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Practicing Kindness and Compassion

On any given day, you can look around you and observe situations that are devoid of kindness and passion. There are many in your world who have had little experience in the realm of kindness and compassion, and they are unable to give what they don't believe they have.

It is important to keep in mind that this "lack" of kindness and compassion exists at the conscious, personality level as a learned belief and does not exist at the soul level. Understanding that a person's soul contains the wealth and abundance of the universe is the key to your own practice of kindness and compassion on the Earth plane.

As a lightworker, you share your existence with others who understand kindness and compassion. This is according to the Law of Attraction; you draw to you others who share your energetic vibration. There may be others who "show up" in your life who don't share these understandings. In some cases, these individuals have little experience with kindness and compassion.

A person who is a stranger to kindness and compassion may exist in a state of negativity and resentment. They may feel the universe is "against them," or believe that there is something "wrong" with them that they should exist in such adverse circumstances. Others may simply be angry, resentful and distrustful because they have never experienced the gentle light of kindness.

You may find yourself asking why you would attract such negative energies into your life. Sometimes it will happen that the Law of Attraction brings to you someone who is able to access a needed vibration by coming into contact with you.

 In this case, you have walked a path across your arc of lifetimes where you have also experienced a lack of kindness and compassion. In the course of your journey, you learned that kindness begins within - in the
way you treat your self - and is then extended outward to all living things. Others who are seeking to gain this understanding will be drawn to you because you have walked a similar path and have come into the
understanding they need to move forward on their path.

The True Nature of Kindness and Compassion

As you assist others, it becomes important to know what is appropriate and what is not by way of assistance. You may at times find yourself wondering about the true nature of kindness and compassion. One of the
 under pinnings of true kindness is respect. When you see a person who has created circumstances for their higher learning, respect their creation. Too often there is a misunderstanding that one must always "alleviate" the suffering of another. You may temporarily alleviate another's situation, but you cannot give them the understanding they are seeking by creating the situation in the first place. They will simply have to create another situation of similar essence to try and gain the understanding they are seeking.

All scenarios created in a person's life are attempts to gain needed understandings. You might ask why a person would choose to create a serious illness or a circumstance of poverty. Understand this is not the person's conscious mind saying, "I think today I will create a devastating accident." It is all prearranged at the soul level to bring about understandings needed at the time. When the next step on the spiritual path, for example, is to understand every facet of poverty so one can learn to master abundance, a soul might create and develop a plan to experience poverty. In this way, when the understanding is gained and true abundance is experienced, the person on some level understands every facet of the journey of abundance, including poverty. A person who has completed the understanding of abundance does not judge those who are experiencing poverty. They recognize that these individuals are following a path set forth by their soul to gain needed understandings. It is from this higher perspective that a person sees what is appropriate in the way of assistance and what is not.

For instance, assistance might be offered by establishing opportunities in the way of scholarships whereby a person living in poverty has the opportunity to believe in themselves and take the next step on their
 spiritual path. Simply giving a person money may do more to hinder their spiritual progress than help because it reinforces the illusory perspective that the person is unable to transform their reality. So
 you see, the first type of assistance says, "I believe in your ability to transform yourself" while the second says, "I do not believe you can transform yourself."

True kindness is based in respect of a person's spiritual path and clear-seeing in terms of what they are attempting to create. It is always important to examine your own motives and to act from the perspective of assisting a person's higher good.

`Rescuing' is Based in Guilt

Too often, lightworkers equate kindness with "saving" or "rescuing" another. This comes from unresolved emotional energy based in guilt and misunderstanding. We refer you to the first point of light: self responsibility. There have been times in your life when others have asked you to "save" them from themselves. You may have tried very hard to fulfill this request without creating the "rescue" that was requested. It is never possible to save another from themselves, but you did not understand this at the time, so you experienced "guilt" that you let the other person down.

Now, when someone asks to be "rescued," the guilt of all past "failed rescues" is triggered and you once again set out to "save" another. When you feel your self about to set out on a rescue mission, examine your feelings to see if you are operating from a place of guilt within your self. When you operate from a place of guilt, your efforts are always about you rather than the person you are attempting to "rescue."

When you have resolved your own feelings about assisting others, you are able to clearly see the person standing before you, the understandings they are trying to create, and what, if anything, you can say or do that will assist them in gaining the understanding their soul is seeking.

Connecting with a Soul in Consciousness

Being a lightworker does not mean you are required to allow your self to be subjected to negativity and abuse. Oftentimes those who ask to be rescued are in a desperate condition due to a longstanding history of
 negativity and sabotaging beliefs. Such people may, at the personality level, be very angry and resentful. In your daily practice of kindness and compassion, you may observe such a person, "seeing" where they are without judgment. You may choose not to interact with their conscious personality. You may instead choose to interact with the person at the soul level, speaking in consciousness with their soul, which exists in an expanded place beyond any difficulties being created at the level of the conscious mind.

In order to connect with a soul in consciousness, you can enter into a light, trancelike state and travel into your subconscious mind. Once you are in the realm of the subconscious, you are able to connect with others at the soul level. There is no separation between subconscious minds. From this place, you can speak with a person's soul and higher self, asking why the conscious personality is choosing to experience suffering and emotional pain. A person's soul will show you the understandings that are being sought and what actions, if any, are appropriate on your part. Often, a person's highest good is best served by sending them love and compassion at the soul level. This loving kindness and support assists a person's soul in becoming a stronger guiding presence on the Earth plane.

Compassion and Unconditional Love

It is always appropriate to experience compassion for others. Compassion is seeing clearly what a person is experiencing, trusting that this experience is helping them progress on their spiritual path, and loving them from a place of unconditional non-judgment and understanding.

 While a person experiencing struggle has on some level chosen to undertake this challenge so they can progress on their spiritual path, you can feel compassion for their "self" that must experience this struggle. At the same time, you can rejoice for the "self" that will someday experience the great step forward that this understanding will bring. It is in this way that true kindness and compassion honors a person's spiritual path, trusting that every creation is designed to carry them to the next phase of their own becoming. True kindness and compassion involves acting from this place of honoring and trust, and from clear-seeing, unconditional love and right action.

from The Lightworkers' Manifesto by DLZeta

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