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Astrological Energies for November 23 to 29, 2009

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
By Pam Younghans

We are nearing another shift point. Uranus, the planet perhaps most associated with liberating change, is about to start moving direct again, after having been retrograde since July 1.

For the past five months, we've been pondering our next steps in some area of our lives -- sometimes patiently and sometimes not. It's not that change can't occur while Uranus is retrograde. But inventive, cosmically-inspired action tends to be more supported energetically when this high-vibrational planet is also moving forward.

Although the date of Uranus' change in direction is December 1, a planet doesn't go full-tilt and screech to a halt on the day the shift occurs. Rather, like a train pulling into the station, a planet gradually slows to a standstill over several weeks, shifts gears, and then gradually begins moving in the new direction.

And so, throughout this week and next, Uranus is virtually stationary in the sky, showering us with the energies meant to awaken our higher consciousness. We are being invigorated with these higher frequencies, which enable us to expand further our spiritual and creative perceptions and capabilities.

Mother Nature has been demonstrating for us the physical effects of these enhanced energies. Extreme storms are affecting many of us, flooding our conscious awareness with the realization that our world really is different than it once was. And the aurora borealis, our visual confirmation of the effect of the solar wind on our earthly realms, has been especially active this week as well.

The heightened Uranus-effect also explains the electrical storms that lately have been a frequent occurrence in the Pacific Northwest. For the past several days, we have been buffeted by sometimes high-velocity winds. And from watching weather news, I know that other areas of the world also have had more than their usual share of stormy weather and its aftermath.

Our weather experience symbolizes the current shifts in our energy fields and the emotional responses that have been triggered. The winds are blowing through us now, sweeping clean the mental and emotional debris of many lifetimes. Issues are being stirred, and the resulting flood of emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming, just as literal flood waters have filled streets and buildings.

The less we attach to our emotional responses at this point, the better we will deal with the shifting energies. This doesn't mean that we stuff our feelings, only that when we feel them, we also allow them to move through us rather than attaching judgments such as blame or guilt. As much as possible, allow a part of yourself to stand back and observe events and emotions as they occur, even if another part of you must deal in practical ways with circumstances.

This is part of the awakening of the Higher Self perspective, one of our primary tasks now. We are learning to keep one foot on the physical plane while developing the awareness of the higher dimensions, and the understanding of purposes and meanings of what we are experiencing.

I much appreciate Dr. Suzan Carrol's "Multidimensional News" channeling for October, where she writes about how the Earth's layers correspond with our personal energy fields. She describes the troposphere, a layer of the upper atmosphere that "starts at the Earth's surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high," as being the region where almost all physical weather occurs.

She then writes that the troposphere represents the layer of our auras where our thoughts and emotions create our own personal "weather" -- the metaphorical sun, wind, rain, and rainbows. And so, because we are all connected and the outer world mirrors our inner world, we see Gaia working with energies that correspond with our own emotional issues.

(For the full text of the October issue of "Multidimensional News," click here: Multidimensional News.)

Uranus' influence can be compared to that of electricity, which moves quickly and has the ability both to bring light and to empower action. Many people have been experiencing similar energies in their personal lives, feeling the effects of unexpected and sudden changes.

With this heightened Uranus influence now, things in general may be somewhat erratic and unpredictable. Remember that everyone is being affected by these energies, so don't expect other people, or your own emotions or thoughts, to follow their usual patterns.

The winds of change, indeed.

Venus again is under pressure this week, interacting with the three planets in our Triad in Aquarius: Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter. Venus in Scorpio supports deep delving into the workings behind our relationships, and can bring emotions and issues to the surface that may have been buried or merely ignored.

But the Triad in Aquarius sees things in a different light. Motivated by idealism, and dedicated to detachment rather than immersion, these three planets challenge us to lift our gaze and see beyond the emotions and drama. They encourage us to see the larger perspective, where there is no battle between you and me, or us and them, but a powerful embracing of what unites rather than what divides.

Uranus will help ease the tension between these differing perspectives, between the need to go deep and the need to detach. Uranus in Pisces supplies the outlet for resolving interpersonal conflicts by encouraging the expansion of our High Heart chakras, enabling us to hold greater compassion both for ourselves and for others.

As Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter come into closer proximity over the next few weeks, we begin to revisit some of the themes introduced last spring, when many experienced an expansion in awareness and a healing of their belief in separation -- between peoples and between dimensions.

This time around, this influence comes in a bit more gradually, allowing us plenty of time to assimilate the expansive energies and to accommodate the enhanced awareness.

We may see increased effects of their combined influence when Jupiter aligns with Chiron (December 7), then aligns with Neptune (December 21). And, Neptune and Chiron carry the effects into 2010, through their alignment in February -- especially during the New Moon on February 13, during which the Sun and Moon are within one degree of Neptune and Chiron.

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