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Astrological Energies December 13 to 19, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

THE WEEK BEGINS with an intense three-way alignment between Pluto, Mars and retrograde Mercury in Capricorn. This combination takes on some of the qualities of a laser beam and, if used positively, can help us focus on whatever work needs to be done, making it easier to ignore distractions.

But, a laser beam can also cause harm if not used consciously. In surgery, it does not discriminate between healthy and unhealthy tissue, and must be directed by the skilled mind and hands of a surgeon.

If we point our attention and intention without awareness of the power of our words and our actions, we can end up causing damage where (perhaps) none was intended. This effect is multiplied several times on Monday evening (early Tuesday in some time zones), as Pluto, Mars and Mercury all align within the space of a single minute (8:10 to 8:11pm PST).

A PLUTO-MARS ALIGNMENT occurs once every two years, so it is not expected that life will be cataclysmically changed with this one planetary interaction. That being said, the effect of this specific occurrence is emphasized because of the alignment with a third planet (Mercury) at the very same minute. At the very least, since Mercury rules the conscious mind, we are primed to bring something into our awareness that we have been needing to see.

The fact that Mercury is currently retrograde throws a subtle but important variable into the mix. Perhaps we will become aware of the results of previous actions or words, seeing their repercussions in the present.

THE NORTH NODE is within just two degrees of our planetary threesome at the time of their alignment. This adds a karmic flavor to the stew.

We've already observed, during these past weeks and months, the effects of Pluto's alignment with the North Node, as we've been pushed and prodded to let go of habitual ways of addressing emotional issues. With the North Node in Capricorn, the universe is telling us that it's time to grow up, to move beyond defensiveness and blame, and to gain the inner strength that will better support our moving toward both our spiritual and this-world goals.

PERHAPS this alignment Monday evening will reveal where we are in that process, supplying opportunities for a new beginning as we leave the fears and insecurities of the past behind. The new version of self that we are creating is both self-sufficient and caring, has greater self-respect and self-control, and is able to address issues in the present moment, instead of dragging the emotional programming of the past into current interactions and expectations.

In other words, we are releasing the karmic burdens and wounds we've carried for a long time -- lifetimes, in fact. And the energy of this Pluto-Mars-Mercury alignment, in effect for the first two days of this coming week, can help us do just that. And then, as Mercury conjoins the North Node on Wednesday, we will begin to consciously integrate the shift that has occurred.

THE REST of the significant planetary interactions for week all involve the Sun in Sagittarius: a square from Jupiter on Thursday; a sextile from Neptune, a square from Uranus, and a sextile from Chiron on Saturday; and a conjunction with Mercury on Sunday.

Any aspects to the Sun focus our attention on personal issues, on our understanding of who we are as individuals, and on our means of self-expression. These seem to be areas of shift in the latter half of the week -- perhaps as we absorb the energies of the other planets and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse.

THE SQUARE ASPECT between Jupiter/Uranus and the Sun expands our awareness of our cosmic connections. Contrary to the personal pride and sometimes fierce individuality associated with the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces blur the boundaries between self and other. They remind us that we really are all One, and that we are reflections of and for each other.

The sextile between Neptune/Chiron and the Sun at the same time as this square provides opportunities for us to heal the wound of separation. It is a similar theme to what is involved in the square mentioned in the last paragraph, but this is a less confrontational aspect. It will help us open our hearts and our minds to the shift in consciousness, instead of our waiting until we run into obstacle and have to change.

NEXT WEEK, we'll talk more about the Total Lunar Eclipse on December 21. For now, it suffices to say that we are already working with the eclipse energies -- so be gentle with yourself and others, because there is tremendous pressure for change in the air, and we're all feeling it.

Especially now, we need to support our physical bodies by getting plenty of rest, eating nourishing and life-enhancing foods, and moving our muscles. We need to care for our mental/emotional bodies by paying attention to the thoughts and experiences that help us feel nurtured and at peace -- and then supplying those thoughts and providing those experiences to ourselves on a regular basis.

And, we need to care for our spiritual selves through finding those moments, through meditation or otherwise, where we calm the body, the mind and the emotions, and allow our true Essence to become fully present in our awareness.

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