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Astrological Energies for February 15 to 21, 2010

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

I've lost count of how many double and triple numbers I've seen over the past two weeks, and especially the last couple of days. It seems like every time I look at a clock (as in just now, when I glanced down and saw that it is 9:33), there's my message.

Those numbers have appeared in other ways as well, as in when I was on the exercise machine last night, glancing down at the display from time to time to see how long I'd been at it, how many calories had been burned, how far I had gone in virtual reality. Nearly every time I looked at the monitor, there was another double or triple number looking back at me.

I know from talking to friends that my experience is not singular. It seems the numeric messages have been overwhelming in their frequency in recent days.

There's always a wondering about what these things mean. My sense is that they're an indicator, as are most synchronistic experiences, that we're in alignment in some way. They're also a reassurance that there is a larger plan at work, and an order and purpose to events occurring.

Author Doreen Virtue calls these number sequences "messages from our angels," and perhaps they are. She has also fully described the meaning of the different number combinations -- for instance, here's what she writes about the 9:33 I just saw as I began to write (perhaps a message for all of us):

3s and 9s: This is a strong message to let go of situations in your life that aren't in integrity or that have served their purpose. Do not artificially hang on to situations because of fear. Know that each and every moment you are taken care of. It is vital that you hold a positive viewpoint about yourself and your future. This viewpoint actually creates what you experience, so ask the masters to help you choose your thoughts from the high point of love.

If you've also been getting numeric messages recently, and you're interested in gaining some clues as to their meanings, Doreen's entire article can be found at this site:

(More messages -- I just took a break to do an astrology reading, had a snack, then opened this back up to write some more, and looked down at the computer clock to see that it is exactly 11:44...)

Astrology is just one of the ways that we gain reassurance that there's more to our experience than the mundane and frivolous workings of Chance. There are many ways we are reminded that there's purpose, intention and meaning in all that occurs, major and minor.

Perhaps Neptune's alignment with Chiron in Aquarius is one reason messages are coming through more obviously now. This alignment is healing the wound of Separation -- the belief that we are separate from Source, separate from our spiritual counterparts, separate from each other.

That Neptune-Chiron alignment is exact on Tuesday this week. We may want to take special note of the messages in our cosmic mailbox now.

Synchronistically, Pluto forms a septile aspect with Neptune and Chiron at the time they are exactly aligned. (A septile is about 51 degrees of separation, one-seventh of the 360-degree circle.) This aspect corroborates the spiritual significance of this alignment and the coming week.

The septile is an uncommon aspect, and works with us in more subtle ways than most. However, its effect is an integral part of what takes us forward now. Here's what some astrologers have written about the septile aspect:

"It urges us to ponderously investigate and deeper essences of reality. It suggests a sabbatical from the surface concerns of the material world, in which inner assimilation can take place." (Bil Tierney)

"It may denote the ability to sense the mysterious whole behind the parts of a subject, and the capacity to embrace intellectually the formative idea or principle behind a thing and so participate in the dynamic energy which that idea imparts." (John Addey)

"It creates a consciousness-expanding struggle within, forcing us to search beyond the obvious, with a natural predisposition to the occult, psychic, or mystical." (Delphine Jay)

"It has to do with the energy linkings that are not entirely of this world, enabling one to peer outside the everyday universe into one of expanded possibilities and truths." (Robert Hand)

In light of these interpretations, it's helpful that many of us in the U.S. have a holiday on Monday this week. Maybe we should take advantage of the day off work by putting ourselves in receiving mode, that we might more clearly and directly understand the messages we are being shown.

The Sun also supports our connection to other realms -- both spiritually and creatively -- as he moves into ethereal Pisces on Thursday. Adding this influence to the energies of the Neptune-Chiron-Pluto interaction, and Jupiter's alignment with Venus in Pisces, it's clear there is a LOT of high-vibrational energy flooding our beings this week.

Enjoy the ride! But be sure to ground yourself before doing anything that takes mental concentration, such as driving or operating machinery, throughout the coming days.

There is another yod configuration next weekend, as the Sun slips into the place held by Venus last week. This "finger of God" formation, which involves Saturn and Mars pointing toward the Sun, indicates we are making major adjustments in our understanding of who we are, as spiritual beings clothed in the structures of ego and society.

Saturn and Mars are both retrograde, and so are taking us on an inner journey of discovery. Mars in Leo supplies the courage needed to go within, to discover what we really want. As he interacts with the Sun in Pisces, we may be adjusting our concept of "ego," to see how we can honor and utilize, not deny, our desire for self-expression.

Meanwhile, Saturn in Libra supports us in having the discipline to bring greater balance into our lives. As he interacts with the Sun, we will be making adjustments in our personal relationships, coming to a new understanding of what it means to be equally fair to ourselves and to others.



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