Friday, October 2, 2009

Full Moon in Aries

October 3/4, 2009
2:10 a.m. EDT
by Stephanie Austin

The next full moon peaks on Saturday, October 3 at 11:10 PM PDT at 11º Libra-Aries. The Sun in Libra illuminates where we are out of balance; the Moon in Aries highlights where we must be courageous and try something new. How else can Creation/God/the Universe evolve?

NASA spacecraft are currently measuring record-high levels of cosmic rays*; this increased download of electromagnetic energy is affecting each of us, propelling our evolution. These are challenging times for our bodies and psyches. Humanity — and the Earth on which we live — is, in essence, experiencing a huge upgrade; new operating systems and programs are being installed in the midst of our daily lives. How can we not only survive, but thrive in the meantime?

Venus, the traditional ruler of Libra, illuminates the way— the wisdom of the heart. Named for the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus represents what opens our hearts (and, subsequently, our minds) to a more expanded and unified experience of life. Mystics throughout the ages, as well as those living close to nature, and anyone who has had a peak experience, know what modern science is now able to prove--that the heart has a powerful, innate intelligence, which is in constant communication with the brain and every cell in the body--neurologically (via nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), and biophysically (via pressure waves). On a more subtle but no less powerful level, it has been found that the heart generates an electromagnetic force field thousands of times stronger than that of the brain, emitting waveforms which can be detected up to ten feet away and potentially around the world. For more on this, read Renee A. Levi’s fascinating article, “The Sentient Heart: Messages for Life,”
at: and Dr. David Hawkin’s extraordinary book, Power Versus Force.

When our hearts are open, we know what to do. We see that we are creators, not victims, and that our inner guidance steers us in the direction which is right for us. Shortly after this Full Moon’s peak, Venus will be in aspect to all of the outer planets, signaling our readiness to receive important insights and directives. Pay special attention to what your heart is telling you when Venus opposes Uranus on October 9, conjuncts Saturn on October 13, and squares Pluto on October 15. Watch for more revelations and prods from the universe around October 8, when the Sun squares the July 7 eclipse degree (15° Cancer), and around October 15, when Mars conjoins the July 21 eclipse degree (29° Cancer). These aspects reveal what matters most to us; they nudge us to eliminate what numbs and distracts us from our soul intentions.

No matter how busy life may seem, take time each day to listen to your heart. Remember: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine Saint-Exupery


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