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Astrological Energies for June 7 to 13, 2010

Astrology Journal
by Pam Younghans

Our experience of current energies has been, for many, a feeling of "two steps forward, one step back." The push-pull opposition between change-oriented, audacious Uranus and conservative, practical Saturn has been like opening a main door while at the same time leaving the screen door closed -- we may be able to see more of the future than we did a moment ago, but there's still a filter in place that is blurring complete clarity and full manifestation.

But, now that Uranus and Jupiter are together in Aries, the energetic balance is shifting toward the side of change and forward motion. Our path forward may still be a bit bumpy, but we'll also have the courage -- and in some cases, foolhardiness -- needed to forge ahead.

It's interesting that last week (just five days before the exact Uranus-Jupiter alignment this coming Tuesday), astronomers observed a bright explosion on the planet Jupiter, probably from a comet or asteroid that exploded on impact. And, in the past few weeks, one of the red rings around Jupiter, formed by a massive storm system, has disappeared.

Neither of these celestial events is shocking or without precedent -- we've seen other impacts of asteroids on Jupiter, and evidently the storm clouds around the planet appear and disappear from time to time. But it is intriguing to see these changes and events on Jupiter synchronistically timed to occur at the same time as he leaves cloudy Pisces and enters forthright Aries -- signifying the beginning of a new cycle -- and his alignment with Uranus -- symbolizing the amplification of sudden, unexpected events that change our personal and global trajectory.

As Uranus and Jupiter align in the first degree of Aries during the first few days of the coming week, they will also be forming a quincunx aspect with Mars, currently in the first degree of Virgo. A quincunx aspect (150 degrees of separation) indicates that an attitude adjustment is needed if we are to make progress, since the motivations of the signs involved are out of sync with each other.

Aries is a fire sign and is motivated by a pioneering spirit and a desire for new experiences. Aries is willing to take risks as needed and does not let practical concerns get in the way of pursuing the passion of the moment.

On the other side of our quincunx sits earthy Virgo, known for its practical, analytical and often cautious mindset. Virgo wants to make sure that we have all the resources we need before we head out on any journey, and that we have all contingencies under control.

We can see the positive contributions of both signs to any endeavor. We need Aries' courage to break through into new territory, but we also need Virgo's practicality that packs a lunch so that we don't run out of energy along the way. The trouble comes if we are so anxious to get going that we forget to worry about supplies, or if we get so caught up in planning details that we miss our train.

A quincunx requires us to embrace conflicting perspectives, and to find ways to merge energies that, like oil and vinegar, by themselves don't mix. We'll need to be both committed and flexible, equally courageous and cautious, to make the best use of this influence this week.
The mental grid is very active this week, symbolized by a plethora of aspects involving Mercury. This means that new ideas are being downloaded and will be more readily accessed than before, but that we'll also be dealing with remaining mental blocks to receiving or acting on those ideas.

The sequence of this week's Mercury aspects foretells how the process is likely to go:
On Tuesday, the energies support practical planning and logical ideas (Saturn in Virgo trine Mercury in Taurus). But, when we awaken on Wednesday, things might not seem as clear-cut, or we may have had dreams that revealed some fears we have about proceeding (Neptune in Aquarius square Mercury).

By Thursday morning anything may seem possible, as the ideas come pouring in (Mercury enters Gemini), and we may be inspired to take action immediately, throwing caution to the wind (Uranus/Jupiter in Aries sextile Mercury). But, we are also aware of an underlying lack of trust, and a fear about following intuitive hits that don't necessarily have grounding in practical reality (Chiron in Pisces square Mercury).

As we heal that lack of trust, we are then faced on Friday with how to consolidate all the ideas we've received and convert them into practical action (Mars in Virgo square Mercury). And, as we reach the weekend, we'll need to make some mental adjustments as we perceive what existing structures and long-held ambitions will need to change if we want our ideas to blossom (Pluto in Capricorn quincunx Mercury).

In addition to all this Mercury/intellectual activity, we have a Gemini New Moon on Saturday, which will add to our mental receptivity. The amount of information coming through may feel a bit overwhelming for some, and the ungroundedness can be a bit disconcerting at times.
This is an important New Moon because it marks the beginning of a lunar cycle that reaches fullness with the upcoming Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse on June 26. This Gemini New Moon is an especially potent time for creating positive affirmations about what you want to change in yourself and in your life.

Astrologer Martin Goldsmith's variation on the Sabian symbol for the position of this New Moon reads:

"A joyous barn dance. After a spin around the floor, a young couple walks out under the stars, where they speak to each other of their hopes and dreams."
In keeping with Gemini's emphasis on variety, Goldsmith gives us several ideas about how best to use the energies of this New Moon:
Dance within the magic of the moment
Explore a new step in the dance of life
Stay young by pursuing new interests
Bring foreign perspectives back to one's native community
Get social energies moving
March bravely into life to the tune of one's ideals

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