Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heading Toward Spring Equinox 2010

The Stars Above Us - March/April Astrology by Peter Phalam

As we head toward the Spring Equinox, our spiritual awareness becomes very important. Mars ended its retrograde on the 8th of March, and will move along at 0 degrees Leo until the equinox occurs. With Venus in Aries during this same period, we have a contrast between our male and female energies; one is in a Cardinal Fire Sign and the other in a Fixed Fire Sign. Fire energizes our androgynous nature and spring creates love in our hearts. This is a great time to learn to love ourselves, pamper ourselves and draw love toward the upward motion of energy in our auras.

Directly on the equinox, the Moon is in Gemini giving us dreams that connect us to our paths. Mercury moves quickly towards Venus in Aries just after the equinox, giving us full communication with our Goddess energy and appropriate feminine attitudes. Saturn during this period retrogrades onto the Vernal or Fall Equinox, creating the grand cross of meridians with the Summer and Winter Solstices. This is the first insight of the alignment that occurs on December 21st 2012. This is the first insight of Earth Changes which will continue with large earthquakes during April. With Jupiter in Pisces, the career focus for elder souls will begin to wake up. Those who are stuck in boring, 3D jobs will receive visions of past lives from their higher selves.

These visions help them remember they have many other abilities. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Pisces is an ancient conjunction that has created many important changes in many civilizations. We become observers at this point when others come into fear and greed. This is the point when guilt, fear and greed move out of our consciousness. Pluto begins one of its frequent retrograde patterns in the second week of April in Capricorn. We have viewed Haiti and Chile so far in terms of Pluto in Capricorn. Now the retrograde pattern over the same period will result in earthquakes in other zones.

As fear spreads and the violent weather patterns spread from west to east, you will remain at peace. You are only the audience, as this period is designed to wake up many younger souls. You are here to receive them, heal them and advise them, so come into your dharma in peace.



Peter is a Campanus astrologer, trance channel and author of Celestial Reunion: A Channeled Tale. For more information, visit

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