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Astrological Influences September 27 to October 3, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

It's a bit of a challenge to find our footing again, after last week's unrelenting and heightened energy waves. Many of us have been stretched to the limit -- either physically, emotionally or mentally, or perhaps all three -- and it will take a while to regain some semblance of normality.

Even if nothing "big" happened this past week in our personal experience, something that we can point to as being a transformational event, there's still that feeling that things have shifted (yet again). Maybe we even have a sense that a new path has opened in the forest, whether or not we can yet see where it leads.

Saturn and the Sun are closely aligned throughout the coming week, which no doubt will bring us back down to earthly realms. But even our familiar planet may feel a bit strange now. Our old reality has shifted, and we are gradually getting used to the feeling of things not being quite "real" in the way that we have always known and learned to expect.

Still, Saturn wants to remind us of our this-world lessons and goals, and the importance of fulfilling our obligations. Currently in Libra, the ringed planet is especially focused on the status of our relationships, making sure that we take full responsibility for our part of any imbalance.

As Saturn squares the Moon's Nodes on Monday, we come face-to-face with the reality of our creations. The North Node in Capricorn challenges us to become the mature one now, to take the high road in our dealings with others. It also tells us that it is time for us to become the director of our life, and to know that we are ultimately responsible for the road we are walking.

The Capricorn North Node creates experiences to help us to overcome old possessiveness and defensiveness, and to learn how to find a better balance between emotionality and practicality.

The Cancer South Node, directly opposite, is our reminder of lifetimes in which we have played co-dependent roles, denied our need to have our own goals and purpose, or lacked the self-discipline needed to take important steps along our life's path.

Our choices may be more obvious than usual this week, the fork in the road clearly marked between old patterns and new perspectives. With Saturn in Libra, however, we will want to maintain a good balance, not forgetting the positive, nurturing side of Cancer as we strive to gain the greater self-reliance and strong boundaries associated with Capricorn. Through this process, we are actually constructing a stronger physical and spiritual container that can more purposefully hold and channel the energies of nurturing compassion.T

he Sun, being the faster of the two planets astrologically, catches up with Saturn on Thursday. The alignment between Saturn and the Sun occurs once a year, and sets an intention for the next 12 months with regards to our sense of purpose and accomplishment.

This alignment marks a New Year in many respects, a time when it actually makes sense to set some goals for the coming year. Saturn represents commitment and discipline, and his alignment with the Sun brings those themes into the realms of personal development and strength of will.

To use this influence intentionally, pay close attention to where your focus is on Thursday, to the messages you receive about what is working and not working in your life, and what you want to do to make improvements. You may want to write down what you feel to be your current goals, especially (since we're working with Libra) in the realms of relationship, equality and tolerance.

Then, refer to this list periodically over the next 12 months -- especially at about three, six and nine months from now, when the Sun will square and oppose Saturn. These will be important times to revisit your goals and revise your intentions if you're not seeing progress.

Toward week's end, Mercury steps into the spotlight as he nears the end of his two-month journey through Virgo. This has been a long trek through the sign of the Virgin, due to Mercury's retrograde phase (August 20 to September 12).

In a bit of a deja vu moment, the aspects to Mercury on Friday and Saturday are likely to create a "virtual Mercury retrograde" effect. Our brains have already been fried a bit, and with Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and Uranus all inundating us with new information, it may be difficult to keep our thinking straight. In the midst of the deluge, Mercury in Virgo can insist on trying to make sense of it all, even when the best option is probably to let go -- especially to let go of needing to have it all figured out and "under control."

On the positive side, especially with Saturday's Uranus-Mercury opposition, we may be especially open to higher-level ideas and insights over the weekend. Keep a notepad handy to scribble down the bits and pieces of genius that may come through -- because they're likely to suddenly disappear, and just as quickly as they arrived...



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