Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arcturian Alignment Harmonic Resonance With Andromeda

The influx of light that is providing for Evolution is the re-energizing of the network, which installs and reconfigures all programs to a higher level of activation. The Arcturian Alignment will gather this energy together and bring it into form. The game is ending, and with the completion of the circle, the Gold Ring. We are playing the final moves and there is the necessity to achieve the completion of the great gathering of the collective. The Wayshowers are the ones who are to play and build upon the eons of time and finish the game.

Seek to find the final answers for the planet you have lived and died upon, and assist her to seek resolution. You are being asked to listen to the hum of the higher frequencies as they enlighten you to your mission. In the same breath of life that is given by the Teachers of Light as they speak to you from the heavens, there is another force that seeks to confuse and contradict the light. You are aware of this force as the Black Alliance. They are those who speak truth and lies in the same sentence. It is clear to more and more of you, that it does not matter which side they take, as long as the result is conflict. The ones who follow are in fear, and this is the way of the Black Alliance, to keep those who are ignorant in fear and confused. Conflict is the end and the means of their existence, as they are Fourth Dimensional beings with no awareness of the Fifth Dimension. Conflict is the purpose. From the beginning of this civilization the paradigm has been WAR. The planet grows stronger and has entered into higher vibratory fields. The paradigm is shifting from War to Peace. The new paradigm is all about creation and increase. One of the manifestations of this change is abundance of wealth, life and happiness that is the heritage of all who live upon this great planet. You have been taught otherwise, yet you are smart enough to see the truth. As Wayshowers it is your duty to present the truth and to show the way through the portal, to align with Arcturus and to rise from the dead and to raise the dead. As Wayshowers you are realizing that you have been awakened to your multi-dimensional awareness, and see that you have the urge to teach, help and heal, and this comes from your inner soul. Your soul is Arcturian, which is the energy of Christ. Herein comes your desire to uplift those who are caught in the fourth dimensional illusion of variety and passion.

The light that is being sent by the Teachers of Light is coming from your brotherhood, your Family, which is bringing forth a great clearing of energy. This light will not be seen in Third Dimensional reality, yet it will be felt by you, as you bring forth the energy gateway. As the Teachers of Light decree, the most fundamental ingredient of the Fifth Dimension is Love. The negativity of fear, guilt and dread will be overturned by love and light. Of this beam of light, being expressed through Arcturus, the spiritual hierarchy has pronounced that the Wayshowers will be given power. They will be provided with the resources to achieve the ends that the Teachers of Light have envisioned and asked for. It is given so that they may bring forth the ascensional energy to the planet. The Teachers of Light are guiding the synthesis of the body of earth through the use of the cloud of light. The earth has asked and been given permission to be purified and raised in vibration.

As a teacher of Light, I call forth to the Wayshowers to hear and heed this call to bring forth the constituency of those who are founded and true in their convictions, to raise their vibration and achieve the higher evolution. From the standpoint of this message you are hearing words on paper or electronic screens, yet do not doubt that this is the movement you are being connected to. The Wayshowers are those who have contracted before time in the Fifth Dimensional non-physical layer of existence, which is not linear time but it is spherical time, wherein it is all encompassing with a vision of an expanding reality.

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