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Astrological Energies for May 3 to 9, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans

The tension of the Uranus-Saturn opposition continues to play out in our experience this week. An aspect (relationship) between planets always has a day and time when it is exact, and therefore the strongest -- but its energetic effects can extend much further than that specific day in both directions on the timeline.

This "orb of influence" is fairly short when one or both of the planets involved are among the faster-moving. But both Uranus and Saturn move relatively slowly through the zodiac, and so we feel the effects of their interaction over a longer period of time.

In the case of the current Uranus-Saturn opposition, we have been working with the energies most directly since April 9. The intensity then built until April 26, the day of the exact aspect. Now, there is a slight declining of the tension, but in truth we will be working with some level of this energy from now through mid-August.

For those of us who experienced a crisis of some description over this past week or two, it does not mean we will be in crisis mode for the next four months! It does, however, mean that we will be working with the themes, issues and aftermaths of what recently has occurred for that length of time, as we make necessary changes and adjustments.

And then, by the time of the final Uranus-Saturn opposition (exact on July 26), we should have a better perspective on the core issues we have been in the process of changing, and have a stronger knowing of how that change will ultimately manifest in this physical reality -- if it has not already.

This week, the influence of the Uranus-Saturn opposition is kept active by the Sun and Mars, who interact with each other and with both outer planets on Monday and Tuesday. The Sun-Mars square, exact on Tuesday, will likely push us to deal directly with whatever challenges are before us.

A square aspect can be a bit confrontational, so keeping a higher perspective will be helpful. This will ensure we don't default to anger and irritation, but rather are able to use the tension of the planetary aspects to embolden us and move us forward.

Late Wednesday (early Thursday in some time zones) is the Last Quarter Moon, which means we will be finishing up some business related to what occurred during the Scorpio Full Moon last Wednesday (April 28). That, too, was a rather intense time, when emotions that had been hidden rose to the surface to be expressed.

With the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, we will readdress what was revealed last week, but this time from a different perspective. This is an opportunity to let go of our attachments and resentments, the driving forces behind many of the situations that arose last week.

It is time to break free from habitual, lower-vibrational emotional responses, those gut-level reactions that arise mostly from a need to control and protect. In liberating ourselves in this way, the new solutions we have been seeking will come more easily into our awareness.

It is no secret that we are in times of great change. The extreme weather conditions, earthquakes and even volcanic activity are mirroring for us the depth of change that is occurring within the human experience.

Astrology is helpful in many ways, through its ability to supply a larger perspective and to help us understand cycles and timing. We are in a building cycle of change right now, with the timing of specific events occurring at key times. This past week, with the Uranus-Saturn opposition, was one key time.

As we look forward, we can see other key dates on the calendar. The ones occurring in May are mostly grouped at the end of the month, as Jupiter opposes Saturn on May 22, Uranus enters Aries (and the Full Moon occurs) on May 27, Saturn stations direct on May 30, and Neptune stations retrograde on May 31.

With these shifts at the end of May, and the alignment between Uranus and Jupiter on June 8, the energies will be set for this summer's T-square between Pluto, Uranus/Jupiter and Saturn -- the cosmic test of our abilities to be authentic, fair-minded and On Purpose.

By the time of the powerful Lunar Eclipse on June 26, when the Sun steps into the T-square and forms a Grand Cross, we will be very clear on what needs to change, as well as our best options going forward.


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