through positive aspects to Mercury, Saturn, Venus and the Sun. We may even surprise ourselves in the risks we're willing to take, once we've made our choices.

Our bravado may be authentic and needed, but with Jupiter aspects ruling the next three days, we are also cautioned not to overextend. This will be most important to watch with the Mars-Jupiter square on Sunday. Jupiter is, after all, the largest known planet in our solar system, and sometimes has a hard time knowing the difference between optimism and foolhardiness.



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