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Astrological Energies September 19 to 25, 2011

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Last week's Harvest Full Moon over Turin, Italy (photo by Stefano De Rosa)

WE MAY BE ADJUSTING our course a few times this week, as we work with the energy of several "quincunx" aspects. Quincunxes occur when two planets are 150 degrees apart, which puts them in incompatible signs by element -- either fire and water, fire and earth, air and earth, or air and water.

We know that water puts out fire, often creating a lot of steam in the process. We also know that earth puts out fire. Mixing earth and air makes it hard for us to breathe, and mixing water and air mostly creates a lot of bubbles. As physical beings, we've learned the rules of elemental interactions -- but what if our reliance on those rules has actually limited our capacities for advancement?

The quincunx dilemma involves learning to hold two seemingly out-of-sync realities at once, without becoming overwhelmed by the paradox. This skill is becoming increasingly valuable as our consciousness expands, and we realize that we are standing with one foot in physical reality and the other foot on a more etheric plane. Our minds are slowly learning to bridge these very different dimensions, but it can be challenging and confusing at first.

WE BECOME AWARE that we are getting more proficient at holding the dual perspective when we notice our reactions to earthly dramas changing. We find we are less attached to the ups and downs in our own lives, more able to let go and move on when issues arise. And, when we observe others' trauma, while we still feel empathy and have compassion for those affected, we also sense that we do not take on their pain in the same way as we might have before.

At first, we may question our understanding of compassion, for we have learned that caring about someone means we are supposed to rescue them or go into their pain with them. And yet, while we can support and assist others on many levels, we cannot rescue them from their experience, and we do not heal them by taking on their pain. We can, however, hold the space for healing to occur without attaching to the outcome.

THIS IS THE PARADOX of a quincunx aspect -- How do we hold two innately positive and yet incompatible concepts at the same time? How can one be both compassionate (water) and detached (air)? How is it possible to be both independent (fire) and emotionally connected (water)? How can we be grounded (earth) and yet spiritually focused (fire)? And how does one achieve higher consciousness (air) while also dealing with physical reality (earth)?

When planets in incompatible elements interact through a quincunx aspect, they may also help us become aware of where we are holding incompatible beliefs, priorities or attitudes. Quincunxes can help us realize how these contradictory beliefs, which set up vibrational resistance internally, may be interfering with our ability to move forward.

FOR INSTANCE, with the Mars-Chiron quincunx on Wednesday, we are working with fire (Mars in Leo) and water (Chiron in Pisces). One paradox we must hold with this combination involves honoring our unique creative self-expression while also embracing the concept of Oneness.

On the other hand, we might also find that we have a strong need to assert ourselves and to receive validation for our creative efforts (Mars in Leo). This drive may take us down a different path than the one we would choose if we were intentionally focused on healing a lack of trust or changing a belief in self-sacrifice (Chiron in Pisces).

And this Mars-Chiron quincunx is just one of five quincunx aspects in the lineup this week!

As we work with these aspects, we may feel uncertain or confused, not sure where to direct our energies. It may help to remember and allow the concept of paradox. We can also benefit from becoming very self-aware -- not only of our underlying motivations and needs, but also of how they can sometimes contradict each other.

THE SUN enters Libra on Friday, marking the Equinox and the start of a new season. The astrological month of Libra brings our attention to partnerships and our need for fairness, balance, equality and harmony. These are our underlying themes for the next four weeks.

As the Sun makes its journey through Libra, it will be restimulating the energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross we have been working with since July. This planetary configuration has had a major effect on many levels of our reality. It has challenged us to evolve, through the creation of obstacles and the disintegration of old structures and foundations.

We have seen major shifts in our self-concepts, intentions, and life directions as we have worked with these energies. We may see further developments along these lines on these calendar days, when the Sun interacts with the planets that were involved in the Grand Cross: September 25 (Sun opposite Uranus), September 28 (Sun square Pluto), October 2-3 (Sun square the July 1 Solar Eclipse), and October 13 (Sun conjunct Saturn).



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