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Astrological Energies December 20 to 26, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Total Lunar Eclipse of November 2003, as seen from the north shore of Long Island at Makamah Beach, Northport, New York (photo by Jim Fakatselis)

THE WEEK AHEAD provides the energy for major shifts in direction, as we complete the release of specific thought patterns and beliefs that we have carried for years, if not lifetimes. Providing a major push in this completion process is the Total Lunar Eclipse early on Tuesday (Pacific Time), which occurs when the Moon is at the 29th "critical degree" of Gemini.

The last degree of any sign represents the culmination of the lessons associated with that sign. With Moon at 29 degrees of Gemini and the Sun at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, this Lunar Eclipse calls for us to finish up issues that have prevented us from communicating our truth. We are also challenged to speak that truth in new ways -- more directly, perhaps, or without the need to qualify our opinions or use too many "facts" to support our perspective.

ASTROLOGER JUDY HALL writes that during a Lunar Eclipse, "the instinctual behaviors of the Moon are eclipsed so that new energies arise." For a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, those "instinctual behaviors" include getting so caught up in explanation and debate that we can actually lose sight of the truth behind what we are saying. Other patterns potentially being released with this eclipse include indecisiveness, impatience, invalidating our intuitive knowing with logic, trusting others' perceptions over our own, and needing agreement from others in order to feel secure.

The energies of this week's Lunar Eclipse have already been building for the past week or two. During this time, we have had glimpses of what happens when we over-emphasize the facts and lose touch with our inner knowing, or when we expend too much energy in conversation and not enough on discovering our inner Truth. We have also seen the difference between having faith and in allowing anxiety to be our overriding emotion.

THIS TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE also carries extra import because it falls on the same day -- just 15 hours before -- the Solstice. This is a rare occurrence, according to the website. Evidently, there has only been one other time since year "1" on our modern calendar that there has been an eclipse on the same day as a solstice.

The astrological energies at the time of a solstice infuse the coming season with specific themes and intentions. Having an eclipse on the same day as the Solstice emphasizes the theme of karmic completion for the next three months -- specifically in the areas just discussed.

THIS WEEK'S ECLIPSE is also the first in the "new" series of Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses, shifting out of the pattern of eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer. We will briefly revert to the old pattern with the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 4, but after that, the next seven out of eight eclipses will be in either Sagittarius or Gemini.

This first foray into the new signs means we are entering new growth territory. We are each being asked to rely more on our intuition and the guidance from unseen realms, to be more spontaneous and release worry mindsets, and to accept our own truth and act in integrity with that truth.

OTHER PLANETARY INTERACTIONS this week include a fair number of Mercury aspects on Monday and Tuesday. Monday's Uranus-Mercury square is especially noticeable, as it corresponds with receiving information either unexpectedly or in ways that require us to be more openminded than before. It is also likely to increase the effects of Mercury retrograde, so be forewarned that things may not go according to plans early in the week.

At the end of the week, the alignment between the Sun, the North Node and Pluto pushes us another step forward on our evolutionary growth path. Similar to the eclipse energy in some ways, this alignment speaks of karmic completion as well, specifically related to the goals and structures by which we have directed our lives to this point.

I WILL POST MORE this week on my blog -- but gotta run now, to sing in our second concert of the weekend. My Taurus self is looking forward to singing the music, but is also excited to have a bit more laziness over the next two weeks as we take a break from weekly rehearsals...

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