Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Numerology for December 2009 - Balancing You

Numerology - The Silver Key

This year, 2009 (29/[11]), marks the beginning of the actual manifestation of the new paradigm’s foundation. You will have the energies of the Master Spiritual Messenger underlying every thought, word, deed and experience that you choose. The Universal Law of “Thought Creates” will be operating fully. Your experiences will help you to understand that your left brain is not the origin of your thoughts, but rather the processor that makes your true thoughts, at all levels, manifest into the physical world. To Master this Master vibration you must stay centered within as you walk through your life. The test will be to change your role as leader or support as appropriate and as needed for the good of all, including you, without being attached to the “title.” Meditation and reflection will play an important part this year as you evaluate what is important to bring into manifestation for balance for all. You may feel like you have more responsibility and you do; however, that responsibility is the ability to respond to situations rather than react, so that what you choose reflects who you are.

December (23/5) the year ends with you possibly being a channel for the information you are receiving. Your connection to your higher knowing is firm and it will bring you to expressing the information you’re receiving - that’s being a channel. These energies will also bring you a strong sense of adventure and change because you now know that security can only be found within and as long as you are centered in you, everything is an adventure. This enables you to proceed with being “outside the box” so you can create what can be, your vision of the new world. Your goal is to express who you are in balance so that you can move through the adventures (changes) necessary to begin building the new world next year.

DECEMBER 1 to DECEMBER 5, 2009 (13/4)

You begin the month with the energies of transformation and change. The 13 gives the energies of direction, decisiveness, and assertiveness, and stimulates a creative individuality in both self-expression and ambition. These energies will assist you in ridding yourself of the old and moving to the new. It’s time to build a firm foundation of Spiritual forces and ideas, apply the power of perfected personal expression and organization constructively to attract opportunities and possibilities. The purpose and goal of this vibration is to bring your Spiritual insights into expression and into practical form and structure.

DECEMBER 6 to DECEMBER 12, 2009 (26/8)

This week will have an easy flowing environment full of cooperation and compatibility. Much will occur spontaneously to show you what needs work or activity. Stay centered and balanced and you’ll be able to choose what actions to take and the nature of those actions. Investigate and examine any situations that arise in your material affairs. The goal is to take responsibility for this affluent period and your choices to make it more affluent.

DECEMBER 13 to DECEMBER 19, 2009 (21/3)

The energy this week is about changing the old order for the new. It supports your creativity and helps you to expand your thinking about peace, expansion and growth for all concerned. Focus on friendships and what they really are as well as forming groups to work together for the good of all. The goal is to express and be peace in all your experiences this week.

DECEMBER 20 to DECEMBER 26, 2009 (25/7)

You now have a week to “relax” sort of. This is a week to draw within and reassess where you are and how far you’ve come. Visualize what you want for your future and hold onto it by “living” in the vision. Use your strong intuitive energies and inner voice to give you direction in this. The goal is to remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to adjust your thinking into a positive force for your creation as truth surfaces and brings light and clarity to your creation.

DECEMBER 27 to DECEMBER 31, 2009 (17/8)

You end the month and the year with the energies of rewards earned from the past; however, you are required to be a good steward for these gifts. You have worked hard at releasing what you are not this year. Now it is time to be independent and in tune with your Spirit to use the gifts you’ve earned constructively as you move into next year. The goal is to manifest who you are, to stand in your truth, in order to begin to build for all.

by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D. © 2009 The Awakening Center, Inc.
Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713 or through the website

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