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Divine Timing and Soul Contracts Activates Soulmate Reunions

By DL Zeta
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In the course of your spiritual evolution, you may encounter several souls who hold the codes and keys to reflect to you the condition of your inner soulmates. As you move further along in your spiritual understandings, certainly there are fewer beings that can truly see you at all levels and reflect to you all of who you are. In spite of this, within any lifetime there are several souls with whom you hold soul contracts. These contracts bring us together with our soulmate in divine timing in this lifetime or the next.

When we reach a place of spiritual clarity, it's a matter of choice as to whether we enter into a soulmate relationship. Some fully unified individuals feel they can better serve the whole by communing with their soulmate in consciousness while giving themselves mind, body and soul to their spiritual mission on Earth. Others choose to serve through their connection with another unified soul, becoming a truly powerful force in the universe.

A soulmate connection can take many different forms but always it is based on the frequency of love, the inner unification of each person and a connection based on spiritual purpose and collaboration.

It's not uncommon for you to hold soulmate contracts with souls you have known in other lifetimes. As old souls, you hold contracts with many souls for many purposes, including sharing a soulmate connection.

Activating Soul Contracts

Within each lifetime, you hold contracts with various souls you have known in other times. These contracts are always designed by the mutual agreement of both souls to create experiences that are for the highest and best of each. Souls may choose to pick up where they left off with a needed course of learning or they may attempt to resolve a misunderstanding from a past time. Not all soul contracts are the type of soulmate agreements we're talking about here, but generally speaking, all soulmate connections are the result of soul contracts.

A soulmate contract is activated in optimal time for both souls involved. When a person has undertaken the inner work necessary to balance their inner masculine and feminine and to harmonize their conscious and subconscious minds, they are ready to activate a soulmate contract for higher spiritual understanding. The activation of a soul contract helps each person progress in fulfilling their soul mission for this lifetime.

Excerpt from Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality By DL Zeta
& Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness: a Guided Meditation
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