Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Astrological Energies for December 7 to 13, 2009

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
by Pam Younghans

The Pluto-Saturn square expresses itself through our information systems and communication modalities as we begin the new week. Mercury, the planet that corresponds with the logical, conscious, outer expression of our thoughts, is exactly aligned with Pluto and in square aspect to (90 degrees from) Saturn.

This may manifest as previously-hidden truths coming to the surface, an intensification of an investigation in spite of roadblocks, or the compulsive need to speak our minds, even while knowing our words will meet with resistance and will probably not create greater harmony in our relationships.

The caution with this influence is to be aware of the power of the spoken and written word, and even the power of our unspoken thoughts, to affect others. We've all experienced wounding through words spoken by others, and have also been in the uncomfortable position of knowing when our own words have hurt someone else. Be especially careful with e-mails now, since much of what is written and sent electronically can be interpreted incorrectly, even on the best of days.

With Pluto conjunct Mercury, we may feel obsessed by an idea or the belief that our way of thinking is the right way, or the only way. It may be a challenge not to argue when others don't see it exactly as we do, but we can channel this energy in positive ways, by utilizing the discipline represented by Saturn in Libra to be conscious of what is fair and equitable in all situations.

Keeping in mind that we may have the tendency to bypass common courtesies now, we can also use this alignment to present an idea with greater passion and intensity than we might usually have. Just be sure that what you speak is supported by your integrity, and that you are keeping in mind the sensitivities of those who are listening.

A synchronicity to support the purposes of this Mercury-Pluto-Saturn energy: I just took a short break from writing to make myself a cup of tea. The tea I decided on, as I looked at my line-up of tea boxes, was a Yogi tea -- the brand that has little fortunes written on the tags attached to each tea bag.

I chose my tea bag and ripped open the little packet. And the fortune on the tea bag inside? "By honoring your words, you are honored in this world."

How very appropriate is that...

Jupiter and Chiron align in Aquarius for the third and final time on Monday. Together, these two planets have been working with us since last spring to expose and heal the wounds that keep us separate from each other.

One of the higher ideals supported by Aquarius is that of Community. In what ways have you made new connections or formed new groups in the past seven months, especially ones that support and share in your progressive ways of thinking?

These new groups and communities are an indication that we are embracing the healing process, bridging the chasm that often divides us as humans and as nations. We are learning that individuality and commonality are not opposites, but are very much compatible concepts.

Jupiter and Chiron both form slightly-disagreeable aspects to Mercury on Wednesday, which means that how we choose to use our words and our authority at the beginning of the week will quickly challenge some of our new-found sense of community -- another reminder that we are now in a time when the results of our actions and inactions have much more rapid effect than before.

Hopefully, we can also quickly leave behind any lingering issues. The Uranus aspect to the North Node on Thursday encourages us to move beyond any over-sensitivities, defensiveness, and feelings of betrayal, and to claim our authority over our inner state of being. This is where our true strength lies, in the knowing of ourselves and in the managing of our thoughts and energies.

The North Node in Capricorn is pointing us all toward our common growth-point: the increasing ability to release the past, to take charge of our inner environment, and to become more objective about the emotional issues that arise.

This doesn't mean that we "stuff" our feelings. But it does mean that we learn to observe rather than attach to those emotions that used to control us -- and, that we notice and release any ways in which we have used our emotional reactions to try to control others.

The Mars-Sun trine, also on Thursday, will contribute to a sense of optimism and the belief that we can create what we want. This aspect aligns our actions with our truth, and encourages us to take risks in our efforts to create a life of greater meaning.

This is the energy of the positive ego, the inner voice that tells us we can do it, and that we are supported in finding and manifesting our joy. It can, as always, go a bit too far if not channeled appropriately -- but I think all of us can benefit from the energy boost represented by the harmonious interaction of the Sun and Mars. And from knowing that it is not at all "unspiritual" for us each to be our own loudest cheerleader.



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