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JUNE: Pioneering Justice Your Way

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

The year, 2011 ([22][11]), will be a year of Mastery and Master Building on the Material Plane. You will be given four times the strength, courage, and responsibility to bring Spirit into the material plane and actually put it into form. Everything will be directed to being the master builder and teacher who can help build, in cooperation with others, a better foundation for an enlightened society that cares for the people, uses the resources for the good of all with practical husbandry and values each individual, and therefore the group, for who they are. It is a world where survival needs are met for all in order for each to develop their potential as the complete human and then use that for the furtherance of humankind. Your experiences will show you the larger picture and your vision will be toward the completed project. In short, this is God energy put into structure and tangible form. The success of this process for the group will depend on the use made of power or the abuse of it, the new way of power with or the old way of power over. It still is, and always will be, your choice.

June, 2011 (28/10/1), helps you to understand the Law of Justice, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is so you will build justice, not judgment, into all you do, especially before you start a project. Success will come to you when you accept the responsibility to pioneer a new way, your way, based on your intuitive Wisdom. The goal is to pioneer your own life and take the initiative to organize it in your own original way.

JUNE 1 to JUNE 4, 2011 (104/14/5)

You begin with a period of karmic energies. These are the energies of regeneration through your highest God energies. Because they are karmic the opportunities that arise cannot be avoided, evaded or ignored. The underlying energies are all about freedom and change so it is necessary for you to temper everything, which comes to you. These are the opportunities for transformation. In addition, you have two master vibrations during this period. You start with the Master Messenger energies so you will have messages occurring spontaneously, and it is necessary for you to keep your physical, emotional and mental areas in balance to gain the rewards these messages bring. You then move to a day where rewards come in abundance and it is time to celebrate the creative expression of you so be aware of your intuition and inner guidance so that you can gain direction at this time for the next move. You then move to the Master Spiritual Builder energies that can bring success on a large scale and it does bring thinking in large sweeping terms that will benefit all of humanity; if you feel restrictions, be aware they must be it examined because they can prevent you from building a firm foundation for the future. You and with the energies of a strong sense of adventure and change so create more adventure variety and change in your life and understand that security comes from within. The goal for this week is to realize that your power comes from your willingness to change and do it your way.

JUNE 5 to JUNE 11, 2011 (27/9)

This week is focused on justice and wisdom and brings you the ability to maintain harmony and peace. Others may seek you out since you have an original approach to the solution of their problems. Your interactions are very important this week so do not withdraw. There is a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and help bring them into manifestation. You can influence others since you are endowed with insight and a deep love and spiritual understanding of humanity. You began with a day of increased sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface which is working with an underlying 22 Master Builder on the physical plane so you can check the solidity of your foundations. A day to be reflective and withdraw comes to you so that you can connect with your strong intuitive energies and reconstruct your mental energies so that they are a positive force for creation. This is followed by a day which bestows abundance in your life so take responsibility for this affluent period and examine and investigate any details that arise. Then the energy of the week is intensified so remember, it is all about reaping the rewards and preparing to move forward in relation to others and that needs to be done in harmony and peace. Now open your mind and heart to the vibration of both the seed and the harvest and you will remember the power of your imagination to crystallize your desires and mold them into actual substance, because this is perfected justice. You are visited again by the Master Spiritual Messenger so take responsibility and be ready to exert more effort, because this promises great rewards. The Master Messenger moves to the background as you are given the energies of celebration so rely on the subtle messages to assist and direct you in this energy which could be restless. The goal for this week is to gain greater understanding of Universal Love and unfolding brotherhood using your intuitive abilities.

JUNE 12 to JUNE 18, 2011 ([22])

Just as last month, you have a week of underlying energies of the Master Builder on the material plane so it is time to manifest your Spirit in your physical life. Last month was a run through, now it’s time to do it. Each experience and opportunity presented to you this week is to be examined both in the nature of the experience/opportunity and in your reaction/response to it. Then it is up to you to choose what events and what responses you want to “make your own”. That is how you “build” on the physical plane. You are building your foundation upon which you will build the rest of your life. You begin by bringing forth the forces hidden in the mind and you are given news of the new paradigm as challenges to the “old way” are presented for you to choose your way. Then you have a desire for adventure and change and you are shown inner conflicts revolving around your sense of security to assist you to learn that security is within you. A day of increased sensitivity comes to you to bring inspiration from you inner awareness of what’s beneath the surface for your evaluation. Today it is time to withdraw and reassess where you are using your strong intuitive abilities to find the power of your mind and insure you are using that as a positive force. You’re then given a respite with a day of easy flowing energies so you can examine and investigate anything that arises spontaneously in your material affairs while the Master Healer/Teacher energies support you in keeping centered and balanced, which is critical today. Now you have a day to share your accomplishments as relationships bloom and bring deeper understanding as you reap these rewards and prepare for new adventures. You end the week with the energies of the seed and harvest so examine yourself and your life to crystallize your desires for the future and use your power of imagination to mold them into substance, into your life. Your goal this week is to build the Universal Wholeness for the planet through maintaining harmony, cooperation and practicality on a firm foundation.

JUNE 19 to JUNE 25, 2011 (26/8)

Now you have a week of easy flowing energies which bring in cooperation and compatibility. This also brings with it prosperity and success; however, you need to use your material possessions for service to humankind. Details which arise this week are to be it examined and investigated to insure they fit with your desired future. Much will occur spontaneously; however, you will need to take a certain amount of action to reap the harvest under this influence. If you stay balanced and take responsibility for your choices you will know which actions to take. You began the week with the Master Spiritual Messenger energies which give you an opportunity to emphasize the Spiritual areas in your life so tune in to your Higher Guidance for direction and be sensitive to the insights and revelations offered you at this time. Continue to rely on your intuition so that you do not get carried away by the restless energies that come to you and maintain balance during a day of celebration of you. Now you have another day that brings you news of the new order of things so pay attention to your thoughts for they will show you how to realize the value of system and order to effect worthwhile conditions. This brings you to a day where your desires are to live your own standard of life so you must use this restless energy constructively to accomplish your task and then, with the Master Builder energies beneath, you will be urged to guard against extremes and examine any restrictions you feel so that you can integrate them into yourself. Another day to examine your foundations is presented as your sensitivity to the truth is increased at this time so that you have the opportunity to get into the flow and respond to unexpected opportunities. Now you are presented with a day to withdraw and reflect so that you can reassess where you are and use your strong intuitive energies in conjunction with your mental energies to create a positive force so remain flexible and adaptable to make any necessary adjustments to demonstrate the truth. You end the week with an intensification of vibration of the week which is a reminder that these affluent periods are your responsibility as well. Your goal for this week is to achieve balance and responsibility while using your power and authority to unify and serve.

JUNE 26 to JUNE 30, 2011 (19/10/1)

You end the month with a karmic energy, destiny force, that is God’s plan in action: fixed forces that cannot be changed. This period can also be called the period of surrender. This will give you the opportunity to use all of the positive traits of one through nine with courage, independence and leadership to create humanitarian concepts for all humanity. You begin with a day to interact and reap awards of your past achievements while you prepare to move forward in your progress. You then move to a day of new ideas and expansive thinking so use your imagination to crystallize your desires while relying on your intuitive wisdom and a strong sense of justice before you move on. Now you’re given a day of Master Messenger energies so stay prepared, stay receptive and remember there is a spiritual message that will bring you balance in all your affairs. Another day of celebration comes to you so remember to stay connected to your intuition through the underlying Master Messenger energies so you do not get carried away with these restless energies and you can experience great joy, harmony and peace. You and the month with another day which brings you messages of the new order of things which enables you to be a forerunner for better conditions for all there is no turning back. The goal for this period is to get centered in a position where you have linked your life with Universal life.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at Rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com, by phone at (770) 517-3713. Look for the new Anthology about 2012 that she is part of at 2012: Creating Your Own Shift

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