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"Making Things" - Ways of the New Creation

In the traditions of certain early societies, there was an acknowledgment of the essential "spirit of matter" and thus these peoples would ask permission of the land, of a tree, of an animal, etc. before changing it to suit their needs, including killing or eating it, etc. This reflected a "proto-knowledge" of the oneness that permeates creation.

Serious problems developed in the process of extending a portion (individuation) of soul consciousness through the levels of increasing density. At some point individuation became "out-of-sync" with the continuous flow of Soul and Source consciousness and developed in isolation from the greater Oneness. "Self" versus "oneness" became a dichotomy of conflict. Under these circumstances, true free-will was not possible and was replaced by the falsehood of individual choice that was readily manipulated by dominant social forces.

There remained the life-giving tether connecting the body-personality to soul body, but the body-personality was without its own conscious connection to higher levels and was essentially "on its own" to navigate 3d. This situation was heavily exploited by dark forces that sought to dominate the light of creation. (See previous issues of GA:News for additional background.) Many soul beings looked forward to learning from this experience without knowing its dangers. Karmic dynamics compelled many to perpetuate this process. One is born with a connection to greater self and Oneness, then degenerate social forces work to suppress this connection and emphasize the human personality self as primary over everything. This dark control meme supercedes nearly all cultural variations on this planet, religious or otherwise.

Presently there are a number of well-known and widely followed "spiritual teachers" who advocate that this is "how things are". They claim that it was all "well-understood" prior to birth that the aspect of soul that lies under the cloak of the personality-ego-self would fall into a deep forgetfulness of its true nature. (Advocacy of such "fine print" clauses with their "caveat emptor" attitude is a corruption of truth and exists to reinforce dark control memes among the spiritually-minded.) Some would cynically argue that the "human earth experience" is the school of "hard knocks" designed to select for only those who can make their way back to a true state of unity consciousness with Soul Self and The All. If this were really true, then there would not have been such enormous sacrifices made by so many beings to enter into this fallen sector to help correct such a deplorable and spiritually detrimental situation.

Overall, this has led to repeated catastrophic situations in every way possible regarding all facets of bodily and personal existence. The profound alienation from all aspects of being has led to catastrophic conflict at all levels of human existence and beyond.

One of the experiments of the ascension and transformation process that is underway is to facilitate learning to function both in oneness and individuation and maintaining human form. Early tests of this indicated there would be great difficulty for humanity in accepting these changes. At the core of this problem is the ego-personality-self whose identity-existence is primarily composed of false memories and false premises. One of the effects of the main transformational process is the loss of those personality memories. There are also soul-level beings who would have difficulty with this. Be all that as it may, those who are closest to this process will be testing the next stages beginning the end of December 2009 and into Spring of 2010. So we shall see how this next stage proceeds.

There are those beings (some with a human presence) who have been focused on applying the lessons learned from entering lower densities here on Earth and elsewhere where there have been similar problems. One important concern has to do with approaching, entering, and working through lower densities using a gradual process in which there is no loss of spiritual memory, higher level connections, or abilities -and yet can maintain the desired qualities of individuation. In turn, this permits the flow of genuine free-will. As a microcosm, this process eventually approaches those qualities of tendency toward individuation within a great oneness that exist at the higher levels of creation and at the level of The All.

At this time, this new work seems to have little bearing on the present situation of humanity, as it is more concerned with the New Earth and New Creation. The focus is on development of new "creator beings". As mentioned previously, this could have applicability to humans who maintain their physical presence here on this Earth through the major changes.

To understand this better, let us consider a simple example of "making things". "Making things" has dominated the human personal-social-economy and has been as an unconscious metaphor for learning to create at the 3d density level. Looking at the human-Earth relationship from the past to present day, it is obvious what the result has been of a mixture of beings "making things" in the absence of higher spiritual connection. It is the unfortunate hubris of humans today to maintain a spiritually alienated existence through computers and directed energy machines. But this is only a more concentrated form of the same violence of the rock drill, the crusher, the smelter, the machine tool, etc. Before the object is even completed, it begins to decay through organic or inorganic processes that seek to return the substance back to its origins and thus presents another source of struggle. Eventually they look back and tell themselves stories about the "greatness" of their civilization based on its material ability to alter the face of the Earth and organize humans under the domination of the elite few.

There are other ways to "make things" than by the violence of human technology -modern or primitive. Furthermore, it was never intended at the highest levels that physical existence in the 3d level would be a struggle of survival and one of material suffering.

People think that the "science" and practice of stone or metal work is advanced today, but it is crude and very violent in comparison with spiritual consciousness that communicates with the energy and consciousness that governs and constitutes "matter". The act of mining, crushing, smelting, forming, cutting, and etc. is a violent wrenching of matter to conform to the unconscious mind-set based upon a fallen existence. In contrast, there are spiritual approaches to "making stuff" that establishes a cooperative relationship with "matter consciousness" of minerals, biology, etc. The same goes for working with plant kingdom, etc. Those who have contemplated the "ethics" of human technology have often been impeded by mistaken notions of "how something is used". Thus arguments can be made that a simple hammer is inherently neutral until used. This is beside the central point of the inherent violence of its manufacture. Of course, most people would not consider using a hammer to commit violence, unless it is the violence of pounding a nail. The point here has to do with the fundamental relationship with the consciousness of matter, the utility of an object or its application.

This has the most profound implications for spiritual evolution. Humans cannot be seeking spiritual evolution and continue to support their material existence through ongoing "conflictual ignorance" of the consciousness of matter and their own higher nature. The same goes for the consciousness of the cells of the body, etc.

At the higher vibrational levels, energy can be more readily worked with, and energetic templates created, and gradually brought down in density. As this process proceeds, there is no loss of connection to the spiritual essence of the matter or of those engaged in the process of creating.

All along the way of descending into greater density, full consciousness is maintained and individuation is developed within the spiritual context of a greater oneness. In place of karmic "laws" there is mutual responsibility.

In some situations a type of symbiosis can be achieved whereby the matter-oriented consciousness finds expression in maintaining or learning new forms. In one of my future forwards, there was an entire city that had an distinctly bio-organic feel to its structures. I can only speculate now whether those enormous structures were self-maintaining and coordinated their structuring with the requests of those who seemed to inhabit the spaces these structures helped to define.

This has been an attempt at describing certain outcomes from the greater transformational and ascension process. In dramatic contrast are the endless variations of unconscious struggling with 3d matter to support 3d level existence: the story of humans over millennia.

The human form occupies an interesting potential, intermediate as it is between consciousness of matter (form) and the consciousness of formlessness. Matter and Spirit are different expressions or emanations of Creator. It is in the human body that there is a living interface between matter and spirit.

We are not the first nor are we the last of the "human experiment".

...To be continued in the forthcoming concluding issue of Global Awakening News.

By Alex Kochkin

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