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Numerology for March 2010

Living Inner Peace and Harmony

March (24/6) brings you a month of increased sensitivity to what is beneath the surface if you tune into your Inner Awareness. This can be very inspirational and, if you take responsibility to bring things into harmony, if you allow yourself to become centered, you will achieve peace and balance. This results in having your Inner World under your command which, in turn, brings about order in your outer world. This gives you the opportunity to “get into the flow” so that you can respond rather than react to unexpected events and opportunities at all levels. The goal is to achieve that inner peace and harmony and integrate it into your being.

MARCH 1 to MARCH 6, 2010 (21/3)
This energy is largely concerned with friendship and offers opportunity to define that for yourself and discern to whom to be loyal. It also helps you to discern when to fight for something and when to recognize things that can’t be changed and, therefore, you should not fight. Remember that no answer can be the right answer. This is a period of the old order changing to the new, a period of choosing response over reaction. It brings opportunities for peace and creation, so use the energy constructively. You begin the week of friendship with a day to withdraw and reflect on how far you’ve come and use your strong intuitive energies to reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force for friendship. You then have a day of easy flowing environmental energies to help you examine any details that spontaneously arise in your life to reap the abundance that is there. You have another day of reaping your rewards as you prepare for further adventures by sharing your accomplishments with meaningful companions to deepen your understanding of your relationships. Now you take the first steps in your new adventure and clarify and crystallize your desires using your imagination to bring them into your life by connecting with your inner wisdom and strong sense of justice. You then have a day of Master intensity with opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual in your relationships so stay connected to your Higher Guidance for direction and stay aware for the revelations offered to you at this time. The week ends with the energies of celebration and creative expression of the whole you as situations blossom and bring your happiness and fulfillment as long as you stay balanced within. The goal for this week is to be that “friendship force”, stay creative in your expression of you and seek the Inner Peace this process brings you.

MARCH 7 to MARCH 13, 2010 ([22])
This week you have Master Energies on top of the sensitivity so there will be an underlying pressure for you to Build Spirit into your material plane, your life experience. This gives you an aptitude for pure Spiritual connection which will depend on your understanding of power and its use in service to others. Your God energy can be put into form in your life if you choose. Your mind will think in large scale terms with big plans and you are to make all that “practical”. It’s important to stay centered because this could be a tense cycle so stay in the “now” as you proceed through the week. You start the week with a day to emphasize the week’s energy which may make you feel the work is too hard; however, the restrictions you feel need to be examined with heart and mind so that you make sure you have built a firm foundation for the future. You move to a day with the energies and strong sense of adventure and change so you can open your mind to “possibilities” as well as check your beliefs and make sure you understand that security comes from within, not from home, people or circumstances. Another intense day greets you as you have the blending of the sensitivity of the month with a Master Builder energies of the week to give you experiences to bring understanding that in becoming centered in our Inner World you have command of you which brings command to your outer plane even though you may feel restrictions to move through easily for the good of all. Now you have a day to withdraw, reflect and relax so listen to your Inner Voice for direction and accept that you must stay flexible, resourceful and adaptable so that you manifest the truth which will bring light and clarity to your situation. This is followed by a day of easy flowing external energies which require a certain level of activity to reap the harvest under this influence as things arise spontaneously so take responsibility for the benefits you receive and be honest with yourself when details arise that need adjustment. Another Master Day, the spiritual messenger, comes to you so stay aware because messages will be everywhere and they are there for you to truly understand love and peace. Then you have an opportunity to share your accomplishments as you deepen your understandings of you and prepare for new experiences moving more and more toward harmony and peace. You end the week with the energy of the seed and harvest so you can understand that anything you begin must be from your Inner Wisdom and have a strong sense of Justice (balance) built in. The goal this week is to understand that to be the Spiritual Master Builder you must do it through cooperation, harmony, practicality, organization, self-discipline and hard work.

MARCH 14 TO MARCH 20, 2010 (26/8)
During this week in the month of friendships and forming groups, you have a week of benevolent vibrations that will bring you prosperity and success as long as you use your material possessions in service to mankind. However you also are tasked to use your generosity wisely and in balance so that it is an asset to yourself and others. This energy gives you the ability to handle people and situations as you use your Wisdom to pioneer in the realm of human relationships. Much will occur spontaneously so stay connected and aware since this energy is the greatest expression of God on the material plane. You start the week with a day to emphasize the Spiritual areas which will require more responsibility and effort, and yet, promises great rewards if you stay connect to your Higher Guidance to receive direction through the insights and revelations offered to you. Then you have a day of celebration and creation that can bring restless energies if you do not rely on your intuition to stay balance in harmony and peace as more guidance comes to give you direction. This brings you to a day where you receive news of a new order of things as long as you use your mind and intuition to realize the value of system and organization in effecting the creation of worthwhile conditions for all. Now you have the energies of adventure and change presented to you to confirm your ability to expand your mind into areas which you have not explored so go for it. It’s then time to open your sensitivity to what’s beneath the surface to take responsibility to put things in harmony so that there will be peace and balance within through that inner knowing. The next day is one to withdraw and be reflective as you connect to the strong intuitive energies available to connect with your mental energies and make sure they are working as a positive force for you. You end the week with a somewhat intense day with easy flowing environmental energies so you can use the underlying Master Healer energies to the fullest by remaining centered and balance to meet responsibilities with courage and faith in the Higher Forces. The goal for this week is to remain balanced through your experiences so you can accept responsibility for bringing your world into unity and the flow of give and receive.

MARCH 21 to MARCH 27, 2010 (21/3)
You have another week of defining friendship and loyalty in terms of groups because it’s time to move this energy up and gain greater understanding of the brotherhood of mankind. This week will give you clear signs of the old order changing and giving you opportunities for peace and the use of your creative energies. You begin the week with a day of sharing your accomplishments and preparing for new adventures as your relations bring deeper understanding about brotherhood. Now you have a day to clarify your desires for further action as the Master Builder pushes you to select fulfillment and completion as you think in terms that will benefit all of humanity. Another Master vibration, the Messenger, comes to the forefront to assist you in accepting responsibility and making the effort necessary to keep your emotional and mental areas in balance. Now it’s time to celebrate yourself and how you’ve grown so allow yourself to dwell in the peace that comes to you at this time. Another day with underlying Master vibrations is presented to bring news of the new order of things for you to be a forerunner for better conditions through system and organization guided by the Master Messenger which brings opportunities for love and peace. A day of restless energy is presented for you to learn to use your energy constructively with patience, persistence and determination so you can enjoy the pleasures earned by your actions. You end the week with a reminder of the energies of the month, the energies of sensitivity to what is beneath the surface so that you can see the truth and then manifest it. The goal for this week is to achieve that inner peace when you understand friendship and brotherhood.

MARCH 28 to MARCH 31, 2010 (16/7)
You end this month and this cycle of tending your garden with the energies of Awakening. This is a karmic energy giving you the opportunity to balance yourself at all levels. Do not avoid, evade or ignore any circumstance or your inner response to those circumstances. This is your opportunity to understand that unforeseen and sudden events are intended to tear down and rebuild the existing conditions to make room for the new as you move into the next quarter of selecting your harvest for future progress. You start the week with a day to be reflective and examine your vision and what you truly desire so that you can align your thoughts to create it all, “thought creates”. Now you have a day of easy flowing environmental energies of cooperation so that opportunities to deal with Spiritual affairs and make decisions and take decisive action as your sensitivity brings high inspirational energies even in your dreams so pay attention since you are being shown Master opportunities today. A day to share your accomplishments to gain greater understanding is presented so that you can practice maintaining inner harmony and peace as you interrelate with others. You end the month in preparation for the next phase with a day where you have opportunities to crystallize your desires for the future with the help of the Higher Master Vibration of the Spiritual Architect who balances the higher Spiritual energies and the material world to bring those higher energies into the material to gain new perspectives and understand that the “answer” can only be found within yourself.

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