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Astrological Energies June 20 to 26, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Last week's Lunar Eclipse, seen through the clouds from Niedźwiady Observatory, near Szubin, Poland (photo by Marek Nikodem)

The stageplay theme continues from last week's Journal...

THE CURTAIN OPENS to show our cast of planetary players engaged in animated conversation as they discuss the odd events that happened over the weekend. Mercury (representing our ability to reason logically) looks completely disheveled, winged hat askew, having met up with first unpredictable Uranus on Saturday and then forceful Pluto on Sunday.

Usually a bit shy while in Cancer, Mercury has been pushed into more active roles over the past two days through his interactions with the two transpersonal planets. He has been challenged to move outside of his comfort zone, to risk being vulnerable. As a result, he has gained some new perspectives and learned to think about certain issues in different ways than before.

Mercury also looks a bit concerned, as he realizes not only that Saturn is eyeing him sternly from the judge's bench, but that their one-on-one meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

BUT THIS FIRST SCENE belongs to Mars, the planet that represents the assertive/aggressive/masculine side of our nature -- the part of us that knows what it wants and is willing to take risks (and even fight) to achieve its desires. Mars has been in Taurus for the past six weeks, slowing our forward motion somewhat, since wearing a bull costume can be a bit cumbersome.

But on Monday night, Mars bursts onto the scene in a much different costume, now wearing the lighter garb of Gemini. He's even carrying a mirror so that he has someone to talk with at all times.

MARS WILL JOURNEY through Gemini until August 3, during which time we'll be inclined to verbalize what we want more readily than usual. We also may tend to speak before we think, so it will be helpful to remember how powerful words are. Each of us can remember times in our lives when someone's words either cut us deeply or inspired us greatly -- and often without their even knowing. In the same way, we have both hurt and inspired others, perhaps unknowingly.

Mars in Gemini can be a very productive time for any projects that are intellectually based. But, there can also be a tendency to over-schedule or to try to do too many things at once, so that we end up feeling scattered and unable to focus on any one thing. Also watch impulsive speech, actions and decisions during this time. Use the courage of Mars as needed for speaking your truth and likewise for having the courage to really listen to the truth of others.

SCENE TWO begins as the Sun rolls in from offstage, still in the process of changing out of his Gemini costume and into his Cancer suit. Everyone notices when he comes in, fully aware that his entrance also marks the changing of the seasons, known as the Solstice.

It is said that the planetary aspects at the Solstice can give us some insights into the next three months. In the positive, Neptune and the Sun are in harmonious relationship, working together to inspire us to a stronger spiritual connection and basis for our lives. Venus and Saturn are also working well together, helping us stabilize relationships through being more openminded and less judgmental. Likewise, Jupiter and Pluto are very compatible now, empowering us to make necessary changes in practical ways, and supporting us with a strong knowing of what we believe in.

ON THE MORE challenging side, Saturn squares Mercury on this first day of the new season, which indicates part of our work over the next three months will be to learn how to rise above fear-based thinking. Also on Tuesday, the Neptune-Mars square reveals one of our challenges to be the alignment of personal will with Divine Will (in other words, letting go of the ego's need to be in control), and learning to trust in the positive nature of unseen outcomes.

Both of these squares can correspond with a feeling of discouragement, and a desire to run away from any problems that arise. But, we can rise above the obstacles by tapping into the energy of those three positive aspects. In other words, we are assisted through the challenges when we:
Focus on a soul-level perspective and make our own spiritual growth the highest priority (Neptune-Sun),
Treat each other fairly and act always from our own integrity (Saturn-Venus), and
Allow our inner compass to guide the external changes and inspire us to be the best we can be (Pluto-Jupiter).
GETTING BACK to our play: The next few scenes (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) involve planetary interactions that may stir up some minor challenges. The "semisquares" and "sesquisquares" in astrology can be seen as being somewhat confrontational, but do not usually have the impact of a "square" aspect.

That being said, we are in the "tween days" between eclipses, which means that energies are heightened and we may be more sensitive than usual to even these minor aspects. So be gentle with yourself and others toward the end of the week, and focus on remembering Who and What You Really Are.

OUR FINAL SCENE for this second act is probably the one we'll remember, since it sets up the energies for the following week and the last eclipse in our Eclipse Trio.

On Sunday, Uranus and the Sun enter the scene separately, making their way to centerstage where a large conference table is set up. They sit at an angle to each other, not seeing eye-to-eye as yet, and begin a preliminary discussion about what changes are needed to assist humankind in taking the Next Big Step in our spiritual evolution.

The Sun in Cancer is feeling very protective and cautious. He understands the human need for security and nurturing. He wants to make sure that the ways of the ancients are honored, and that all changes happen slowly, in ways that feel safe.

URANUS IN ARIES, representing the transpersonal planets with a very different and "other-worldly" perspective, has conflicting opinions. He is impatient with what he perceives as things moving too slowly. Since he entered Aries in March, he has successfully speeded up the liberation of the individual, both politically and interpersonally. Now it is time, he says, to open our awareness still further about what is really possible, and what humans are capable of.

Neither planet seems willing to compromise their position as the scene draws to a close. The square aspect between Uranus and the Sun indicates their resistance to hearing the other's point of view. And, both planets know that Pluto is just about to join the discussion (Pluto-Sun opposition on Monday, June 27), and that the Grand Cardinal Cross Solar Eclipse (on July 1) is waiting in the wings for the big finale.

Cue dramatic music, fade lights for second intermission...



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