Monday, May 31, 2010

Astrological Energies for May 31 to June 6, 2010

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

"By chance," after not having done so for many months, I was inspired this morning to visit the website of the artist Janosh, in search of a graphic to adorn the masthead of today's Journal. And, synchronistically, I found that he had very recently added a new artwork entitled "Ultimate Return" based on a crop circle found in Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, England.

(If you'd like to see a larger image, or you receive a text-only version of this Journal, you can see Janosh's new "code" and a photo of the crop circle at

The symbolic meaning of this new artwork is fully in alignment with the astrological energies we are now working with -- specifically, Uranus' ingress into Aries last week, and Jupiter following suit this coming week. A planet entering Aries is making its "ultimate return" as it begins a new cycle through the 12-sign zodiac. And, these two planets entering Aries represent that we have also come full circle and are ready to begin anew in some area of our lives.
Janosh receives channeled information to go along with his artwork, and shares this about the inspiration to be gained from "Ultimate Return":

It's now to time to reawaken your own strength. In the new, higher frequencies you are obliged to let go of the past and also the negative energies where a lot of people are trapped at the moment... If you can break away from this, then you will be able to make contact with the mission, which you as a soul had already planned. Your personal blueprint, the task you set yourself on earth becomes clear.

(For a full message about "Ultimate Return" visit

If we have any questions or confusion about how to work with Uranus in Aries, reading these words and contemplating the energies contained in "Ultimate Return" can do much to keep us focused and on track.

It is my prayer, now that Uranus has moved into Aries and Saturn is moving direct in Virgo (and with proactive Mars entering Virgo this coming Sunday), we will be more able to access the courage, inspiration and solutions needed to heal the environmental crisis underway in the Gulf of Mexico.

There are many ways in which the crisis can be linked to the Uranus-Saturn opposition: the original explosion on the oil rig in late April occurred within days of the exact aspect (when Uranus was still in Pisces); Pisces rules the oceans, Uranus brings sudden, unexpected events, and Saturn in Virgo reveals where existing techniques are inadequate for the task at hand, as well as where we need to take personal responsibility instead of "passing the buck" to others.
If we've been waiting for a crisis to manifest related to the building energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross, I don't think we need wait any longer. In many ways, we have not yet fully realized the sheer magnitude of this oil spill, the resulting effects both on our environment above ground and within our planet herself, and the equally enormous call for change it represents.

Over the next two months, as we experience the eclipses and the accompanying planetary alignments, much of the impact of this oil spill will come to light, along with associated personal and global issues. We will come face-to-face with the challenges and see more clearly what changes are needed. Guided by Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, we will be encouraged ("filled with the courage") to transform existing power structures and to reverse the abdication of our personal authority, responsibility and fulfillment.

With the planets in our upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross taking centerstage, Neptune and Chiron have taken on supporting roles of late. And yet, as often proven in the cinema, actors in "secondary" parts can play vital roles in the outcome of the plot.

This week, Neptune and Chiron step to the front of the stage to speak their lines. Both planets -- Neptune on Monday and Chiron on Thursday -- will station (stand still) and begin their retrograde (backward-motion) phase. When a planet stations, we have opportunities to work more directly with its energies.

As we work now with Neptune in Aquarius, we are more aware of the ideals that we wish to manifest, the dreams that we have, and the spiritual perspectives to which we aspire. And, since Neptune has the ability to dissolve attachments, we may also find it easier this week to let go of the differences that separate us, as well as release our stubborn resistance to necessary change.

Chiron's station in Pisces also highlights spiritual themes this week. But, the job of the Wounded Healer is to make us aware of fears or uncertainties related to the themes of the sign he inhabits. As he stations in the 12th sign, we may become more aware -- and be given opportunities to heal -- ways in which we have lost faith or have bought shares in victim consciousness stock.

To guide us through this healing journey, I close with the words of astrologer Martin Lass regarding the work of Chiron in Pisces (from his book Chiron: Healing Body & Soul):

"The universe will never stop knocking at our door. Our sense of betrayal, injustice, inequity, unfairness, victimization, and so on will constantly draw us into situations that will challenge us to see a more balanced picture. These feelings will challenge us to see the justice behind the seeming injustice, to see the fairness behind the seeming unfairness, and to return to a sense of trust that the universe is actually looking after us all...

"The path to oneness is only attained when we can see that all things serve us in our lives -- that all things serve our healing and evolution of consciousness. The more we see and acknowledge the hidden purpose behind seemingly 'wrong' events and circumstances, the more we are inclined to open the doors that we shut so tightly in the beginning. The more we do this, the more we regain trust in a guiding hand, trust in a universal plan, trust in a God, and trust in the omnipresence of love."



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