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Creating Creation - Part 2

Creation Continues -- Earth

When the viability of Earth being a private getaway spot for Enjliou and Callia was destroyed due to Their obvious difficulties, Earth was then opened up for settlement. As time progressed, it also became the sight of the most ambitious experiment ever undertaken, an experiment in the blending of the various races of the Universe, and thus along with it, each individual race's traits. The specifics of this will be taken up in the next chapter, Star Seeding, but for now it is important to understand how the Earth and its dimensions are structured in order to be able to do this.

The first important element to understand is time, in and of itself, a dimension, just as we think of length, breadth or height. Time is also one of the strongest illusions that keep soul trapped here in the lower dimensions. Soul is eternal, but it can be trapped in `the tunnel' of this third dimensional continuum for a very, very, very long time. It is a paradox that each one of us needs to recognize and deal with in its own time of growth and understanding. When viewed from within the MEST worlds (matter, energy, space, and time), time is seen to be linear like traveling on one of those moving walkways at airports or shopping malls, only this one goes through a hollow plastic tube which does not seem to allow you to step beyond its confines. This is the walkway of history as we shall follow It throughout this book. When you are outside this linear tube, however, you see that time is circular, feeding back upon itself like a snake swallowing its own tail. In this case, you can travel back and forth along it, and enter at any point, much as Thoth learned to do in order to manipulate history. The walls of the tube are the restrictions for those inside to keep them "in line." Time, however, is all really now, and much of what we think of in this creation story didn't happen that very long ago, relatively speaking, many things changing in Creation over the ten year span it took to finally complete this series. The time of having people on this planet is also really, really short when compared with the measurable age of the Universe.

What we are talking about in referring to higher and lower dimensions is that what we here on Earth live in, the 3rd dimension. The astral plane is the 4th dimension, and so on. While time does exist on the higher dimensions, it travels much more slowly because of their lighter vibration and/or density. Beings exist for what seem like eternities compared with life here on Earth. Therefore, experience itself must also be compacted into a more dense or concentrated form because of the shorter time we exist here. That is why it is such a popular destination for souls seeking to advance rapidly in their awareness. Like an honors class at school, Soul can gain much more experience in a shorter period of time, and gain more credit for it – but only if it succeeds.

There are actually 14 dimensions lined concentrically around the Earth, with a 15th dimension now forming after the recent events of healing in Creation taking place. Some groups talk about seven, others about nine or ten, and even a few that recognize as many as twelve depending on how high their own spiritual leaders have been able to achieve. Different religious groups have their `heaven' on different levels of the dimensions depending on their focus. Like those who tempt the character Christian to lay down his burden and not seek any further in that grand metaphorical novel, A Pilgrim's Progress, they do not realize that they are really stopping short of the many levels of heaven above them. Just as happens on the 3rd dimensional level, many Beings who exist at these higher frequencies are also not aware that there are other levels above and below them.

A good way to visualize the form of these dimensions is given by the Council of Nine:

"Within, in your mind, visualize your Earth. Then from your Earth visualize that there are waves spiraling outward. And one wave creates another, and as it circulates, it grows. And it creates more and more. And it is heavy in the beginning, and if it has a sound it is loud of sound. And as it radiates out it becomes refined, it becomes more expansive, and all of those irritants that exist within the physical planet Earth are eliminated as it becomes a pure sound and a pure wave. And if you would have it in the color of brown or blacks, as it is radiating out it is also being purified, until it becomes in truth the color of colorless, which is in truth a golden light."

This exercise also takes note of the different densities of vibration which each plane has, and of the differing levels of purity of the Light as one goes higher [Be aware that we call this thing we live on a `plane-t']. It also recognizes the accompanying sound that becomes purified as one rises until only the single note of a flute is heard. When one is able to travel through these higher vibrational planes, the type of sound one hears is a good indicator of the plane on which one finds themselves working.

Each soul as it comes to the planet acquires a number of sheaths or `bodies' of increasingly denser vibration, our own set of `dimensional holograms', until the last we acquire is the physical shell we know as the human body. In all there are five bodies – in ascending order of vibration they are the physical, the astral, the causal, the mental or etheric, and of course Soul. While the physical body is interacting with its own seeming reality upon this planet these finer `bodies' are also interacting with their own corresponding levels of awareness. Astral travel, or travel in the astral body, is probably the best known of these. One can, however, travel in any of the five bodies, the only restriction being that one cannot go any higher than the dimension corresponding to the body in which they are traveling. When one begins to Soul travel, or travel in their soul body, then one can go to any level of any of the various planes they choose if they have earned that right and talent.

Astral projectionists who often drift into other dimensions and find themselves grotesquely huge, find themselves looking down at an earth and moon the size of marbles. They may (also) cross what seems to be the entire universe in an instant and find themselves looking back at a Milky Way that has become nothing more than a feeble glint of light in the cosmos. Often they get the feeling that they are an infinitesimal part of something much larger.

Barbara Clow describes in one of her writings an experience she had returning through these dimensions as through "the layers of the ego, the layers of control of the energy." In truth, this is what they are. She relates her perception that dimensionality is vertical, and describes the planes as experiential fields:

". . . the systems that form out of nine dimensional columns of vertical light create disks that are experiential fields which create realities. The Galaxy itself has a horizontal plane that can be divided up into twelve zones of experience, and the experiences that occur generate a vertical axis of nine dimensions at a right angle."

She likens these various planes to levels of identity - "a structure of existence called Jacob's Ladder," the Biblical ladder on which angels or emissaries of God are seen to ascend and descend to Earth. In truth, this is the sacred meaning of the Cross or the Rosi Crucis (the Rosy Cross which is the cross within the circle) - the x and y vertical axes of the multidimensional Universe.

Each Universal body has its own dimensional system. Many planets have only a basic ten-dimensional system. Earth, with fourteen, is indeed a very special planet. This explains why a planet can be inhabited by multitudes of sentient Beings living at a different vibrational or dimensional level without our Earth scientists being able to see them through 3rd dimensional eyes and with 3rd dimensional equipment. Participants trained in the U.S. and Russian government's remote viewing programs have stories to tell of being able to bilocate to other planets and watch the life-forms there carrying on about their business without being seen themselves.

Author Bob Frissell says that even though a person may be able to travel in their merkaba (the body's own inter-dimensional light-space vehicle) to other planes or levels of existence, if their consciousness is not developed enough to handle the higher vibrational levels, they will not be able to remain. Certain Beings, he says, have managed to move through all the dimensional levels and remain conscious. Some Beings have even been able to master all 144 dimensional levels and their overtones while remaining conscious and stable along the way. These "144" levels he refers to are the accessible twelve dimensions and the twelve harmonic overtones which accompany each one of them (12x12=144). The Beings who have been able to come and go through all the many various levels or dimensions are what many here on Earth would call Ascended Masters.

Even the planet Earth itself has, or is, its own dimension of consciousness known as Gaia. It exists on and is the 2nd dimensional level as we know it. As Clow describes it, Gaia simply is an energy that holds frequencies. Trees are a direct connection between the 2nd and the 3rd dimensions - they bring the energy of the one into the energies of the other to help create and support it. The best way to in fact get `grounded' is actually to go `hug" a tree.

In studying the theories of agriculture, one is actually studying the aspects of Creation itself on one level or another. Each living physical body is surrounded by an energy body that is the blueprint of the physical body, also known as its morphogenetic field. Before a plant starts to grow a leaf, it can be detected in the energy field surrounding the plant. Changes in the physical form can be detected in the energy field first. This energy field is a super-physical field.

Western man's isolation from the land has taken him farther and farther away from an understanding of the natural cycles of birth, death, and rebirth which is reincarnation, and the practical application of that science to his FATHER's lands, in all dimensions of existence.

The human body is an electro-magnetic energy-form with structural lines of force running around it which can be used to heal the body of illness and dis-ease using techniques such as acupuncture, energy work, or shiatsu. So too does planet Earth. The system of magnetic lines of energy which intersect to form a grid or net-work surrounding the planet are called ley lines. An understanding of these will help us to understand many of the religious practices carried out on the planet since its inception, and also how the planet can and has been used as a weapon in the struggle for the ultimate control over its inhabitants. It is also by utilizing a knowledge of these grid points and ley lines that planet Earth can be helped to free itself of the blight which is the New World Order.

Energy is known to organize itself in fields and networks, with major and minor nodes of energy-interchange connected by meridians or energy-links. From an esoteric viewpoint, no physical form can exist and take shape unless there is a subtle energy-field to give it patterning and the inner basis for existing, hence the need for the morphogenetic fields surrounding each living and non-living thing. These energy-fields are the outward manifestations of consciousness which also organizes itself in patterns.

To reiterate, these energy fields which surround all things are studied in the field called morphogenetics. Simply put, life or matter must have a boundary of electro-magnetic energy into which it can place itself; a boundary which serves to stop its atoms from floating off into space. This is the thought form into which the energy of emotion is placed to `materialize' something into being.

Imagine, if you will, a large net in which there are thousands of balloons trapped into a single shape. Then imagine what would happen if that net were not there or was opened up to set the balloons free. So it is with Creation. Everything needs a structure into which its energy can be placed - for that is all we and everything else are, Sound and Light energy, slowed down into what we think of as gross matter.

As Gregg Braden says, we are bathed in electrical potential throughout our life, and it is this "trickle charge" of static electricity that is partially responsible for holding the magnetic alignment between our body and the patterns of our experience.

Braden cites recent studies which have validated the brain/earth relationship through magnetics. One international team studying the phenomenon of "magneto reception" (the ability of the body to detect magnetic fluctuations) announced that the human brain contains "millions of tiny particles" which can, in turn, be consciously tuned to resonate with the vibrations of planetary consciousness. The magnetic particles within the brain serve as a physical link; the static potential serves as the "trickle charge" holding the information component of the particles in place.

Ancient texts have always told us that the body seeks to find a harmonic balance between itself and planet Earth. This is a prime requisite for people who wish to achieve greater spiritual harmony in their lives. Our separation from Mother Earth does not allow us to ever feel fully grounded into our bodies, nor our lives to harmoniously synchronize with the various ebbs and flows of the natural cycles here.

Braden's work suggests that this balance between mind and earth is the goal of the life experience, echoing the spiritual-physical balance we have already talked about. It may, he says, be consciously regulated

through the use of non-polarized thoughts of forgiveness and feelings of compassion.

Part of the system of our own DNA consists of invisible magnetic strands which provide the magnetically stored information to each cell to help it function. These magnetic DNA streams also help create the morphogenetic field and/or aura around our bodies. This magnetic information helps the cells to know what their purpose is, as well as to detail each cell's regeneration properties. This new information also helps to explain why some spiritually aware people are convinced that we have more DNA strands coming to complete our "ageless body" ascended forms. If some of these strands are invisible, or non biological, then many of us may already have many of them in place.

The magnetics involved act like a coding sequence for the cells just like magnetic tape. Cells will actually secrete chemicals in direct response to magnetic stimulation of focused fields. Our biology doesn't just react to any magnetic field but only to a certain kind. A magnetic focused field is any magnetic field that is designed. A simple magnet is a focused field. It has symmetrical lines of influence and a known strength which is constant. An electromagnet is even better. Common household objects such electric blankets, electric motors, a hair dryer, static magnets for stereo or CD, a neighborhood transformer box, your computer, speakers - if it can swing a compass needle, then it can affect you!

The Akashic Records are stored magnetically in the electro-magnetic or morphogenetic fields that surround the planet. These are the memory banks of all that has gone on within the planet's energy field since the very beginning of time. A person's aura works just the same way to store everything that has ever gone on within that Soul's individual existence.

Are you beginning to get a picture now of the task that faced Enjliou, Callia, and ARTOLA, in creating the Universe? Layers upon layers upon layers of Creation with countless forms of Being, and myriad interconnecting aspects that do not happen all by themselves simply at the drop of a hat. Even They had Their helpers to help do the smaller, more individualized tasks of Creation. Certain levels of angels and devas were responsible for plant life, for animal life, and so on. Some of us were those very angelic beings who helped set up the things here on Earth, in the beginning.

It's kind of like when you were a kid and knew your father was an auditor, and then one day as you grew up you found out what an auditor does and how much concentration and effort it takes to do that job, so all of a sudden you start to appreciate your dad a whole lot more for what he does for you. Creation is not just the flash of a magic wand in space.

Each one of us is also able to create in much the same way, depending on our level of awareness. All we need to do is first create an energy field by picturing what it is we want to manifest; then fill that field or thought form with the emotional energy of desire and it will manifest into our lives - sooner or later - depending upon the strength of our desire and our ability to focus. This is also how we manifest negative things into our lives, by creating a picture of what we don't want to happen, and then filling it with the emotional energy of fear. We do this unconsciously throughout the day, but then it becomes a matter of `guard your thoughts' and be careful what you wish for because someday you might just get it. This is how we, too, are able to become conscious co-workers with the FATHER in Creation. Each of us has that limited ability, but not all of us have the desire, or the concentration.

To put this all into a greater perspective let's take a quick look at one author's view of the composition of the MEST worlds as related to vortexes. It corresponds closely to what Churchward describes of the Void from ancient texts, as well as what Thoth says about his experience of Time.

"Besides matter, space and time can also be seen as aspects of the vortex. Consider a vortex of energy forming matter. A vortex is not restricted to a certain area. As the vortex extends out, the energy would get thinner, would get infinitesimal small at large distances from the center, but would never disappear. This very thin matter is the apparent void of space. Or, one could say, matter is very dense space. Matter and space are two aspects of the same vortex of energy. We only perceive matter and space as different because of our senses. All our senses are limited. Our awareness is constrained within certain bands by our threshold of perception. (For instance: we can only see a limited part of the light spectrum. Our eyes can not detect light below ultraviolet or beyond infrared.)

"Matter is the dense central region of the vortex which we can detect with our senses. Space consists of the thin peripheral region of the vortex which is below our threshold of perception. Matter has no real boundary; its surface is subjective, corresponding to the lowest intensity of vortex energy that we can perceive. We experience everyday matter as substantial because it represents a high concentration of vortex energy. In bodies of matter, billions of vortexes are packed together in atoms and molecules. The surface of a solid, or liquid, or even a cloud of gas, marks a sudden increase in the number of vortices. This sudden high concentration of vortex energy is what our senses perceive as matter. Objects appear to have a boundary. But this is an illusion. It is simply that our senses are incapable of detecting the sparse energy spreading out in all directions.

"Human auras are undetectable to most people . . . (they)do not change with any outside influence but only when there is a change of the inner self or spiritual difference within the individual. It is seldom that any psychic influence can reach the heart of the problem.

"Space can be pictured as a bubble of vortex energy surrounding matter. If it would be possible to remove every particle of matter in the universe, then space would completely disappear also. On the other hand, space is shaped according to the matter it engulfs. This is predicted by Relativity Theory also and is verified by experiments. Light from distant stars does not travel in straight lines through space. It is deflected by other stars that are close to its path. Once when Einstein was asked to explain his Relativity Theory in a few sentences, his reply in a nutshell was: "Remove matter from the universe, and you also remove space and time." In view of the vortex theory, time can be seen as emanating from the movement of the vortex. In general, time is established by a consecutive sequence of events. Thus the movement of the vortex creates time.

by Peter Farley

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