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Astrological Energies for March 15 to 21, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico at the spring equinox, revealing Kukulkan, the "descent of the snake".

A very energized New Moon on Monday begins what promises to be a powerful week. In addition to the Sun-Moon alignment that defines a New Moon, Uranus and Mercury are also aligned with each other at the time of the lunation -- and at such close proximity to the Sun and Moon that all four celestial bodies are virtually sitting in each others' laps.

As with all planetary events, we can experience this influence in a variety of ways. At its highest vibrational potential, this New Moon plants the seeds for a new phase of consciousness expansion and spiritual growth, for the creation of new community through compassion and understanding, and for new ideas and innovations to be birthed. It is also likely that we will see the lower end of the vibrational scale manifest, as the heightened energies correspond with increased restlessness, erratic or rebellious behavior and efforts to escape reality through sometimes nonproductive means.

If we utilize this energy consciously, on both Monday and Tuesday, much growth is possible. With the planetary alignment occurring in Pisces, the other-worldly last sign of the zodiac, we can do some (more) release work, letting go of the past and liberating ourselves from the memories that reside in our emotional, mental and physical bodies. Or, we can make sure to allow ourselves the time and space to meditate or to do something creative, without the constraints of deadlines or structure, so that we are in a receptive place to receive insights.

In general, Pisces supports the experience of "no-time," and so anything that puts us in that zone will be beneficial and will open our consciousness to important information. For some, it may be writing or drawing, for others it might be a walk in the woods, listening to music, enjoying a massage or luxuriating in a hot bath. The ways to experience the place of "no-time" are numerous and varied -- each one of us knows for ourselves how we can best take advantage of these energies.

That appreciation of individual differences is validated by the Sabian symbol for the 26th degree of Pisces, the location of the New Moon:

"Watching the very thin moon crescent appearing at sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects: A keen appreciation of the value of individualized responses to any challenge of life."

Through the words "the time has come to go ahead with different projects," this symbol also hints at the energetic shift involved when two planets enter Aries this week -- Mercury on Wednesday and the Sun on Saturday (marking the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox, depending on your hemisphere).

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which means this Equinox marks the astrological New Year, as compared to the Gregorian calendar New Year on January 1. Aries carries the energies of initiation, courage, a pioneering spirit and a "me-first" attitude. It is while the Sun is in Aries that there is perhaps the greatest support for beginning anew, planting the seeds for new endeavors.

(It is also interesting that in typing "Aries" at the beginning of that last paragraph, my fingers at first typed in "Arise" -- a word that very much encapsulates the Aries theme.)
Mercury is never far from the Sun (as seen from Earth), and actually precedes the Sun into Aries this year. While both Mercury and the Sun are in Aries, March 20 through April 1, we can use the energetic boost to brainstorm the possibilities and to infuse ourselves with the confidence needed to put our ideas into form.

It may not be smooth sailing at first, however, since the Sun and Mercury meet up with both Pluto and Saturn as soon as they begin their Aries journey. Mercury is the first into the fray, opposing Saturn on Thursday and squaring Pluto on Friday.

Since Mercury represents our communication systems and rational, logical thought processes, it is likely we'll see some challenges in these areas toward the end of the work week. Any leaks in the boat will become very apparent under Saturn's critical gaze, and it may be difficult not to point fingers of blame once intense Pluto gets on board.

The purpose of these challenges is not to create havoc, even if our experience might try to convince us otherwise. Rather, it is to make sure that our ideas are very sound before we put further energy into them. Our ongoing Pluto-Saturn square is very focused on dismantling structures and relationships that are not built on solid foundations. As these two planets interact with first Mercury and then the Sun (next Sunday and Monday), they will assist us in catching the errors and structural weaknesses before we get too far out to sea.

Thankfully, we are not set adrift without aid. Mars in Leo, fresh from his retrograde sabbatical, will create a helpful outlet for the tension of these planetary interactions -- first on Wednesday with a trine to Mercury, and then on Sunday with a trine to the Sun.

We are far better integrated now than we were back in December, when perhaps we first began contemplating our intentions for 2010. Mars retrograded through Leo for nearly three months, giving us multiple opportunities to see where our egos, pride and even arrogance have been getting in the way of having the fulfilling, joy-filled, creative lives we long for.

The growth we have made over the past three months will come in handy this week. By using the more elevated expression of Mars in Leo -- the ability to laugh at ourselves, playfulness, spontaneity, and generosity -- we will find ways to navigate the challenges and not only stay afloat, but be able to look forward with positive anticipation.


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