Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Global Awakening News - March 2010

Many times I have tried to emphasize the importance of decoupling from the old system materially and energetically to better focus on spiritual evolution, etc. If it is truly not possible to relocate to a safer, more supportive locale for one’s ordinary physical existence, then the challenge becomes to make this more of an inner focus. Recently I realized that for many who are seemingly in agreement with the foregoing, they retain an understandable tendency to maintain something of a “white-knuckle grip” on the old while watching for the signs and indications that it really is over and that all that remains is the inner/higher self existence. It does no good to be monitoring the external world in that way. Find a way to maintain a more “relaxed attention” on the death of the old, the planetary and space environment, the human social-political environment. Do not be like one who unconsciously wanders out toward a receding sea to look at the fascinating new shore features while a massive tsunami builds in the distance. By then it will be too late to change trains. Conscious awakening and ascension is what this is about, not fighting or hanging on to the old.

Soon, the present economic illusion will be destroyed further, and extensive global military, social, and economic problems will converge into multiple human “tsunamis”. This will not be something you can schedule in to your appointment book. Neither can we calendar the predicted halving of the financial market indices or the earth’s change in geo-physical orientation. Meanwhile, trillions of dollars of wealth continues to be dedicated to the most depraved level of destructive global conquest while the populations of many countries, especially in the USA will find that they and their children have no conceivable material future. Further, so many have been so addicted to the old ways that they will find every possible denial to support military-political theft from others to maintain a pathological existence.

If the old reality does not seem to dissolve as major human and planetary catastrophes come to pass, then those who are still enmeshed in such a reality will be in for a very rough time in nearly every respect imaginable.

What is developing will bring out the best and worst of humans. But what will make for a complete turning will first come from the higher levels of existence, not the human level. At present too few have any idea of truth or falsehood and have not the time or capacity to learn the difference, even when many will realize the end has come and it is too late.

Many of us in common interest networks such as this one, are here on earth at this time to observe, advise, and learn as long as it is a workable proposition. It is not necessary to be caught up in the growing suffering, even for those who will be called to be of gentle aid from time to time. Even in this network of those consciously awakening, there is not a homogeneity of destiny. And there certainly is not a homogenous or uniform destiny for those beings who are presently expressing some aspects of themselves through the human self.

As we move through March, further dislocations in human society are expected –economic and otherwise. The most severe set of changes appears to develop in November of 2010 and from then on…

As you look at the ascending plots for this year, prior to the near vertical slide down, do you wonder if the markets will go up, one last time? Or perhaps wonder if this is the advent of the new society, the “great change” promised by the powers-that-be and those effectively doing their bidding? Or whether this period will be marked by war, earth changes, or new solar/space energies? I would ask what does it matter? Once one has moved into the new energies and begins seeing from a higher level of knowing, “going back” is impossible.

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