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Astrological Energies June 28 to July 4, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

Photo: Crop circle reported on June 21, 2010, located at Vale of Pewsey near Oare, Wiltshire, England (photo by John Montgomery)

We are between eclipses, having gained some insights and awareness from our experiences during the June 26 Lunar Eclipse and now awaiting the initiation of the new phase that occurs with the Solar Eclipse on July 11.

The tensions have been palpable as we've worked with this eclipse energy over the last week or more. The protests at the G-20 conference in Toronto are one literal demonstration of this tension. And, in some instances, there have seemed to be "near misses," as exemplified by the emergence of Tropical Storm Alex as a possible complication of conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.

At this writing, Alex's projected path avoids directly impacting the oil spill -- perhaps Dr. Emoto's well-circulated prayer has had effect! (If no one forwarded you that e-mail and you'd like to read my blog posting, please click here: Dr. Masaru Emoto's healing prayer for the gulf.)

The focus for the coming week, as we become more accustomed to the new energies downloaded with the Lunar Eclipse, seems to be on the resolution of karmic issues that have been with us for lifetimes and generations. Our clue to that process comes from the interactions of Mercury, Mars, and the Sun with the South Node.

The North and South Nodes are not planets, but rather points in space defined by the interaction of the Moon with the plane of the ecliptic -- the path traced by the Sun, as seen from Earth.

Astrologically speaking, the South Node represents the point from whence we came, and the North Node shows the direction we are headed with respect to our personal and spiritual evolution. Working with astrology does not require a belief in reincarnation, but if we choose to utilize the information provided by the nodes with multiple lifetimes in mind, we can gain important insights into the longer-term purposes of the lessons we are working with.

This is especially helpful when we are interpreting an individual's chart -- but we can also use the current location of the nodes to gain clues into our evolutionary growth path as a human species.

With the South Node in Cancer and the North Node in Capricorn, we are seeing the downside of playing the game as a child, and beginning to be aware of the importance becoming an adult. For generations perhaps, we have looked to others to make our decisions, and have presumed that those to whom we have given the role of authority truly do know best. We have become either so comfortable in our roles as dependent children that we haven't wanted to see the dysfunction in the family, or so fearful of stepping beyond our comfort zone that we've postponed important progress.

As Mercury and the Sun conjoin the South Node this week, we may observe further signs of how important it is that we grow up as individuals and as a species. As we become aware of habit patterns and fears that have kept us playing the role of victim, we are compelled to take on new responsibilities as contributing members of the human family. We can no longer blindly accept that the authority figures to whom we have handed the reins really know the best route to take, nor can we sit back and expect parent figures in our personal lives to provide us with the answers or take charge for us.

The Capricorn North Node, by opposing the position of the South Node, is supporting us in developing the qualities we now seek -- in claiming the Wise Elder within, and in listening to our own inner counsel, rather than accepting without question that what we are told is true or valid or valuable.

Writing this on the anniversary week of Michael Jackson's passing, I can't help but think of the trust he (mis)placed in certain authority figures in his life. Perhaps we can use the memory of his final experiences on earth to glean insights into what ways we are now being asked to grow.

Because the South Node represents the past, there may be people or situations that come into our lives this week that we associate with long ago -- either in this lifetime, or in other lifetimes. It will be our challenge, as we interact with these energies, to let go of our attachments to what was, and be open to what is becoming.

Astrologer Jan Spiller has written a wonderful book on the nodes called Astrology for the Soul, with a chapter and poem for each of the North Nodes by sign. Her poem for the North Node in Capricorn can speak to us now:

Have you ever felt like I do
Knowing you must walk on ahead
And take the next step into something new?
You can't see beyond the level you're on
Afraid to let go because inside you know
There's no returning -- back to where you've been?

The level you're on isn't working
Let go of the past and keep walking
Think you're leaving home?
No, no! You're going, you're going, you're going Home!



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