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Astrological Energies for January 18 to 24, 2010

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We are all experiencing a heart-opening, each according to need, readiness and higher purpose. During last week's Solar Eclipse, Venus, the goddess of love, joined with the Sun and Moon in the same degree of Capricorn, merging her energies with those of the Lights and sending an amplified heart-level vibration out into the solar system.

In manifestation, such mass heart-opening might occur in many ways, but catastrophes tend to be what bring us together most quickly. Political and philosophical boundaries fall most readily when human lives are in the balance. And, while it may not be a surprise to have a major earthquake during the week of an eclipse -- when the Sun and Moon are exactly aligned and the magnetic pull on the Earth is more intense -- the event and its effects are not the less shocking just because we can see correlation.

With Jupiter now entering Pisces, the amplification of compassion and other spiritual values is underway. We are even more sensitized to the suffering of others, and will have many opportunities over the coming months to put that sensitivity to positive use.

It will be our challenge in such circumstances not to fall prey to victim consciousness, but to elevate our perspective to a broader understanding of events, while also doing what is needed for healing -- whether that be in the form of physical/practical help or metaphysical/ energetic assistance.

If we're looking for observable evidence of the level of expanded energies we're working with, we have new confirmation, courtesy of NASA.

Remember that mysterious "ribbon" in space that was discovered a few months ago? Scientists have now come up with an explanation for the phenomenon. According to the January 15 article posted on the NASA website at :

"We believe the ribbon is a reflection. It is where solar wind particles heading out into interstellar space are reflected back into the solar system by a galactic magnetic field. The ribbon is vast and stretches almost all the way across the sky, suggesting that the magnetic field behind it must be equally vast.

"Interstellar space just beyond the edge of the solar system is mostly unexplored territory. Now we know, there could be a strong, well-organized magnetic field sitting right on our doorstep."

That phrase "a strong, well-organized magnetic field sitting right on our doorstep" stands out as especially significant. Astrology is built upon the premise that the skies reflect our human experience, and "as above, so below." For us to now be aware of a creative, well-organized field of energy that surrounds our solar system means that we're closer to comprehending that there is order and a plan at work in the Universe -- and perhaps also closer to interacting more consciously with that plan.

Is this "ribbon" a new phenomenon? Or has it always been there? If it is new, it would corroborate the idea that we truly are in a new phase of our development as a species. If it has always been there, either we're now technically advanced enough to see it, or we've finally looked in the right direction or at the right angle. Either way, it shows a readiness on our part for a new level of interaction with the vast Creative Energy that is the Universe.

Astrologically speaking, it may not really matter whether the ribbon is new or if it is just a new observation. In astrology, when a "new" planet is discovered, it is taken as an indicator of humankind's readiness to incorporate into our awareness and our developmental path a new energy or philosophy, as represented by the themes of the new planet.

Chiron was discovered in the late 1970s, when we began to embrace the need to heal our emotional and psychic wounds through counseling and regression therapies. Pluto was discovered in the early 1930s, when we became aware of our power both to create and to destroy on vast scales.

The way Neptune was discovered is almost comical, in view of the qualities of illusion and imagination we assign to the planet. Astronomers were watching the orbit of Uranus in the 1840s, and found irregularities in its orbit that couldn't be explained -- unless there were another planet further out that was exerting a gravitational pull that was affecting it.

Astronomers calculated where the unseen planet should be, in order to have the effect it was having -- and a few months later, they made the first sighting of Neptune by telescope.

It's also interesting that in 1846, the year Neptune was first sighted, anesthesia was used in surgery for the first time. Drugs, and especially drugs that alter our experience of reality, are under the rulership of Neptune.

With these discoveries now well integrated, it is intriguing to ponder what the discovery of the "vast magnetic field" and its "ribbon" reflection will correspond with over the years to come.

Venus and the Sun, still walking hand-in-hand, move into Aquarius early this coming week. Aquarius is the sign of the Humanitarian, so we anticipate continued global cooperation in efforts to assist the people of Haiti. Aquarius also supports the forming of groups and communities, and we see many neighborhoods and towns around the world coming together for those humanitarian purposes.

Saturn's interactions with Venus on Thursday and with the Sun next Sunday will help stabilize the cooperative efforts underway. This balancing effect will also play out in our personal lives, as we see more clearly what needs to be done to work in better partnership with others.



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