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Time to Let Go

"It is time, time to let go". These words take on a more urgent and poignant meaning now, even to those who have anticipated these "times" from years ago. For a while we can keep maintaining ourselves in illusion, even knowing it is illusion. But at some point the signs along the way begin to alert us that the "tracks are running out" or our scheduled "station call" is coming up.

There is a quality of inevitability and a calm anticipation to this, amidst the new energetic changes.

It is time to re-call ourselves to our true nature and to surrender to our true nature.

As this process is underway, it does little good to jump on the latest "entertaining revelations" available through the Internet and other media sources. Nor does it do much good to flip between doom and the latest "positive spin" variations on popular falsehoods, such as "you create your own reality". These distractions only serve to delay one's process.

In the article, "Intervention of Our Own Higher Being", we wrote that our higher selves (higher levels of our soul being) were given roughly two months to "mull things over" with regard to how they/we would prefer to experience the resolution of the "old" prior to entering the "new".

The time for this process among our higher selves is now up.

As we wrote in the short article, "Log Jam", many beings are ready for something new, but so many continue to resist the changes for any one of many reasons.

Overall, there has been insufficient impetus (energy) from the lower levels (mostly human 3d) for a new way of existence, and even less impetus for higher vibrational existence. Yet there are so many who long for release and who long for moving on in their spiritual evolution. For most however, there has not been the energy to activate their "call home" system so they are running on "emergency backup" for the most part.

It has come to a situation that the transformational process has been impeded by a serious "log jam". It was a problem closely connected to the limited state of spiritual consciousness at the human level, and to the lack of appreciation for the relevance of such matters. Of those who tend to be interested in spiritual matters, most are under the control of religions or "new age" falsehoods. For everyone else, it was only relevant in the "after life", not in the 3d waking human life.

And so it was, that the situation was recently put before the higher levels of our souls to address -with very little "wiggle room" allowed. The knowledge and understanding gained of the circumstances of 3d humanity and the zone of influence by dark forces were fully available to our higher levels for comparison. Any and all "what-if's" were addressed without further need for investigation or experimentation, leading to more delays.

Earlier this summer it appeared as though there was a major confluence of energies that would be occurring around now. These involved human, planetary, extra-planetary, and the higher levels. Indeed this has been the case. What manifests in the 3d realms from this will be unfolding shortly. We are anticipating many to be experiencing visions and dreams of the future in the coming days and weeks.

As far as the old existence is concerned, this week marks the next stage of slide into global economic depression and by end of October this will become clearer to those who are paying attention. The present short term course of humanity is one of much hardship and suffering from a "perfect storm" of transformational energies, hubris, dark force meddling, and changes in the physical environment of the Earth, as well as solar and galactic.

So it is "as below" -what of its "as above" correspondence?

What can alter the severity of this course of events is how the greater transformational process that encompasses more than humanity on Earth moves along.

It is no coincidence that over these most recent weeks, email from a number of sensitive and astute people raised profound questions concerning the nature and future of the human personality self, its continuance and its dissolution, the potential for loss of memories, the dynamics of karma, the removal of the effects of existence under the dominion of the dark, and the eventual transformation of our expression in 3d that has called itself "humanity". In addition, there is the growing concern and questions with regard to 2012-2013, changes to the planetary environment, and expectations of political economic situation. These touch upon all the major critical points concerning what is "up" for us all. It is the future of 3d existence as well as the ascension process overall.

(These points will all be addressed more specifically in the final installment to the Global Awakening series currently in process.)

The more spiritually and otherwise aware elements of humanity have had enough time to develop ways to help humanity out of the prison it has found itself in -assuming they were truly so motivated. Regardless, it is clear at this time that there is no solution to the major problems of humanity that can come from the ordinary human level. The severity of the situation requires something beyond ordinary human efforts and must emanate from an entirely new, higher vibrational paradigm of our "future-present".

Those who do identify with an awakened future, spiritual evolution and ascension can play a more conscious role in their own process through intent and energy practices. Part of this is to constantly decouple oneself from the growing chaos and distractions. One can be concerned and of service -but only if one is detached first. Otherwise the tendency is great to unconsciously be drawn along into a "train that will soon hit the wall". Part of being consciously involved is the connecting with ones greater or higher self. Clear intention plays an important role in this process.

The larger transformation process is underway, regardless of the conscious participation of humans.

There are those who have yet to notice and learn. There is little that can be explained or taught until there is a willingness to pay attention to what truly matters. It would be good to bear this in mind while reading the next section.

Chaos and Confusion

At a forum that specifically covers a wide range of planetary, social, spiritual, and political matters, I noticed recent posts from people who were wondering whether to give their children "the flu shot". Such a question! Given the context of the forum, it should have been how to respond to mandatory vaccinations, not whether to give in to ignorant fears and offer up ones children to TPTB.

Recent announcements from Russia say Israel has agreed not to bomb Iran. Coordinated with this, top level USA officials reinforce a public façade that Israel must not bomb Iran. Yet in the days before and after, Israel continued announcing their plans to bomb Iran and the USA-led military forces continue to escalate their capacity for large-scale conflict in the Middle East. Tomorrow, global enemies of today are suddenly friends and all will be well. And on and on, etc. These all hint of similar "agreements" from the recent 20th century that were preliminary to the world wars. All indications continue to be a build-up designed to restructure the Middle East/South Asia region under the global PTB rule. What difference does it make who fires the first shot? Military escalation continues to be the agenda, yet many act as fools for the tales of TPTB and their own naïve wishful thinking that they can continue to stay asleep through all this.

The point here, is to remind us of the craziness going on and as illustration of how difficult it is to teach or otherwise educate people who lack the capacity for such comprehension. This is not about facts, information, or knowledge, it is about the breakdown of "the old" that encourage more to become open to "the new" and to surrender to their higher being.

To further illustrate the surreality of "the old".

First there is worry about pandemic, then it is much ado about nothing, then there is worry about the vaccine, then not. Yet the information is readily available that the vaccine and the diseases are bio-weapons for depopulation. Then there is the nonsense that the USA president is seeking a nuclear weapon free world. This is not possible for all the obvious reasons, so either the people advising him are idiots, or it is another distraction and smokescreen. Whatever the case, the military emphasis is on the delivery of precision and mass destruction from space and airborne platforms as well as robotic systems on the ground and air. The public announcement of disarmament is only a cover for another type of rapid armament in preparation for more wars. War and the military are mostly extensions of the political-economic system controllers.

Consider that half of adults in the US and allied counties continue to support these wars, at least half the adults in the US support the killing of others (capital punishment), and the vast majority want the control matrix (and PTB) to maintain their dysfunctional lives, through "economy recovery", etc. And thus remain asleep.

Throughout the "civilized world" there is a notable lack of basic morality, ethics, and simple empathy for others.

Consider the endless "spin" around all manner of very real conspiracies - "spin" and "conspiracies" all become are part of the same process of maintaining the imprisonment of humanity. Each new revelation is met with variations and more "spin". This handily consumes the energy of people who otherwise could be working toward creating transitions to a new way of life.

If this all seems crazy-making, it should, since it is indicative of an insanity and surreality that pervades personal and global life.

Too many who are making the stretch to seek spiritual truths are being pulled at by a veritable circus of distractions about alleged secret government revelations, extra-terrestrials, war and peace, 9-11 conspiracies, 2012, life on mars, and on and on. There is a growing falsehood meme around ET's as saviors and human-ET connections -mostly programming a portion of the population to support the instruments of power and subjugation.

It is nearly impossible for a determined person to ferret out truth from falsehood in the human realm. Those who promote these circuses don't care what the topic is as long as it does not lead to real truth and most importantly continues to distract people and occupy their energies.

Humanity (as in 3d) has a very difficult period to go through these coming few years. As a practical matter, it cannot be otherwise. There are major temporal markers indicating certain economic, social-political and planetary changes that are being watched for.

The coming few months will indicate the level of severity. That things will get very difficult in the short run is not in question. Through 2010-2012, planetary changes will further "pull the rug out" from under human hubris, perhaps lessening the degree of human conflicts. By 2013 (or sooner) much will be changed from what is apparent now.

For a sense of the immensity of what is in preparation, I would refer everyone to the August articles from Global Awakening News ( What we have published is somewhat dense as it conveys a many insights at various levels.

Many rely too much on advice outsides of themselves. It is time to persist in decoupling oneself from everything possible of this reality throughout every day. While maintaining what one chooses or allows to be needed for ordinary existence, it is essential to exercise ways to be in this world but not of it, and not allow oneself to be enthralled and magnetized by all the chaotic dramas going on. Detachment is called for in all ways possible and yet it is possible to have "caring with detachment".

Consider the endless crossing of so many "fine lines" throughout human history, consider the compounding of negative karma and suffering over countless generations of incarnations, and consider from your highest levels of existence whether this is really what 3d density was ever intended to be about.

Dreams Visions Changes

Recently, I woke to see an enormous black train that looked like it could have stretched the length of this continent. It represented the main trajectory of a portion of humanity. It was moving and picking up speed. With such a long train, those in the end cars would not know much about what was going on with the lead cars.

It was one connected train, representing a singular reality for those aboard. This is significant given recent "wild speculations" about splitting of timelines, splitting of realities, etc.

In each train car there were "angels" present who know what is coming. They are on the train to help those who might become disoriented or shocked by what would be occurring,

There are others who will go on ahead or otherwise not be on the train when it encounters its boundary "wall". My initial impression in encountering this wall was that it seemed like many would feel a sudden transition, like a "splat!".

The train is headed into a wall, a barrier, an event horizon to a new reality structure. Many will lose their human memory when encountering the barrier and re-gain their cosmic awareness.

However one may describe this, it is the end of the old reality for anyone encountering it.

Nothing of the old will remains upon passing through. This also answers a problem noticed with the early transformational process, while looking ahead from Oct 2007 outwards.

Last year I had a somewhat different train dream/vision in which there were various stops along the way, including some "unscheduled" ones. There were passengers who could choose to get off the train and meet another that would take them on to wherever it was they were intending. Some could request "upgrades" to their tickets. Special programs would be announced to explain things further for those so interested. At the time, I did not see the train fully populated, even though it seems most people on the train had a ticket, forgotten in their pockets.

As if "on cue", while writing this SOV update, two emails arrived. One was from someone describing their experience with this barrier. As they described it, the experience was fast and sudden and on the other side they and others became sparkling bodies of points of light. Many were experiencing a curious mixture of shock and delight.

The other email described how everything is changing as of now and that over the course of the coming weeks many will be having dreams and visions of the future. Furthermore many predictions will need to be re-evaluated in light of this dramatic state of flux, even those proven to be reliable in recent times.

At present, it would seem the train does not include the bulk of humanity, only those who choose a more evolved existence.

Many will be losing their physical bodies from one cause or another and they too will encounter options relative to ascension.


On and off since we worked on the material covered in the "The Great Transformation" article during late 2007, memory loss associated with the ascension/transformation process was a question that we were aware of but had no good answer to. Curiously, this has been raised in one way or another over recent weeks by a number of correspondents.

My simple speculation is that it will partly depend on the spiritual development of the 3d aspect and its personality self and whether it is ready for the next levels while still conscious of its individuation. To a large extent this is related to the fields directly associated with ones physical and emotional body. At least in the initial stages for those having a more conscious transformation, there will be both an individuation of self relating to human 3d and the sublime experience of expansion into higher vibratory levels.

There is an internal self-assessment process between the 3d you and the rest of your soul self. It is this process that will largely influence memory retention. There are some memories that one does not want to have when one realizes they serve no useful or beneficial purpose to their further existence or evolution. Overall, this matter seems to be decided at the soul/higher self level and beyond.

A year or so ago, I had a conversation with someone about this when they became concerned over their own memory losses due to vibratory changes. I asked them why they would want to maintain all memories of this life, especially those that are based upon so much darkness (including collective ones such as the infamous Sept 11 false flag event). What value would such memories have in a new vibrational existence and new earth?

Of much greater concern over recent years, has been the problem of the darkness rebooting itself from the human energy fields where it has imbedded itself. So this was yet another indicator pointing to the need for total or partial memory loss and along with it the deletion of falsehoods that one is programmed with under the heading of socialization and learning. In "The Fall from Grace & The Return of Light" material in the recent Global Awakening News, there is discussion of how close the "experience as human" had come to being effectively deleted due to the profound and tenacious problems associated with the dark realms. Many have worked long and hard to properly understand the problems imbedded in the human-Earth realm and to do so from an embodied "on the ground" perspective. This work was completed and distributed at many levels of the higher realms, including our own higher selves.

The question of memory is so tightly linked to the existence of the personality self. The personality self (or ego self) is not the same as the 3d energetic aspect of ones greater collective soul being. Hence its special significance.

Over the years we have refrained from self-promotion. Perhaps had we had done so, claiming some "higher authority" like talking to God or a formerly embodied famous spiritual teacher, like most "new age entertainers", many more would have been exposed to the material. But then it would only be seen as "one of many" in the context of one of many "new age sideshows" and the value of its built-in self-selection process would be diminished. Makes sense?

Those who prefer to be enthralled in the latest dramas in the human world of falsehoods and who prefer clever sound bites, will continue to lose ability for deeper thought and contemplation and for the most part will not fathom what is going on.

While none of any of this may ultimately matter, there are those who would like to be more involved consciously in the ascension process and so I hope we have done our service.

All my best to everyone,


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