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Astrological Energies May 23 to 29, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Angelic auroras seen from Nome, Alaska, in April 2003 (photo by John Russell)

MY HEAD IS STILL SPINNING from this past week -- perhaps it had something to do with the time I spent preparing for last Thursday's teleclass, but I also am sensing we've just gone through another major energy shift in preparation for the trio of eclipses coming up in June and July.

Speaking of the teleclass, many thanks to all who attended! One participant emailed afterward saying, "Thank you...that was a super session, gave me a big picture and so many details and insights...very usable in my life..." I hope you, too, gained some practical insights that will assist you in the coming weeks -- that is very much my intention and purpose, both in giving the class and in writing this Journal.

I REALIZED, after preparing for the class, that I literally experience some of the energies of the planetary alignments as I tap into and interpret them. After projecting myself forward into with the energies of the upcoming eclipses, I was aware of being quite tired by the time I had finished writing my notes -- so I think we will all need to take good care of ourselves throughout the next six to eight weeks.

Get as much rest as you can (lots of adjustment and integration takes place while our bodies and conscious minds are asleep), soak in the sunshine for additional rejuvenation, ground yourself into the heart of Gaia, and be kind to yourself and others. We ARE all in this together.

And, if you were unable to attend the teleclass, but would like to purchase the recording and slideshow ($22), just send me an email and we'll make arrangements.

THIS WEEK BEGINS with an alignment between Mars and Venus, two planets that represent the complementary opposites of masculine and feminine, assertiveness and receptiveness, activity and allowing. When these two opposites meet, as in most relationships, there can either be magnetic attraction or repulsion.

Still, with both planets in Taurus, they now have a common goal: to help us tap into the source of peace and serenity that we each carry within. To get there, we can take either the active or the allowing route, and may be best served by doing both.

How might that look, bridging such opposite ways of approaching the day? Since Taurus feels at home and contented in nature, we can make sure we do some activity (Mars) outdoors to begin the week -- but, to satisfy Venus, we will also need to pause in that activity to relax and to allow ourselves to soak in the beauty that surrounds us. In other words, yes, a good day to do gardening, but remember to also stop and smell the flowers you have planted!

Taurus is also fulfilled by other sensory activities and settings, so if gardening is not your passion, find other ways to enjoy the physical realities of this earthly life -- play and listen to music, cook and eat delicious and nourishing food, add harmonious colors to your space and then sit down and observe how the colors make you feel internally. These sensory experiences are some of the tools that Taurus uses to remind us that we each can create that place of peace and contentment, both externally and internally.

SATURN may complicate the peaceful picture a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday, through quincunx aspects to both Mars and Venus. A quincunx means there's a need for an adjustment, often in attitude, but sometimes also in action.

With Saturn in Libra, we may need to shift our position a bit to accommodate the needs of another person, or we may need to adjust our perception of what is "fair." In general, Saturn in the sign of Libra is showing us where current relationships are out of balance, and supporting us in doing the work needed to make our partnerships more equal and less co-dependent. The aspects from Saturn to Mars and Venus may provide an important reality check about where there is work still to be done.

To help us make the changes, Uranus forms an opportunistic sextile aspect to the Sun on Tuesday. With the Sun now in Gemini, this aspect provides new ideas and insights to help us deal with any frustrations that may arise, and will also help us be openminded and willing to alter our course of action if needed.

MORE ADJUSTMENTS may be needed as we step into the weekend. Pluto forms a quincunx aspect with the Sun on Saturday and a semisquare aspect with Mercury on Sunday.

But, we have help through that narrowed doorway, too, as Neptune and Mars link up at the same time, to inspire our human will with divine compassion, motivating us to find new creative ways of dealing with any irritations or disagreements that may manifest.

ALTHOUGH OUR FIRST ECLIPSE is not exact until next week (on June 1), we are already working with the energy of that event. Specifically, we can watch how things feel on Tuesday of this week, when the Last Quarter Moon occurs, for insights into what this first eclipse may have in store for our experience.

This Solar Eclipse will be in Gemini, and so is likely to bring us new information that will change some area of our lives, or at the very least our perspective of that area. Our individual experience will depend on where the eclipse occurs by house in our natal charts, as well as what planets or points it interacts with specifically.

I'll write more about the eclipse in next week's Journal, of course! But in the meantime, remember to utilize the very highest-vibrational traits of Gemini: openmindedness, the ability to listen as well as truthfully communicate, flexibility and versatility, curiosity and spontaneity.

And, in particular, remember to breathe (Gemini is an air sign) and use your grounding tools to stay connected to the earth. High frequency energy is being downloaded and incorporated into our nervous systems, which can feel like nervousness or worry if we try to attach a reason to it.

Instead, do your best to let it flow through you -- and remember to give yourself plenty of that all-important dreamtime!



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