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Global Awakening News April 2010

This is as an introduction to forthcoming updates that are in preparation concerning the most central and key elements to our human consciousness and evolution as spiritual beings. I would dare say it is far more important than observing global moves toward WW3, more important than the catastrophic economic collapse coming later this year, and more important than speculating on what may trigger major changes in this solar system and in turn major earth-changes. Indeed, these are all very important things to keep an eye on, while making ways to detach and decouple oneself from all of this and to connect primarily and continually with ones higher spiritual existence.

Over the last 12,000 or so years, human population has been aided in growing its numbers as fast as possible. Human notions of the origins of concentrated agriculture, private property, and the state, class or gender stratifications, have all been mostly wrong since they have lacked a larger understanding of the purpose and nature of humans to begin with. Considering this lack of comprehension of human history, it is no wonder that the nature of reality and our existence has proved so elusive for so long.

I cannot say that what we will be publishing in these coming weeks will be 100% correct. Actually, I can guarantee that it is not! However, it has to my perspectives, high coherence and internal consistency in content and so it will be a best effort toward “connecting the dots” and explaining things as simply and briefly as possible.

For those who are monitoring events in the world, in recent weeks there has been an unusual number of dream/visions concerning great quakes in the USA as well as major oceanic events, perhaps for this April-May period and perhaps later this year. Personally, I have not been looking for additional new specifics of major earth changes but the ones I have seen over recent years are all part of a consistent pattern, intuitively and geologically. We are now in that period.
Over recent weeks, I have received many more emails from people asking very profound questions, and occasionally soliciting about my thoughts about a system of thought or a teacher, etc. Many researchers, teachers, and practices contain accurate truths mixed up with distortions. Spiritual seekers spend entire adult lifetimes studying the writings and thoughts of others and still only arriving at a partial sense of the big picture. From lifetime to lifetime this information is generally lost and the process needs to be started anew. Rare exceptions exist in certain strict practices, but then the information is usually only for those who identify with those specific practices.

So many cannot discern things properly, especially concerning those entities and memes that influence toward greater confusion and away from greater service. Relying solely on good intentions has its limitations.

Spiritual Evolution and Transformation

This section is to introduce the major points being covered in the forthcoming series of updates. The value (we hope) in this material will be to assist those who are so close to “getting it” to become clear on what is most important. The sooner people can simply note the events and machinations of the control matrix and not get involved and embroiled in it, the sooner they will be able to get to the “real” reality. Here in the human milieu it is always some new “circus sideshow” somewhere, always with “new and improved” claims. What matters now for those who are so inclined is to understand the larger patterns and principles that are at work so they can be of help to themselves and to others if called upon.

Major questions we will be addressing in these updates include:
· The intended purpose of the human system (physical and subtle body) 

· New insights into why the dark have been so focused on humans and Earth. 

· Purpose and problems of the ego-personality-mind and its spiritual evolution 

· Disconnection between personal self and higher/soul self 

· Loss of memory between lifetimes and its implications 

· Further discussion on the origins of evil/the dark 

· Incompatible paradigms concerning duality of existence (some irony in that) 

· Relationship of ego self and higher self and their relationship to the separation of the dark from Creator. 

· The powers-that-be behind the powers-that-be, ET’s and a little ancient history 

· Significance of the ascension process 

· Futures for humanity

While the material will touch upon earlier content from Global Awakening News, the main point is to take it to another level of understanding. There are too many “on the path” who, at some level of understanding, are under the mistaken belief that the ego self is “the enemy” or that their human beingness is fundamentally defective. It is not. Only that it has been hijacked and parasitized by the dark (something that is soon to end).

For thousands of years the majority of religious and non-religious doctrines and teachings placed blame for the existence and the effects of the dark forces upon humanity and/or indicate that the human ego-self (3-d you) is “the enemy”. All the worlds’ religions are basically engineered control systems designed or encouraged by the dark beings who pretend at being “creator” and who will even condescend to speak of love and peace and other “socially-spiritually correct" sounding things. Yet, too many “on the path” have been manipulated into believing these religions offer something to maintain or honor.

Most of the major religions and spiritual teachers incorrectly teach that evil is the creation or responsibility of humans. To the limited extent that some acknowledge the existence of dark or evil forces, it is usually to misinform that “god”, intended for this to be as it is as a “learning” process. To further complicate matters, these teachers and religions confound or otherwise obscure any distinction between the evil gods of their various doctrines (the dark gods that rule this fallen sector) and the true Creator of All.

The “new age” and “new thought” tendencies are based on roughly 150 years of cultivation by dark forces and misdirected teachers. These tendencies emerge from the same matrix of dark energies that gave rise –in that same historical period –to the major “alternative religions”. The role of the “new age” tendencies is that of a social control mechanism with a “non-religious” appearance. It perversely embraces or otherwise accepts the dark forces as necessary and righteous influences. This is too readily extended to accepting and embracing all manner of dark human notions and behaviors, often under the guise of “tolerance” or “oneness”. As it is with most of the social control systems, it perversely misdirects people to embrace the darkness within them selves.

To those who can see it for what it is, this is the culmination of thousands of years of deeply imbedded traumas and can be regarded as a massive and long-term program of collective ritual abuse. The purpose and “how’s and why’s” of all this will be discussed in the forthcoming updates.

The dominant perspective is that duality is innate to the “godhead” and to the totality of creation itself. This dominant perspective denies that there is a separate, independent-acting dark force that is anti-creation and that seeks to control creation. We find too often that nearly all spiritual and religious leaders tend to equate or blur “Creator of All” with the local “god/s” of the various religions and (darling of most channellers). This then creates confusion to all concerned over whether “god” who/what ever that may be is perhaps insane or that humans are too inferior to ever know any better.

One may be prompted to ask, what sort of “god” would choose to abuse aspects of itself in such a cruel way, lifetime after lifetime? Of course, if one realizes that the major religions and spiritual teachers derived their frame of reference from the false or insane gods who ruled this fallen portion of creation, then there would be some improvement of truth, but even then it would be only partial, with crucial elements and insights missing.

A few thousand years ago (as it is today) there were some who knew the difference between the insane dark lords that set themselves up as a false creation center –and the true Creator of All. The early sages were also aware that a profound and terrible error occurred that gave rise to a separate force we would refer to as “the dark” and all that followed. Most of these teachers and their work were heavily suppressed by the religions and the powers-that-be and thus very little of their work survives to this day. While there does exist contemporary translations of portions of this work, ironically, it was branded as “evil” by religious zealots who do not want their followers to think for themselves. In recent years, however, some researchers have done their best to reassemble some of the core insights from that early period. These cosmic “warning labels” are being decoded too little and too late, and too few are paying attention.

As readers know, it is not our policy to “name names” unless there is good reason to do so. What I will say is now is that I am not aware of any well-known spiritual teacher in recent centuries who understood enough of the whole picture. A rare few understood portions of the bigger picture, but most never grasped the big picture that in turn could have provided them a more accurate or truthful frame of reference from which to correct their teachings. Those rare ones who did come close to “getting the picture”, never indicated the extent of their understanding and did not leave a record of such knowledge.

Today spiritual and existential investigators have assembled pieces of this enigmatic puzzle. However, one group lacks adequate spiritual knowledge and may be unable to infer beyond material human knowledge; another group lacks knowledge of how the “matrix world” is really operated, including the major social control mechanisms. A few arrived at a more complete understanding of how ancient the process of manipulation control has been, but were limited in their understanding of spiritual and human social-political affairs.

While our accounts and overview are not 100% correct, the material we are presenting has the benefit of a type of direct knowing, extensive knowledge of the reality of human social-political existence, and the benefit of the good research of those who struggled mightily with these most profound questions.

One of the obstacles to understanding is internal to the personality self. The implications of “knowing“ can be disturbing to the human self and thus a type of unconscious denial forms as a way to ensure continuity of the ego-self’s notions of its place in the bigger scheme of things. This falseness of human reality would also be concealed by a “natural conspiracy” of human social interactions as well as by the dark forces on earth and in the higher realms. Another obstacle includes “dark interference” that clouds the mind and interferes in other subtle ways to suppress the truth.

Low-vibration aspects of “love”, “compassion”, etc. are either manipulated by dark agents or are already imbedded in the human ego consciousness and so are on “auto-pilot”. These misinform people by telling them to “love” the material realm “as it is”, to love someone “as they are”, to “love” life (of imprisonment and disconnection) as it is, etc. “Compassion” for others at the low end of the vibrational spectrum equates to obliging everyone to stay together in the matrix world, no one leave the Titanic, even when it is obvious it is sinking (survivor guilt). Either everyone or no one, and thus all remain as food and tools of the dark side. This can be seen throughout various ethnic, cultural, racial, tribal, and modern variants of group mind.

Anyone who breaks away, looks “outside the box” of sanctioned mental or metaphysical constructs, is labeled disloyal to family, friends, tribe, etc. or is drugged, institutionalized, or otherwise “done away with”.

Some get a certain point, and then wonder as to their personal worthiness. “Who am I?” …to experience spiritual awakening, ascended consciousness, or more. Am I worthy enough? “Who am I?” …to leave my asleep or otherwise zombie-like acquaintances. And so it is that many who are beginning to awake, do a premature U-turn, and try to convince others to come with them (they cannot) or go into denial/fear themselves. Some will even reject spiritual awakening and ascension and transformation as a dangerous delusion.
To “stay the course” and find out where this going first hand, eventually informs the awakening human that there are those who are so asleep that they will fight to stay asleep and in enthralled to the illusions of the dark.
In addition, there is the imbedded fear of dying from the body that keeps people in check –unless they really know the difference. (Hence the importance of certain reported near death experiences that rejoin the experiencer with the true Light).

It all comes down to the problem of the ego self and the higher soul self and their relationship to the higher level paradigm of the separation of the Dark from the Light (the original error). Exploring this requires understanding the origins of evil or the dark.

Many people in this “A-List” network are well on their way to a major breakthrough in understanding these fundamental spiritual problems and their own transformation and ascension. Whatever ones situation, having a grasp of the main principles involved with regard to the ego personality self is generally important for ones internal conscious process as well as to support them to help others who may ask for it.

So before we lose the ability to write and explain this, I will be taking the time to prepare and publish these short articles in the coming weeks.

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