Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Is "Light"?

Light is the composition and life force of all souls, whether living in a physical world or a spirit world. It is natural to wonder how, then, souls can become dark, so we shall add a note of explanation. As a part of Creator's essence via the god of this universe, every soul incarnates light-filled and with specific missions that it chose prior to birth.

The infant knows its godself and the missions in its lifetime soul contract, but all memory of that knowledge is forgotten as the baby adjusts to a dense body and adapts to parental expectations; as the child grows older, it encounters influences from other authority figures, too, and peers. The forgetfulness, which is at conscious level only, is part of the grand design that offers the person learning experiences; and all along the way, the soul sends messages to the consciousness in the form of conscience, intuition, instinct and other types of guidance in accordance with contract choices. Persons who heed those messages live true to their lifetime purpose and retain their light. The light starts to dim in those who ignore their souls' messages, and if they continue to pay no heed to that guidance, they stray farther and farther from their chosen missions and their light keeps diminishing until only the spark that is their life force remains. You have no way of knowing if that is what has happened to someone or if that person is following the soul contract to the letter by providing opportunities for others to complete third density karma and continue their soul evolvement.

To return to what Light is, it is souls' eternal and inseparable connection with Creator and God and every other creation throughout the cosmos. Light is the force that is enabling Earth to ascend out of third density, where darkness thrives; it is propelling her toward fourth density, the onset of her Golden Age, and will continue to take her on to her destination in fifth. That is where her soul originated and remained while her planetary body spiraled downward during the millennia when darkness so heavily influenced her human residents. Light is raising consciousness levels to free you from third density's limited perceptions, and by opening hearts and minds, light is paving your spiritual evolvement pathway.

Receiving light is as simple as living a "good life." Being kind, caring, honorable, trustworthy, truthful, helpful, joyful, generous, hopeful, compassionate, cheerful, optimistic, pleasant and having an open mind — the positive emotions and characteristics that make life meaningful and fulfilling — carry the high vibrations of light. At soul level you know this — think about your expressions "feeling lighthearted," "the light of my life" and "seeing the light" that connote uplifted feelings or an Aha! moment.

Conversely, greed, ruthlessness, oppression, corruption, brutality, deception, betrayal of trust, unjustness, lack of forgiveness and lust for power emanate very low vibrations. Negative emotions that emit low vibrations include fear, guilt, remorse, self-doubt, jealousy, envy, bitterness and resentment, all of which create discomfort, discord and dissatisfaction. By far the most powerful of negative feelings is fear, a highly magnified energy attachment, and that is why time and again we have urged you never to fear anything. Not only do fearful individuals attract more circumstances to feel fearful about, but the energy of fear is the dark ones' greatest tool — it feeds their ambitions and strengthens their domination over you. When you live steadfast in the light, there is nothing to fear! Nothing of dark nature can survive within the light!

To physically ascend with Earth, however, does require more than living a good life, a godly life. It also requires leaving behind third density's deceitful foundation of religious beliefs and accepting the brilliant light of spiritual truth. The truth is, as equal parts of God — by whatever name you call the ruler of this universe — all of you are gods and goddesses with unlimited powers to manifest whatever you choose to think, feel and do. The truth is, religions were devised to keep you from knowing who you truly are, to keep you ignorant of the universal laws, and to create divisiveness within the populace. The truth is, peoples you call "natives of the land" or "aboriginals" are closely attuned to the universal consciousness whereas religious dogmas, especially in Western religions, were made through the centuries by church leaders to obliterate that natural attunement, control the masses and acquire wealth for themselves.

The truth about Christianity is, it is based on fabrications about Jesus' birth, crucifixion and resurrection, and his teachings were deliberately distorted through dilution and omission. Jesus was conceived and born just like every other human baby, and he never was put on a cross. He was flogged by the Sanhedrin, who ruled church and state, and was banished — they wanted him out of that land, not make him a martyr whose death would increase the numbers of his followers. With his pregnant wife Mary Magdalene, Jesus went back to the East, where he had gone as a youth and spent many years studying with the master teachers. From them he had learned the interconnectedness of all souls with each other and with God and how to use the universal laws for healing bodies, changing or multiplying forms, dematerializing and rematerializing matter and the like — so-called "miracles" that every soul has the innate capacity to perform.

That is what Jesus was teaching to the multitudes. Because spreading that knowledge would spell doom to the purposes of the self-serving Sanhedrin, they dealt severely with the disciples who continued Jesus' teachings, and by making him "the only son of God," they elevated him to a status that no one else could ever attain. Also, both Jesus and Mary Magdalene were from highly respected families at the top of Hebrew society. Having him born in a lowly stable and portraying her as a prostitute were other false parts of the story whose roots were in avarice, hubris and power lust and has been handed down through the ages.

The point has been reached in Earth's transition from third to fifth density where spiritual preparedness is of much greater importance than preoccupation with current happenings. By no means are we suggesting that you be uninformed or disinterested in national and international developments, but rather that you not be drawn into third density's drama that is playing itself out. We know it is challenging to keep two feet on the ground and allow your mind and heart soar to the heavens, but staying steadfast in the light will keep you in balance. As the ascension pace keeps accelerating, the rest of the "iceberg of truths" will be rising into public awareness, and staying balanced will give you the strength and ability to fare well when others reel in shock, anger and disillusionment as events unfold.

An aspect of preparedness, detachment, will come more easily to some than to others. If you are experiencing unemployment, loss of home, interrupted education, dwindling savings, sale of possessions or other losses or hardships, you have made long strides in detaching from parts of your life that once were taken for granted. Not only can you now appreciate the great difference between tangible possessions and what has genuine worthiness, but mastering detachment is a significant step in shedding third density so you can embrace a different world, a world where everything from employment and recreation to telepathic communication among humans and animals to space travel and intergalactic friendships will be wondrous adventures!

And as harsh as it may seem, detachment may include family and friends. Not by withholding your love, certainly, but by accepting that some persons very dear to you may choose at soul level to depart this lifetime rather than journey with Earth. They won't know that consciously, but they will make a conscious choice by refusing to change beliefs that are based on erroneous teachings or to change negative attitudes and behavior. Be comforted in knowing that those choices are NOT a mistake! It may seem so in your eyes, but those individuals just are not ready for the same leap in spiritual growth that you are. They may be what you call "young souls," souls that have not accumulated the same measure of spiritual clarity, universal knowledge and innate capabilities that you have. They will have other opportunities to catch up and never is any soul faulted for being slower than another. Furthermore, the detachment we speak of is only for this incarnation, a speck of experiencing by your cumulative selves in multiple lifetimes in various locations throughout this universe. Love bonds are eternal and multidimensional, and in the continuum you are living in other relationships with these same souls, including "future" lifetimes, and your more evolved selves recognize each other and can remember shared experiences.

from Messages From Matthew

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