Sunday, August 15, 2010

Astrological Energies August 16 to 22, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

We're still assimilating the incredible energy impulses that have been cascading over us for the past week or more. Now that the sun is becoming more active again, we are receiving amplified waves of new energy and information on an almost daily basis.

We observe the physical results of those waves in the aurora borealis and through the effects on our computers, radios, and other electrical or transmission-based equipment -- including our physical bodies. The string of falls and bumps and bruises that have been occurring for many of us earthen vessels have perhaps been the effect of some of those electromagnetic surges. Interestingly -- and of course -- these "accidents" also have been instrumental in opening new pathways in our brains and encouraging new emotional awareness in our psyches. The physical is never without its accompanying metaphysical component.

So, where are we going with all these energy shifts? you may ask. It's a good question, but not one that can be answered in absolute terms. Forecasting the future is always a percentages game, building a path of possibility in front of us -- a path that is based on our most probable choices, which in turn have their foundations both in past tendencies and in present proclivities.

If we were static beings, not capable of growth or increased awareness, the future would be easy enough to predict. Just look at the past, change a few of the dates and names, and you're set.

But we are not static. We are dynamic, and in the midst of the most transformational times we have perhaps known to date -- at least in this timeframe, on this planet. Because of this truth, we are writing our future day by day, moment by moment. The tomorrow that manifests depends completely on the today we create.

As I just paused in writing for a moment, to allow the inspiration inkwell to refill, the phrase "road to Damascus" popped suddenly into my thoughts. I was raised in a family that went to church every Sunday, so I am familiar with this phrase. But, as I am not a church-goer at this point, it is not a phrase that I think of every day, or even once a decade.

It therefore, very much, attracts my attention to have this phrase pop into my mind from out of "nowhere."

While I'm sure there are those more conversant with Christian theology who can speak in depth on this subject, to make a long story short, it was on the road to Damascus that Saul had his conversion experience. He saw a vision of Jesus and was blinded by the light, until his healing by Ananias three days later. It was this event that transformed Saul into the apostle Paul, making him one of the primary figures in the history of Christianity.

According to the article entitled "Conversion of Paul" in Wikipedia, "the accounts of Paul's conversion experience describe it as miraculous, supernatural, or otherwise revelatory in nature" and that "the metaphorical reference to the 'Road to Damascus' has come to refer to a sudden or radical conversion of thought or a change of heart or mind."

Perhaps this is the reason the phrase came into my thoughts just now -- to bring home the realization that the events that are occurring now are meant to radically change our lives, to put us more closely in touch with our spiritual natures, and to miraculously change our paths as needed for the fulfillment of our soul's journey.

We will have to wait and see whether that phrase also particularly describes the week ahead, or whether it is more of an overview of these current times.

We do have some potentially impactful interactions between the planets this week. The Cardinal T-square reiterates its primary motif of foundational change, as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto negotiate their terms.

On Monday, the Saturn-Jupiter opposition pressures us to find the balance between expansion and contraction, and between autonomy and cooperation. As we come into center with these opposing influences, Jupiter can supply the hope we need to overcome the fears raised by Saturn, while Saturn can help us make practical use of the optimism provided by Jupiter.

On Saturday, the third and final Pluto-Saturn square is exact, focusing our attention on what changes are still needed in how we've been doing business in many areas --in personal relationships, within organizations, and between nations. This aspect was initiated on November 15, 2009, and then revisited on January 31 of this year. Now we are ready to take the next step, to move further along this road of transformation we are walking.

We also revisit some healing themes on Friday and Saturday, through oppositions from both Neptune and Chiron to the Sun. As you may recall, Neptune and Chiron spent the better part of 2009 traveling together through Aquarius, helping to expose and heal our belief in separation. Now, their journeys bring them close to each other again, giving us an opportunity to complete any unfinished healing.

The effects of their joined influence will be with us throughout the remainder of 2010, and strongest during October and November. Their interactions with the Leo Sun toward the end of this week may provide our first clues as to what healing is still needed, as boundaries blur and the ego struggles to understand the cosmic perspective of Oneness.

Two other astrological notes for Friday: Mercury goes retrograde at 12:53pm PDT, beginning his 23-day trek Through the Looking Glass. These are times when the mind has difficulty understanding matter and nothing is quite what it seems. The best solution when Mercury is retrograde is to find the symbolism in whatever is occurring, as if interpreting a dream -- or, if all else fails, just to find the humor and be able to laugh at our silly human pretenses.

Also on Friday, Mars and Venus align in Libra, representing a joining of the masculine and feminine, the assertive and receptive, the yang and the yin. This aligment indicates we're ready to make new choices in how we create relationships, so that they are much more equal, fair, and in balance. Along the way, due to aspects to Neptune and Chiron, we may also need to release elements of the past that are still interfering with our ability to be both in relationship and true to Self.



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jennifer boose said...

Thanks for your comment, Energy Audit!

The planets and stars have profound effects on the energy of Humanity. I've been cognizant of this since childhood, although the only place I knew to find out what was going on in the skies was on the comics page of the local morning newspaper, which was a fine place for a young mind to start.

There is so much to know about our heavens and the energies that flow from the center of the universe. Pam Younghans has great insight about what the planetary alignments mean to us on a metaphysical level, so I encourage you to look at her blog where she comments at least once weekly after she sends out her newsletter each Sunday. Eric Francis at PlanetWaves is also a good resource.

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