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Numerology for October 2010

October [22] begins the last quarter of this year, which is for setting the energies for 2011 [22][11]. This will have intense underlying energies; however, not as intense as January 2010 with its two Master vibrations. Since you completed yourself last month, you really don’t need the 11 to keep you connected, you’re there all the time. Let your mind expand and think in large sweeping terms of what can be for all of humanity. Make sure to keep balanced this month and, although you may feel this is really “hard”, just do the work one step at a time and you won’t overdo. There may be what feels like restrictions in your life; however, keep in mind that they are there to help you build a firm foundation for the future. The goal is to be the Master of the male-female polarity within by bringing that flow into balance.

OCTOBER 1 to OCTOBER 2, 2010 (47/[11])

You begin this Master month with two days of intensified Master vibration which enables you to face your decisions with confidence and courage as you put the energy of Spirit into practical form in your life. You have the power to bring your insights and visions into practical form so develop all your psychic abilities and have the confidence and courage to use them. In addition there is a “sustaining” quality to these energies to assist you to continue as long as you desire so express that in a tangible way. It is very important that you keep your physical, emotional and mental areas in balance for this period to deal with your heightened sensitivity. You start with a day that gives you a strong sense of adventure and change, the adventure of building the new you on a firm foundation. Then you move to a day that increases your sensitivity so you can evaluate the stability of your own foundation and move forward in your planning for next year. The goal for the week is to accept your are supported and can mediate your own duality into the “more” that you are.

OCTOBER 3 to OCTOBER 9, 2010 (25/7)

This is a week to sit back and reflect and reassess. This vibration brings awareness of the Spiritual truths within that allow you to see your hidden power and knowledge which is the reality of life. You need to balance this Wisdom and adventurous quest with the material world to meet experiences brought to you this week. You also will be asked to exercise self-discipline to command your impulses. Listen to your inner voice that will give you direction in your life. The first day of the week intensifies these energies so use them to reassess your mental energies and make sure your thoughts reflect what you desire. You move to a day when it is important to examine and investigate anything that arises in your life, often spontaneously, and take whatever action is necessary to bring it in line with your desires. Now you have a day to reap your rewards of past achievements and you do that by sharing your experiences with others as long as you maintain harmony and peace within. It’s time to clarify and crystallize your desires and empower them with your imagination so that you manifest them into your life. A day of Master intensity comes to give you insights and revelations about your direction as long as you listen to your Higher Guidance and accept the increased responsibility to choose your vision. You then have a day of somewhat restless energies of celebration and creative expression of YOU so rely on your intuition and allow yourself to feel the great joy, harmony and peace that can come with these energies. You end the week with opportunities to meet challenges to the old way so recognize the value of system and organization and use your intuition to find the “line” between old and new and stay on the “new” side. Your goal this week is to accept that we learn through meeting obstacles in your own way using the truth you have within.

OCTOBER 10 to OCTOBER 16, 2010 (20/2)

This week is about being the informed mediator. Deep within you there is a knowledge and Wisdom of opposites so you will be confronted with choices. Use this gift to be conscious of time and details, gather the facts, look at the larger picture and then make your decisions decisively. As a result of this effort, there is an adaptation and renewal which creates the awakened awareness and illumination. See the alternatives in all situations and do not resist the need for change that will bring peace and balance. Be patient and allow your visions and revelations to guide you. You start the week with a strong sense of adventure and change so stay center and you will feel secure in your choices. You move to a day of increased sensitivity, a stronger connection within, so that you can be aware of what is beneath the surface in any situation. Another day of going within comes so that you can reassess the balance within and reconstruct your mental energies into a positive flow if necessary. You move to a day with underlying intensity of the Master Healer/Teacher that requires being centered and balanced as you examine the details of your life as you take responsibility and show compassion for yourself. It is now time to share your accomplishments while maintaining harmony and peace as the mediator of this energy. A dual day of seed and harvest, seeing all sides, is here for you to crystallize and clarify your desires so rely on your intuition as you select your next step in building you. You end the week with an intense day of messages, insights and revelations designed to bring balance into your affairs so stay receptive and in balance. You goal for the week is to pay attention to the details and you’ll be open to the insights and revelations coming to you to center the duality and support others as the mediator.

OCTOBER 17 to OCTOBER 23, 2010 (24/6)

This energy gives you a deep sense of order within and the opportunity to overcome any outward barriers to manifesting that outward. Pay attention to both your dreams and intuition to give you guidance and direction on manifesting that order in your life Your challenge will be to balance the ease of commanding your inner activity and then manifesting that into your physical world. You start the week with the restless energies of celebration that require you to remained balance in your celebration of the expression of yourself so rely on your intuition to manifest your centered balance and order within and you experience great joy, harmony and peace. Now open your mind and pay attention because you’ll be given news of the new way and opportunities to understand how system and organization can bring about worthwhile conditions. You get another restless day as you experience what freedom is and how the system and order is necessary to use these energies constructively in your own individual way to accomplish any task. Your sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface is intensified to help you center and bring about order in your life so that you can easily move into the flow and respond to unexpected opportunities which present themselves. You have another day where you are urged to go within and reassess using your strengthened intuitive energies in conjunction with your mental energies to visualize what you want and make adjustments, if necessary, to demonstrate the truth as information comes to the surface to clarify your situation. Now you have an intense day with the Mastery of the month also in the day and all the energies are to support and push you to manifest what your building so be prepared for spontaneous events. Your end the week with a day to reap the rewards of your past achievements while preparing for new adventures so share your accomplishments, maintain harmony and peace and your relationships will blossom. The goal for the week is to manifest the truth in an orderly way in your life.

OCTOBER 24 to OCTOBER 30, 2010 (28/10/1)

This week’s energies are for sweeping away old concepts to make way for the new. Originality and initiative are keys to the success that comes with this vibration as long as you are willing to accept the responsibility of leadership in pioneering a new way. Keep your balance and your authority over your life and you can plant seeds for a new harvest as you reap the rewards of life. You start the week with the intensity of the double week’s vibration to make sure that you understand the key to these energies is the Law of Justice, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, and it is intensified even more by the underlying Higher Master Architect who knows that true security comes when you manifest Spiritual energies into the material world. This is followed by a day where you have opportunities to be that Master Architect by taking responsibility to “take the high road”, emphasize Spirit, in all your interactions. You now enter three days of aspects of the new energy. First you have a day of restless energies of celebration of how far you’ve come so stay connected and pay attention and you will receive information of future direction. Then you move to a day that requires you to keep your mind open as you receive news of the new order of things which gives you the chance to be a forerunner for better conditions as long as you stay organized. Finally, you have another day of restless energy that must be used constructively in doing things your way with patience, persistence and determination. After navigating the minefields you are given an intense day of double Master energies of the Master Healer and Teacher along with the Master Messenger to give you the you the courage to accept responsibility and make the effort with faith in the Higher Forces mixed with compassion to lead the way. You end the week with a day to relax and reflect on your progress while holding your vision before you and being willing to make any adjustments necessary for you to speak the truth and clarify your situation. The goal for this week is to stay organized and take the lead in living your life in your own original way.

OCTOBER 31, 2010 (26/8)

You end the month with a benevolent vibration designed to bring you prosperity and success. You need to use your material possessions to serve mankind so use your generosity wisely and in balance. Then it will be an asset to you and others. This vibration is the greatest expression of God on the material plane. You will definitely reap the harvest as long as you remember the relevant flow to prosperity is both giving and receiving. The goal for the day in preparation for the month of change and freedom, November, is to stay balanced and organized within the flow of giving and receiving.

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