Sunday, July 3, 2011

UPDATE on the Solar Eclipse

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This is a Saturday July 2 UPDATE on the Solar Eclipse:

Much of the increasing pressure and intensity should be subsiding now or soon. This does not mean that this eclipse season is done. The releasing of energy stage has now begun, as the intensifying of energy stage is lessening. And events that are a result of the eclipses will roll out over the next couple months. This eclipse is a New Moon, so it is a new dawn today.

The eclipses took us out of our same-old, same-old status quo postures, and shook up our usual balance. For many there has been crisis to deal with, and soon there will be a clearing of the dust after the storm. What was damaged in our psyches and lives? What breakthroughs occurred in our psyches, belief systems and lives? What new events or people came into our lives? What have we let go of? What have we been forced to change, what do we choose to change?

It is now time to get more clarity, to look for direction, to gain deeper insight into the recent shifts in your life. What has come into your life recently is very meaningful because of the profound planetary aspects synchronizing wih these events. There is much to learn about your self and life now.

Perhaps you have woken up to a new reality, have let go of illusions that keep you separated from your authentic self and a more authentic life. You are getting to know your true self better, and letting go of your little ego’s need to dominate the natural movement of your self and life.

During this Cancer lunar cycle work on your inner values and inner reality, your beliefs, your inner needs. Do not push your self forward before you are ready. Take the time to evaluate and reflect.

In the greater world, we learned during the eclipse season that our economy is teetering. The crisis in Greece has temporarily subsided, as the eclipses are passing; but that crisis, as well as the greater economic crisis has only been put on hold. Soon it will spiral downward again. The old world’s hold on the wheels of the Universe is always only temporary, as Nature is stronger than man’s will. We can only be kept alive on support systems for so long, not forever.

And the same is true in the Middle East. The flotillas to Gaza have been temporarily stopped. These boats are meant to shine a light on the illegal and abusive treatment of Palestinains by the Israelis. The Israelis have bought out the Greek government, which has stopped the travel of the ships from their ports for no apparent reason. Greece is certainly in the spotlight now- for the economy and for the Middle East crisis. It is meaningful that Greece was the seed of western civilization, of Europe and America, as western civilization is on the verge of enormous transformation, into eventual equality with the other members of the world community aligned with an Aquarian Age.

And now the fires of New Mexico seem to be safe from the nuclear dangers of Los Alamos. But the warnings of our karma from what happened there are alive and well. We need to really take a deeper look at what we have built in this world with all the weapons of mass destruction. It is homicidal and suicidal. We must collectively find a way to end their existence before they end ours.
Important events in the world will soon be released that are connected to the pressures that built up during the eclipses. We will stay tuned.

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