Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Heart Quake ~ An Oracle's Prophecy

by Jennifer Luna Posada, March, 2011
art: Holy Fire by Alex Grey

Close your eyes...can you feel it? A wave is rolling in the likes of which we have not yet known, and in the rising tide and its sure wake we will know ourselves more beautifully and more clearly than ever before...

If you are having trouble sleeping, or exhausted, or wired all day...if you are having headaches, or body aches, or energized like you haven't been in years...if you are at one extreme and then another, or if they are almost beginning to blur into one...if you feel half of the time as if you are losing your mind and half of the time as if you might finally have found something entirely sane, then you are likely feeling the shifts at hand right now, and all they are about to bring into our lives.

In fact you are probably well aware that extremely intense energies are at play right now and impacting every feeling and moment in your life at this time. We have waited so long for this very turning point, one of many powerfully arranged transformational portals on our way to a complete shift in consciousness on this planet, and rippling beyond...

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and solar flares, all of great magnitude, are impacting our planet in astronomical ways, just as we approach an equinox and a "super" full moon that will be closer to the earth than any has been in almost two decades. All of this during a time when a large number of planets are in pisces, sign of integration and completion. As if all of this weren't enough to let us know that change is afoot, we can simply and purely feel the rumble inside ourselves the moment we become still and close our eyes, and perhaps even when we don't.

For we are experiencing the inner and energetic version of what the earth goes through when there is an earthquake. We are feeling the rumblings of the building up of a pressure within, knowing that a breakthrough and unleashing of these energies is eminent. For those of us living in a place impacted by an outer earthquake as well, we are experiencing this with multiple times more intensity.

And the epicenter of this inner quake is the heart. This is where the most potent work is being done...the center point of all else that will shift and change within us. Up until now we have done such massive and committed work in the heart, but it has been for the most part willfully orchestrated and concentrated work. This wave of transformational energy coming in, reaching its peak at the full moon on March 19th and the equinox on March 20th, will simply be so powerful that it will push aside our last abilities to control what is happening in our hearts and let our deepest soul's wisdom take over. For that deepest soul's wisdom is love, and not love as we expect it to be or think it is acceptable, but real love in all of its wild and authentic truth. Real love that doesn't know conditioning or rules and that is stronger than our self-imposed limitations or fears. Real love that will role in like an immeasurable ocean and force our surrender...to all that is more true within us but which we were afraid before even to see, much less to embrace.

This wave will take away structures within us and light fires and perhaps even bring us to our knees, as we find that we cannot stand on our own two legs the way we once did. We must find new ways to stand and walk, on a different kind of strength. That vulnerability will be our greatest blessing. We are going to entirely re-learn how to see who we really are inside in each moment, and how to be that self in the world.

And I know we may sometimes feel that we have nothing left but ashes. And we may even weep into them at the devastation of what we have lost and the lack of security we are experiencing as we face all the old pains without any of the new redemption yet. But those very tears, whether literal or metaphorical, will be the beginnings of the new life. They are what will start the alchemy of rebirth. They are the reason we will rise like a phoenix from the ashes into new life.

For rise, I know, we will...rise on this tide we once thought consumed us, and be reborn within its midsts.

This is a time to be gentle with yourself, perhaps more than any other. Know that no matter how intense and overwhelming it feels at times, everything is going to be okay. You are held, and loved, and cared for even when it seems you are not...and it will be shown to you clearly again in time. In the hard times, being gentle and as loving with yourself as possible will soften the edges and remind you of that deepest and purest love until the full feeling of it returns in your life. Until you can reap the joys of this shift, remember that if your heart is breaking, it is only breaking open, and ultimately this is going to bring in incredible blessings of love into your life and heart. And at the same time allow yourself to honor deeply any pain or other difficult feelings that may be arising. Again, really feeling and freeing those "tears" is what brings new fire and new life from the ashes.

Just take one step at a time down the corridors that are arising in front of you...both the old ones of your deepest fears, and the new ones that are unfamiliar to you yet...or run whenever you decide you want to run. Only you know how to move at whatever pace feels right to you, moment to moment on this journey. What is most important now is that you follow and trust what you feel inside as a new connection to your soul's instinct takes hold during this time. That is part of what we are meant to discover in this reckoning.

And then, when you feel another heart-opening wave coming, and you know it is yours, and the rumbling inside you is building...let it pick you up and carry you. Ride it into the new energies that are waiting for you and in your life. These leaps of courage and faith at the moments that you know are right...when it is as if the golden sun is shining right onto your heart, and you are maybe terrified but so electrifyingly alive...are the gifts of all of the chances you have taken, all the courage you have had, all the work you have done, all you have let go of, and all you have let in...to be here now.

So hold on. And let go. Each in their turn and as your heart dictates, from its place, finally and fully, in charge of all. Guiding all, from now forward...


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