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Astrological Energies June 6 to 12, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Last week's midnight sun Solar Eclipse (photo taken by Renate Westlien on June 1 in Tana, Norway)

WE ARE NOW in that Through-the-Looking-Glass world, the no-time space that exists between eclipses. It's not that the Earth doesn't continue to turn and our lives don't continue to unfold, because (of course) they do. But the feel in the air is different, almost as if a part of our awareness is in another realm (which it is).

What is most intriguing is that with three eclipses in a row (on June 1, June 15 and July 1), we'll be in this in-between world for four weeks instead of the usual two. For the entire month of June, we'll be even more aware than usual of the interdimensional quality of our lives. We'll be participating in life, but also have a greater ability to step back and observe, if we choose.

PHYSICALLY -- and also mentally and emotionally -- this living in multiple realities can be a lot to get used to. Don't be surprised if you need more sleep than usual this month. Allow yourself catnaps, earlier bedtimes and lazier mornings, if possible. We're like new babies again as we learn to navigate this new energetic space, and we all know how much newborns sleep (when they're not crying, eating or just needing to be held).

We also know how much support newborns need, unaccustomed as they are to the physical world. The comparison of our current experience to that of a woman giving birth goes to another level now.

SOMETIME in the past year or so, I attended a teleconference where the presenter described our current experience as being a lot like being in labor -- and that if we were in labor and didn't know we were about to give birth, we'd think we were dying.

We only need to read the headlines, or look at our own lives or the lives of those around us, to be aware of the great numbers of people who have been feeling those labor pains, and also feeling the anxiety or fear that can accompany unknown purposes and outcomes.

During the beginning stages of labor, we have time in between contractions to recover and gain strength for the next push. When we are in final labor, the pushing becomes constant and the feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm can be great.

It is at this stage that we can start to wonder if it's all really worth it.

AND YET, there are substantial rewards for going through labor. The new baby is, of course, the most obvious result of the effort extended. Accompanying that physical reality is the opportunity to experience the miracle of new life taking form, which is a spiritual blessing to everyone who may be present.

Through the gracious invitation from my stepdaughter, I've been present at the birth of two babies in my lifetime. During the labor phase, I have been in awe of the process and also wondered why in the world people would choose to go through this. And afterward, I have been amazed at how quickly after the birth, the new mother was already saying she would do it again, for the joy that she now feels, holding the newborn in her arms.

WE ARE ALL at varying stages of our own labor process. What we are giving birth to is not, in most cases, another physical being (although odds are that many are giving literal birth during this time as well).

Rather, we are birthing a new, higher-vibrational aspect of ourselves. And for many, the labor pains are great as our current lives must adjust to the emergence of something greater than who we have been before.

A majority of the time, a woman's body adjusts amazingly for the birthing process. She must go into labor trusting that what needs to happen will happen. Somewhere along the line, what seems impossible becomes possible. A miracle occurs.

As we each go through this time of labor, we must also trust that what needs to happen will happen, even if it's hard to visualize in the current moment. Each of us has the strength and will be able to adapt as needed for this incredible birth of Self.

SATURN AND CHIRON dominate the planetary landscape this week. Both planets are at a standstill now, preparing to change direction. When planets hover at one point in the zodiac, their energy is concentrated, and we can usually feel their effects more noticeably. The combined effect of Saturn in Libra and Chiron in Pisces emphasizes both the practical and the spiritual aspects of our experience now.

During the first half of June, we are either solidifying or making adjustments to decisions made last fall, especially in the realms of relationship and legal affairs (Saturn in Libra).

We are also becoming more keenly aware, perhaps for the first time, of some aspect of our being that greatly needs our love, compassion and forgiveness. This wounded part has been with us for lifetimes, waiting for us to understand, accept and embrace it. As we heal our relationship with this part of ourselves, we strengthen the bridge we have begun to build between our human and divine aspects (Chiron in Pisces).

SATURN has been retrograde (appearing to move backward) since January 25. Now, it has reached the signpost it originally passed last October. It is pausing briefly to reassess the terrain, then will reverse direction and gradually start to move forward again.

In these last five months, while Saturn has retraced its steps through Libra, we have had the opportunity to review important relationship and legal issues (themes associated with Libra). What has been seemingly "on pause" or even in reverse recently, will break free from the stalemate and begin to manifest in more concrete terms over the next few weeks.

In some situations, that process of breaking free may take a bit longer. It will be mid-September before Saturn has finished going over ground already covered. Depending on the planets it is transiting in our natal charts, our personal turning point for issues we've been working with since October may be anytime from now through the second week of September.

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