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Astrological Energies August 22 to 28, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
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AS INCREDIBLE AS IT SEEMS, here we are in the last full week of August, and the Sun enters Virgo on Tuesday. The coming change of seasons is already in the air.

The surreal quality surrounding this physical reality continues, however. We can see retrograde Mercury's hand in that, as our brains and logical thinking are not quite as accessible as they might usually be. That "sur-reality" may be especially strong this week, as Mercury is basically standing still, preparing to change direction on Friday.

A FEW OTHER PLANETS are also contributing to the sense that things aren't quite as they used to be, that reality has and is shifting in some mysterious ways -- a shift that is both intangible to our physical senses and yet very tangible to the part of us that knows More.

Saturn and Neptune are both very active this week, and even have their own direct interaction on Wednesday. Putting Saturn and Neptune in the same room is a bit like trying to mix oil and water. Saturn is focused on practical matters and on how to achieve our this-world goals and fulfill our responsibilities. Neptune blurs the boundaries between physical and nonphysical realms, keeping at least part of our attention on the guidance of our hearts and intuition, and requiring us to let go of the need to control outcomes.

If we were sitting in a classroom, with these two as co-teachers, we would no doubt be confused. Saturn would be handing out the assignments and teaching the rules for how to calculate the math problems ("You'll need to know this to be successful in life"), while Neptune would be encouraging us to listen to music and gaze out the window ("This life is an illusion, your ultimate goal is on another plane of existence").

Neither planet is "right" or "wrong" in their teaching style -- they are just completely different from each other.

WHEN SATURN AND NEPTUNE interact, as they do this week, there can be a couple of different results. If Neptune is the stronger planet in our individual charts, we may experience this week as a time when reality almost stands still, where nothing feels quite real and our dreamworld merges with our waking life. Neptune dissolves the Saturnian need for structure and form, and helps us slip into the between-world state of formlessness.

If Saturn is the stronger in our birth charts, we may experience a "reality check" this week, when it becomes clear that a fantasy we've been holding onto is clearly not supported by events. Saturn reins in wishful thinking, and reminds us that it also takes discipline and practicality to make our dreams come true.

However this manifests for each of us individually -- and we actually may get a bit of both possible results -- the effect is with us throughout the week. Saturn and Neptune both interact with the Sun on Monday, then with each other on Wednesday, and then both again interact with Mars on Thursday. And then Mercury stations direct (is at a standstill) on Friday -- so it looks like we shouldn't expect to have a strong grip on this-world reality for much of the coming week.

Of these days, Thursday looks like it has the strongest impact, due to Saturn squaring Mars. This can indicate frustrations and delays, and that getting things done may take more than the usual effort. And, with Mars in Cancer, we'll need to watch any tendency to take things personally, or to over-respond emotionally.

ADDING TO THE MIX, when Mercury stations on Friday, it is in direct contact with Uranus, through a "sesquisquare" aspect. If you review the highlighted aspects list, you'll see "Uranus sesquisquare Mercury" listed on both Thursday and Friday, since the exact-to-the-degree moment happens twice -- the first time while Mercury is still inching backward, and the second when Mercury has begun to inch forward.

Any time Uranus and Mercury get together, our logical brains can get a little scrambled. In the positive, this scrambling leaves space for new ideas to come into our awareness. In the less-than-positive, we can feel confused and unable to focus, which can be disconcerting as we're trying to navigate the physical world.

A sesquisquare aspect indicates the potential for over-reactions -- so with both this aspect and the Saturn-Mars square on Thursday and Friday, it will be best to use as much patience as we can muster toward week's end, and to avoid speaking or taking action without careful thought.

THANKFULLY, PLUTO PROVIDES SUPPORT for our handling of the week's energies. Our "dwarf planet" forms easygoing trine aspects to Venus on Thursday and the Sun on Sunday, assisting us in making the practical changes that are needed as we go forward.

The Sun and Venus in Virgo will make sure we cover the details and see what course corrections need to be made. Pluto in Capricorn will help us apply and incorporate those changes as needed, and will also assist us in completely transforming existing structures, if that is what is needed for greatest benefit.



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