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Numerology for May 2010

Creating the
Right Vibration

May (26/8) provides you with easy, free-flowing environmental energies that will bestow abundance in your life. These energies will be full of cooperation and compatibility so that you can investigate and examine any details that arise, often spontaneously, in your material affairs to make sure they fit with your vision. Your challenge is to take responsibility for the “good things” in your life without guilt or embarrassment. Remember you created that too. Although much occurs spontaneously, you need to be on your toes so that you can act on the things that bring you your rewards, your vision, under this influence. The goal is to create in thought, desire and action the “right” vibration to manifest on the material plane to reap your rewards.

MAY 1, 2010 (27/9)
You now move into the middle month of the “harvesting” cycle where you examine what you’ve learned about you as an individual and you in relationships and what parts of that you want to manifest into your life. This vibration is very just and wise and has the ability to maintain peace and harmony, necessary conditions for the new paradigm to manifest. Your insights, deep love and Spiritual understanding of humanity gives you opportunities to develop your ideas and bring them into manifestation. Your goal is to set yourself on a firm foundation of universal love, unfolding brotherhood, balance, humanitarianism and beauty.

MAY 2 to MAY 8, 2010 (19/10/1)
The energies this week are those of a karmic destiny force which you have chosen and can not be avoided, evaded or ignored. To successfully proceed through this week, face every opportunity presented to you whether you like it or not. Rely on that firm foundation of yesterday and you will be able to face anything. Every situation will require you to surrender your life and link it to Universal Life, to your highest ideals of the physical. You start the week with your intuition and inner wisdom bringing you ideas and visions for the new “way” so you can imagine everything into physical form. You then move to the first of 3 days this week with master vibrations to connect to your Spirit’s knowing and Higher Guidance to give you directions about staying in balance at all levels. Relying on your intuition moves you to a day of celebration as you express you in your own way which brings you joy, harmony and peace. Now you have the energies of the Master Spiritual Builder to bring you ideas that will benefit all of humanity and you’ll want to “work hard” so don’t overdo and realize it’s all about “working smart” as you build for the future. From your point of inner security, you find yourself with a strong sense of adventure and change so let your mind wander and explore new things to add to your creation. Sensitivity and intensity greet you as opportunities are presented for you to “check your foundation” for further growth with the help of the Master Builder. You end the week With a day to be reflective and reassess how far you have come so you can reconstruct your mental energy, if necessary, into a positive force for your vision of the future so be flexible and adaptable to make adjustments to your “mental construct” as needed. Your goal for this week is to allow yourself to be God’s plan in action; however, in your own original, independent way.

MAY 9 to MAY 15, 2010 (23/5)
This week is all about adventure and change. You’ve built a firm inner founcation so this can be a lot of fun. This energy gives you the courage to bring your ideas and concepts into the material plane freely. It also helps you to allow freedom to others to do the same. This freedom increases your sense of responsibility and you need to handle this constructively so that you don’t break away from situations when it is not warranted. You start the week with an easy-flowing external environment for you to focus on life details that arise spontaneously so step back and examine what is occurring and choose what response you want to reap the harvest. You continue to reap your rewards the next day as you interact and share your accomplishments in harmony and peace to gain deeper understandings. New Master ideas for justice and balance for the greater good come to you with the energy which increases your ability to crystallize your desires and manifest them into reality through your imagination. A second Master energy day comes to you to give you opportunities to take responsibility to emphasize your Higher Guidance and Spirit in your life as you remain aware and listen to the messages for direction that are everywhere. It’s time to celebrate the expression of you so rely on your intuition to avoid getting carried away with this restless energy and you’ll achieve inner joy and peace knowing you are unique and did it your way. As you bring forth the powers of mind to realize the value of system and organization, news of the new way is shown to you intuitively so listen in order to move into the new world. You end the week with the vibrations of the week to remind you that growth and evolution are the result of organized adventure and change. The goal is to embrace freedom and change, open to your natural psychic abilities and not fight what happens spontaneously, but rather, go with it knowing it is you guiding you to new adventures.

MAY 16 to MAY 22, 2010 (27/9)
Now you have a week with the energies of justice and wisdom which gives you the ability to maintain peace through detachment. The lesson is that being detached is NOT being disconnected it is being objective and loving. When you take this perspective, others may seek you out because you have an original approach to assist them with your insights, love and instinctive understanding of humanity. The week begins with the energies that increase your awareness of your inner wisdom so that you become centered within and connected to your guidance and higher knowing which, in turn, brings that “centeredness” to your outer world. A day to enjoy that centeredness comes as you have the energies of reflection in order to examine your mental status and, if necessary, reconstruct those energies into a positive force to empower your vision so remain flexible and adaptable in your thinking to allow the truth to come forward. Now you have another day of easy flowing external energies with an underlying Master Healer vibration so be open to details and responsibilities that arise in your life and use the Master energies to clear and heal them with courage and faith in your Higher Forces. Having healed limitations within, you want to share you accomplishments to bring deeper understandings about maintaining harmony and peace. You are then presented with opportunities to clarify and crystallize your desires as your inner wisdom comes forward and demonstrates the need for justice in all you do. Another day of Master energies comes to you with an emphasis on your Higher Guidance and Spirit so stay receptive and remember that messages to bring balance into your life at all levels will be everywhere. You end the week with the energies of celebration combined with the Master vibration of the Spiritual builder on the physical plane so the day may feel intense and staying in balance is your challenge so you move into the next week of Master Builder energies. The goal is to be universal love and brotherhood, balanced and a humanitarian that understands that beauty and perfection are achieved in the natural state of Spirit in a body suit.

MAY 23 to MAY 29, 2010 ([22])
This week has the vibration of the Master Builder on the material plane. It is the combination of the vision of the Master Teacher and the practicality of the Master Builder. You will have experiences that will help you see the larger picture and the vision of the completed project so you can put God energy into structure and tangible form thus creating a plan for humanity. This gives you an aptitude for pure Spiritual attainment; however, what you receive depends on your use of power and willingness to assist others. You start the week with your mental body as you receive news of the new order of things and are asked to realize the value of system and organization working with your intuition to change the old to the new. You then have a day of restless energy that must be used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination to address situations in your own unusual or unconventional way to accomplish the task. You then have a day of increased sensitivity to give you opportunities to get into the flow so you can respond easily to unexpected events. It is time to be reflective now and reassess your progress and blend your intuition and your mental energies into a positive force. Now you have a day of free flowing external energies to provide an opportunity to examine and investigate any life details which arise for clearing to reach compatibility in all your bodies. A day to maintain harmony while you are sharing what you’ve learned with others comes to you to reap the rewards of peace at all levels. You end the week with a really intense day with two master vibrations pushing you to think in terms of “justice for all” including yourself as your wisdom is there to guide you as the Master Architect and the Master Messenger which bring you Master opportunities. The goal is to accept your insights and visions, work with others in cooperation and harmony and take responsibility to build a life which is a firm foundation for further growth into Universal wholeness for the entire planet.

MAY 30 to MAY 31, 2010 (59/14/5)
You end the month with a powerful magnetic influence that requires an awareness of your intuitive sensitivity. This energy can draw from the highest Spiritual energies to direct healing and vitality into the affairs of mankind. There are many levels to this great energy and magnetism which can be transmuted for the betterment of all humanity. It brings a great responsibility to choose from your highest ideals so go to your Higher Guidance and ask for direction. You wind down this month of creating your own “right vibration” with first, another Master Messenger day full of inspiration and insights to give you direction for the next stage of development, and secondly a day of celebration and joy as you rely on your intuition and share your accomplishments. Your goal is to get your inspiration from your highest source, be willing to destroy in order to build and develop a philosophical attitude about life.

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