Sunday, June 20, 2010

Four Million Tons of Light

You are handling fire.

The Sun, each second, transforms four million tons of itself into light, giving itself over to become energy that we, with every meal, partake of. For four million years, humans have been feasting on the Sun's energy stored in the form of wheat or reindeer, as each day the Sun dies as Sun and is reborn as the vitality of Earth. Every child of ours needs to learn the simple truth: She is the energy of the Sun. And we adults should organize things so her face shines with the same radiant joy. Human generosity is possible only because at the center of the solar system a magnificent stellar generosity pours forth free energy day and night without stop and without complaint and without the slightest hesitation. This is the way of the universe. This is the way of life. And this is the way in which each of us joins this cosmological lineage when we accept the Sun's gift of energy and transform it into creative action that will enable the community to flourish. - Brian Swimme, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos video

After a long, snowpocalyptic winter here in the Northeast U.S. we are jubilant to note that the Summer Solstice, the Season of the Sun, the Season of Fire and Light, is upon us. We celebrate the Sun, giver of life to all creatures on earth.

This year's Summer Solstice is intimately linked with a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn) five days later on June 26th. Because the Solstice is linked with this Eclipse, a Portal of sorts opens this week. This portal is like a wormhole into a summer jam-packed with a Total Solar Eclipse on July 11th, as well as a Cardinal Cross in the sky, constantly being activated/ignited - up through the end of August.

It's going to be a long, hot summer - celestially speaking. - Carol Ann Ciocco

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