Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planetary Grid Transmissions for Solar Eclipse

July 1: New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Planetary Grid Transmissions

To all Planetary Light Servers,Grid Transmitters and Receivers, Geo Light Teams and all Group Formations

Have you cleaned your closets, beloved Light Team? Have you swept the cobwebs of materialism from your life so that you may enter this next Great Initiation pure and cleansed in all ways? Just as the New Moon eclipses the Sun on July 1st, our Earth conjuncts the Grand Cardinal Cross and Sirius in the heavens...and the fireworks begin!

As we detach from our materialistic patterns of the past and embrace a more sustainable approach to living harmoniously on the Earth, it is essential that we use our expanded awareness to raise our fellow brethren in the Natural Kingdoms along with us.

Years of mistreatment and abusive tendencies must be cleared from the Earth's memory if we are to enter into a co-creative relationship with the Evolutionary Forces of Nature that is based on reverence, trust and harmlessness. Every mineral, plant and animal is on an evolutionary path back to Source ... on a journey towards achieving self-realization, a direct mirror of our path towards God realization! It is our role and privilege as Planetary Light Servers in human vehicles to act as conduits to bring forth the most appropriate cosmic energies to support them on this sacred sojourn back to Father-Mother God.

We are now called to invoke the Devic forces responsible for the physical manifestations of all Natural life forms to offer our heartfelt forgiveness for all human trespasses against the wellbeing of the collective Earth consciousness. Through this liberating expression of Divine Love and Mercy, we can build a Rainbow Bridge between our respective Kingdoms and live joyfully in co-creative harmony as one Group Avatar.

Let us now invite each infinitely patient mineral and majestic tree to absorb and radiate the Sirian Light Codes of the Divine Plan and support our ascending planet. Additionally, we request the Overlighting Devas of each species and geographical kingdom to inspire all of their neighboring elemental brothers and sisters to do the same!

As we harness the power of our attention and place it on the liberation and ascension of the lower kingdoms, we will raise the planetary vibration with the divine influx of energy from the Great Central Sun allowing for a swift and graceful entrance into the Golden Age.

Blessings, Children of the Sun!

In Cooperation with the Earth Element and the Evolutionary Forces of Nature

Supported by the Sirian light code infusions, the entire nervous system of Earth is catalyzing an explosive, passionate call for human beings to de-plug from materialistic ways.

The fragile and now imploding foundation of our current human existence has been based on an unconscious drive towards a financially based and identity based dream matrix. In our upcoming planetary transmissions, we are renouncing our attachments to identity based materialism. We are then wielding Sacred Fire to all world "corporations of control". This concerns those entities that intentionally fuel human entrapment by stimulating the outer desires through a plethora of marketing and product manipulations, and, in some cases, to horrific and very harmful extremes.

Our senses have been corded to this game through the entire spectrum of consumerism such as food production, medical and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, mass media, petroleum, computer and technology, to name a few. Many of us are still hooked to and still buying from these corporations which only perpetuates the human wheel of samskara and suffering.

It is these mega-corporations along with their power driven greed that are in collaboration with our governments, military and financial systems. Part of the grand scheme, of course, is to keep humans dulled, sick, dependent and controlled. It is this imprisonment in the game of extremes on which we are shining the light to bring the liberation.

Quitting the Game of Monopoly

Building the Cosmic Pressure and Wielding Sacred Fire to Corporations and the Elitist Factions of Influence

This new moon, we join together once again to serve as a physical invocation instrument and divining rod for the descent of Sacred Fire. We first travel into the Ascension Seat at the Earth Core to undergo a recalibration of our physical body energy system to be in alignment with Earth's ascending pulse.

We will then serve as a human invocation instrument for the descent of Sacred Fire into the energy behind the crimes against humanity and the Earth, especially as this concerns corporations and commerce and greed driven, selfish motives.

We are requesting Divine Intervention for support towards immediate reformation to establish systems of command that support shared value, equality and Humanity's highest Divine Potential. We have all played the corporate game, either as manipulator or the ones being manipulated. We are simply changing the timeline and decoding the new race genetics and New Earth codes of creation.

With Love and neutralizing Harmony at the core of our Group Avatar, we are then projecting our consciousness into the energy of corporations and consumer manipulations. We are radiating the light of illumination and Divine Direction to all persons leading and influencing mega businesses and giant corporations. We are calling for the Truth to be revealed with unlimited support given to all people who can assist in delivering this Truth and that which is preventing the Flame of Freedom from expressing on Earth and in the hearts of all Humanity.

Most importantly, we call for the activation of the threefold flames in the hearts of those in corporate seats of influence.

Children of The Sun

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