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Astrological Energies February 28 to March 6, 2011

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Northern Lights on February 21 seen from Abisko National Park, Sweden (photo by Chad Blakley)

THE THEME of completion continues this week, reinforced by the New Moon in Pisces on Friday. New Moons typically represent a time to sow seeds and to take action on new projects -- but in Pisces, that intention is altered somewhat.

Pisces is the final sign of astrology's twelve-sign zodiac, and so represents the ending of a year-long cycle. This makes it complicated when we consider the usual meaning of a New Moon. How do we combine the seeming opposites: endings and beginnings, dissolution and creation, action and allowing?

Perhaps we can use the energy of this New Moon by taking steps to complete some project -- or some karmic issue -- we've been working on for the past 12 months or longer. During these two weeks leading up to the Virgo Full Moon on March 19, we are supported in doing some final release work and in clearing our energy fields. This is a preparation that will help us take best advantage of the energy shifts on the horizon.

AND THE SHIFTS are definitely going to continue! This is the last full week that Uranus will be in Pisces, as the planet prepares to enter Aries "for good" on March 11. We are already seeing the effects of this influence -- individually through personal breakthroughs and courageous first steps into the unknown, and globally through the rebellions against governments that have repressed human freedoms.

Next week is also momentous for other reasons. According to expert Carl Calleman, on March 9 we enter the final Ninth Wave of evolution as shown in the Mayan Calendar. Calleman calls this "the Unity Wave," and writes that:

This wave includes 13 uaxaclahunkin (18-day) periods that propel a process designed to lead the universe and the human beings to their highest state of consciousness. (Emphasis mine)

Based on his years of research, Calleman believes that the Mayan Calendar actually ends this year, on October 28, 2011, not in 2012. It will be interesting to watch these 18-day periods, starting on March 9 and taking us to October 28, to see if we can sense the energy shifts involved.

If you'd like to read more, here is the link to Calleman's article that explains this "Unity Wave."

THE OPPORTUNITY to shift into higher states of consciousness, that Calleman attributes to the energes of the Ninth Wave, is also supported by Western astrology through Uranus' entry into Aries. Uranus is the planet associated with higher consciousness, and is the "higher octave" of Mercury, the planet that represents the functioning of our rational brains.

As Uranus enters Aries, we each become more in tune with our own higher consciousness and genius nature. We also have greater access to the courage needed to take action on our original ideas as we realize the power each individual has to create change.

THE LAST TIME Uranus was in Aries (1928 to 1934), we saw many "firsts" associated with independent action and individual rights: the first trans-Atlantic flight from Europe to U.S., the first guide dog for the blind, the first sci-fi comic strip (Buck Rogers), the first woman (Amelia Earhart) flew solo cross the Atlantic, the first union (Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America) demanded a five-day work week, the first credit unions were established, the first pilot (Wiley Post) flew solo around the world -- and, incidentally, discovered the jet stream through his work with high-altitude flying.

Uranus in Aries is also likely bring an acceleration of the changes that must occur, on both individual and global levels, to be in more complete alignment with the higher vibrational beings we are becoming.

THIS FRIDAY'S New Moon may indeed provide support for new beginnings, but they are likely to be on internal, unseen levels. As we work with the energies of this lunation, we can initiate new spiritual connections, new levels of intuitive understanding, and new abilities to be compassionate and heart-centered in our daily activities.

With six planets in Pisces at the time of this New Moon, it may tempting to float off into the unseen realms, or to take another escape route from reality. Be sure to ground yourself into Mother Earth this week to take full advantage of being a spiritual being who has chosen to take physical form at this specific time in humanity's evolution.



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